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Best Sex and Erotic movies

Admit it, everybody sometimes want to watch some erotic or sexual movie with your loved one or all alone, dreaming about great relationships. This is why  I will provide you 10 best erotic and sex movies. 10 of them every week. Best Sex and Erotic movies Part 1 Buy The Hamiltons here   Buy ...

Shopping Experience

Shopping Experience It was a beautiful Monday afternoon as I sat naked in my lounge chair by the window. I had a book in my hand and was engrossed in the pages. I know what you’re thinking, and no, I didn’t care if others passing by my window saw me. Anyway, Mom who knew about […]

Vacation Adventures

Vacation Adventures What a trip! This story chronicles some of the few but exciting times I successfully convinced my somewhat conservative wife to show off some or all of her voluptuous body. We have been married for just over 25 years. We started dating in high school and got married right ...

Teen Lust

Teen Lust I remember when I first met Mr. Vaughn, I thought he was a TA. He looked young, mid 20’s as everyone always guessed, but he was well into his 30’s. He always wore jeans and t-shirts, which accentuated his slightly toned body. He told us he was former military, which ...

Escape Back to Love

Escape Back to Love The summer breeze lifts the curtain in the hotel room like a skirt and it joins the wavering light of a day skipping carefree towards night. Stereo speakers brim the hotel room with sensuous Memphis blues. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go on this trip. After fourteen years ...

Bad Things

Bad Things I pulled into the parking lot of Bud’s Bar, shut off the engine and then spent five minutes staring at the wall of the building in front of me as the voices in my head fought it out. One voice was saying: “Go on in there and get shitfaced” and the other voice […]

In the Year Twenty Six Thirty Four

In the Year Twenty Six Thirty Four In view of the essentially unlimited technological power that existed in 2634 and beyond, I, Arcturus00347 am transmitting this story back in time to those of you in the early twenty first century, who we call E21s, using a language – English – that was common ...

Nature’s Hard Reset

Nature’s Hard Reset I wake to the clamour of the landline announcing a telephone call. I really did drink too much on the plane last night. How the hell did I drive home in that condition through the thunderous gale?
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