Truth and Lies

Truth and Lies
Truth and Lies

It was early on a Saturday morning and it was such a great day.

Spring; warm, that just right amount of warm, blue skies, and the faint scent of flowers blooming being carried on a gentle breeze.

I was on my front porch, my laptop on my lap, sipping my coffee, perusing a few sites on landscaping, when I saw him walk by.

He was a neighbor; I think he lived a few doors down, across the street. He looked over at me, and smiled, a little nervous. Quick look; short, slight build, wearing biker shorts that showed off a great ass. Longish black hair, came down past his neck. He looked smooth, as well. My mind starting turning…could he be?

I waved back at him.

“Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

That kind of startled him. He didn’t expect me to say anything, I could tell.

“Yeah, it’s going to be a great day. I’m hoping to get a few miles in today.”

“Well, if you want to have a cup of Joe before you start and relax on my porch before you start, just stop on by. Get some gogo juice inside you and pedal like crazy.”

He smiled. He started walking, then hesitated…was he having a war inside his head?

He turned and walked up my driveway.

He stepped on the porch, and I got a great look at him.

Soft features. No hair on his face, arms or legs. Very smooth. Could be for bike riding, or…

“Hey, nice to meet you. I have seen you in the neighborhood.” I told him my name and he sat down on the chair across from me.

“Hi, I’m Dan.”

So nervous. I didn’t see his bike with him, I suddenly realized, and I wasn’t sure why he would be walking in the neighborhood like that…unless he saw me on my porch and decided to walk by? Theory one, time to test would be a few minutes later.

“Let me get you a cup. You like cream and sugar?”

“One cream, two sugars.”

I walked in the house, fixed a couple cups. Thinking how to approach him. Slow or fast? Let’s get some information…make some small talk…and then…

I walked back out on the porch and handed him his cup.

I sat down. I took a good long look at him.

“So, Dan, how long have you been in the neighborhood? I think I have seen you around a few times.”

“Oh, uh, I moved in about two months ago. I like it, very quiet.”

“That it is.” I sipped my coffee, my eyes still on him. I held eye contact, and he looked and then away, almost blushing.

“Gotta say, you have a great build. I wish I could get like that, but” I patted my ample but solid belly. “…I traded my six pack for a keg. Gets that way when you are almost 50.”

He giggled…and he blushed, realizing he did. “Uh, no, I think you look great.”

I smiled. “You think I look great, is that right?”

“Well, I mean, uh…” He stammered, and sat his coffee cup down before he spilled it.

“I know what you meant, and I’m flattered.” I pulled a cigar out and lit up. Plumes of smoke swirled around me. Eyes on him, glaring through the tobacco haze.

“Let’s not beat around the bush. I like your look. And I have a feeling…and feel free to tell me to fuck off and walk back to your house if I am wrong…you aren’t dressed like that to go bike riding. You saw me on my porch from your porch across the street. You have always had a thing for older men like me. You decided to test your theory, so you walked over here, dressed in your tightest shorts and top to show off your tight little ass and body, and see if I would bite.”

His knuckles gripped the armrests of the wicker chair. He looked at me…then away, almost ashamed.

“True?” I said, with some bark behind it.

Just a head nod.

I laughed. “This is your lucky day, sweetheart. I DO like what I see, and I see potential in you. I have nothing to do today, so I am going to get up, walk inside my house. You will either leave, or follow me inside.”

With that, I snubbed out my cigar, stood up and carried my coffee cup inside the house.

He followed me inside.

I stood in the center of my living room, my hands behind my back. I watched him enter, like a deer walking carefully across a highway.

“Walk over to me.”

He did it, slowly, cautiously…that look of confusion and guilt and shame on his face.

He stood in front of me. I walked around him, taking him in. Nice round ass…very firm. Smooth legs, thin body…yeah, he…or rather, SHE…would do.

“Stay right there. I will be back.”

I walked into my bedroom, and opened the chest in the back of my walk in closet…I rustled around…found what I needed, and put them in a bag.

I walked back out…he was still there, standing, waiting.

I put the bag at his feet, and then sat down on the couch.

“So, now we know each other’s secrets. You like older men like me, and I like to take femme bois like you and making them into my girls. Do you know what I mean?”

His eyes lit up…he knew EXACTLY what I meant.

I laughed. “I had a feeling. So, what girl name do you use?”

A hint of a smile on his face. “Karla.”

I nodded. “Karla…yeah, I like it, if fits. Well, Karla, I am a dominant Daddy type. I am a very loving Daddy, but I am demanding…and I think you know that I expect my girls to obey and understand the extent of our relationship. If you have been watching me for a while…and I think you have…you will notice that I have visitors often, right?”

Karla smiled. “Yes.”

“They are MINE. Just as you will be mine, if you take that bag, walk into the bedroom and emerge from it as Karla. Do you understand? I am giving you a choice. You can walk out the door and back home, or into the bedroom.”

Karla grinned. Eyes on me, she picked up the bag and walked into the bedroom.

I smiled.

I undressed, sat on my couch, and waited.

I put on some porn on my TV…a video clip of Domino Presley being on her knees sucking a thick cock was playing, I was stroking my cock, and then, lo, let the trumpets sound…Karla had arrived.

She stepped out of the bedroom. More confident…I had a feeling she was dressing and being a girl for a while, the smooth arms and legs were a dead giveaway.

She looked sexy…makeup, but not too much…she knew how to accentuate the femimine features she had. The hair done up…she had been studying on how to do short hair styles.

The tight pink tank top, the short leather skirt, and the high heels all rounded out the effect. She walked like a pro in the heels…like I thought, she had practiced.

She saw me and blushed, her eyes suddenly on my cock, thick and throbbing in my hand.

“Well, well, well,” I said, looking into her eyes. “I had a feeling that you were hiding inside. You like dressing, being Karla, don’t you? It makes you feel…free, doesn’t it.”

“Yes. I feel calm when I am her.” Her voice was high, sultry, and more confident.

“Have you ever been with a man like me?”

“No, but I have fantasized about you being my first,” she cooed, walking over to the couch and sitting down, crossing her legs.

I smiled. The tigress was released from her cage, that is for sure.

I leaned in, grabbed the back of her head and kissed her. She kissed me back, strong kisses, sucking on my lips, my tongue. My cock throbbed even harder. My hands on her legs, running up and down, her hands on my hairy chest, moving down over my belly, to my cock…she moaned as she began stroking it slowly.

Her voice in my ear. “God, I have thought about this for so long. I can’t believe it is happening.”

I kissed her again. “After this, you will belong to me…only I get to touch you.”

“Oh, yes, Daddy, Yes!”

She crawled between my legs, and looked up at me. She licked the glistening head. She kissed it. Her hands up and down my thighs. Then, lips over the head, and down the thick veiny shaft…holy shit, so fucking good.

Sucking as she bobbed her head…like a pro.

“Damn, girl. You know how to suck a cock, that’s for sure…”

Pop! Her mouth came off the meaty tool. “I have been practicing, Daddy. God, I have wanted this for so long…” She sighed and ran my cock all over her lips, eyes up on me, like a good girl. Licking my balls, as she stroked the shaft, tasting every inch of my masculinity…I reached down and grabbed her, damn, she was getting me so close…

I pulled her up to me and she wrapped her arms around my neck, straddling me, kissing me with a passion that had been locked away for so long. She moaned. She held my head in her hands. She was dying for it.

I picked her up, and carried her into my bedroom. She giggled and buried her face in my neck, and I dropped her on the bed. On top of her, I kissed her, licked her neck, and my deep voice in her ear. “This is it. I want to see your face as I drive the last of the boi out of you.”

“Yes,” breathless, yearning in her voice.

I grabbed the lube from my nightstand. I slathered my cock with it.

I spread her legs. I lifted the skirt, ripped off the panties, her little clitty sprang free, hard and already leaking.

I rubbed the lube into her crack, a slow finger inside, making her nice and wet and ready.

Her legs on my thighs. Her eyes up on me. My cock head was throbbing, pulsating…slow, now. Ease inside her. Her face changed. A gasp from her…

“God, so warm…so different from my dildo…”

I slid more inside…her clitty bounced. Her nails dug into my thighs. I moved all the way, my meaty Daddy cock now pulsating. I just left it like that, letting her feel all of me.

I leaned in and pulled her legs up. Her arms around my neck, her legs around my back. Moving slowly, little thrusts, back and forth…rolling gyrations that made her moan.

“Oh, God, yes…” She kissed my neck. “Make me yours…”

Longer deeper strokes, now. Almost all the way out, and then back in. A steady rythym of this, making her shudder, and cry out.

I growled in her ear. “Feel that? Every thrust is making you Karla, only. From now on, when I need you, you will come over, do you understand?”


“No one, and I mean NO one touches you except me from now on.” Every word was accentuated with a deep, hard thrust.

“Oh, fuck, oh, SHIT, I am going…oh fuck…”

Her eyes rolled back into her head. Her asspussy gripped my cock like a vise. Her nails dug into my back. Her clitty spasm, and her sissy juice drenched both our bellies. I smiled.

I began thrusting faster and deeper, her body quaking…I knew it was time.

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into me. I pounded hard. I growled. So intense…my cum slammed into her, a torrent of stickiness that filled her up, making her gasp.

“Oh my god, oh my god…” It was all she could say, her legs still around my, my cock slowly getting soft. I slid out of her, and she made a soft whining sound…she was cock crazed, and that is always a good thing for me.

“That is it…you are now mine.” I laid on my back and she curled up next to me. She sighed and her hands ran over my body. She kissed my chest, she began stroking my cock, looking up at me.


I just smiled. The day was off to a great start…

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