Tim’s Life

Tim’s Life
Tim’s Life

Tim’s Life

“Though the invalid Saint of Brac
Lay all of his life on his back,
His wife got her share,
And the pilgrams now stare
At the scene, in this shrine, on a plaque.”
-author unknown

Tim’s Life – Chapter I (present)

Tim (Tim’s Life) sat back and watched the crowd of men cheering on the
three lady entertainers. He smiled enjoying the sight of
guys whom he knew, and their reaction to the show the three
young women put on.

Two of them were rubbing each others bodies with normal
cooking oil and the third was sucking on the husband-to-be’s
hard cock. Guys shook beer and champaign bottles to shower
the females in foamy suds. It was probably wildest bachelor
party any of them will ever get the chance to attend.

“Fucking great chicks Tim. Where did you get them?” A hand
slapped Tim’s shoulder and forced him to acknowledge the
groom’s younger cousin.

“At the local university.” The young man looked like he was
about to ask another question so Tim added, “You just have
to ask nicely.” The other man stumbled off laughing at
Tim’s last words. As it appeared the two oiled up ladies
were now enjoying a sixty-nine, Tim smiled pleased his
entertainment had been a success. Though it wasn’t over.

Several more guys came by to congratulate the best man on
his selection of ladies, while others just wanted to chat.
Almost all became distracted with the entertainment and
could not carry on a conversation for more than a few
seconds. The groom, Rob, was obviously coming close to
shooting his load into the tiny brunettes hungry bobbing
mouth, while the group of guys cheered him onward.

That was Tim’s cue and he moved quickly forward to pull the
brunette off his friends lap, a large number of atypical
comments were thrown at him. It was the groom that sat with
his dick standing out of his pants still glistening with
teenage saliva that groaned, “God damn it Tim – what the
hell are you doing!?”

He pulled his friend to his feet, the average size cock
still pointing out of his pants, “She was just an appetizer.
In there,” pointing towards a door to the adjoining suite,
“is the real entertainment!” A chores of guys, who finally
saw the mysterious fun in this, cheered the two guys on as
they made there way to the door. The groom was blushing
again, as he had several times this evening, and asked, “I
want that one Tim?” Nodding back to the brunette who stood
lost amongst several male admirers.

“Forget her Rob, in here is where you get the spend the
night. Its my present to you.” A few guys shouted lewd
things, but it was ignored.

“Don’t worry no one will bother you!” Tim turned to the
crowd and spoke the last sentence loud enough to be heard by
those nearest.

Most of the guys were watching as the two oiled lesbian
entertainers had ganged up on the brunette cock-sucker and
it appeared she was being forced to submit. It didn’t look
like many were now interested in Rob and Tim, so with great
flourish the best-man opened the door and pushed his friend
in. He followed and made sure the door was closed behind

The room was very dim, but the shadows didn’t hide the
kneeling lingerie clad woman on the floor before the bed.
Her long curly hair was about her face but her pale skin and
curvaceous body looked very attractive. Rob stumbled
further into the room and sat on the bed behind the kneeling
woman, who hadn’t yet moved. Tim standing by the door
watched for a few seconds and then spoke firmly to the lady,
“Stand up slave and show yourself to your master.”

The woman sat back onto her heels and then slowly turned her
body about, until she was kneeling facing Rob. The grooms
reaction wasn’t expected, except by Tim, and now he knew why
no one else was allowed in this room. Kneeling before him,
back straight, knees spread, sitting on her feet was his
youngest sister Marge. Rob gasped out, but could not take
his eyes off his twenty four year-old sexy sister.

She spoke first, “How may I please you master?” Her voice
was perfectly submissive, and Marge used a small girls
voice. It had the desired effect. Rob’s penis, which was
slowly drooping suddenly jerked hard and stayed up.

Rob ignored the submissive woman for only a second and
looked to his best friend, “How…?” Rob’s fantasy was
indeed to enjoy the incestuous relationship with his sister,
as well as to have her as a sexual slave. Only it always
been a closely guarded secret – and he had told no one. Not
even his best friend Tim.

Tim just smiled, “This has always been your fantasy hasn’t
it Rob? To have your sister as a slave.” Rob had long ago
learned not to ask certain questions of his friend. Tim
looked down at the volumptious woman, grinning at the
surprise he just delivered, “Marge why don’t you suck on
your brothers cock for starters.”

She made a moan of delight and crawled the few feet to Rob’s
feet and immediately lowered her face down onto his cock.
Rob groaned out loudly, it was obvious he was ready to blast
into the sucking mouth. Tim opened the door and quickly
slipped back to the party, making sure the door was locked
so the couple would not be disturbed.

A few faces noticed his return and shouted out for him to
join the crowd. One of the oiled lesbians was sucking on
two cocks simultaneously, both crowns moving back and forth
inside her mouth. The other lesbian was kneeling down on
the floor and had one cock in her mouth the other in her
cunt. The brunette cock sucker, now sporting ripped
lingerie, lay with her back on the table and a crowd of guys
watched as Rob’s cousin fucked the woman in her ass. The
long thin legs pressed against her torso, looking like she
was bent in half.

“How is Rob doing Tim?” A guy shouted across a few bodies.

“Very good!” Several that heard the comment laughed, not
realizing the groom at that moment was shooting his load of
sperm into his own sisters mouth. None would have believed
it anyway.
Tim’s Life – Chapter II (past)
Caesar, copyright (c) 1996

“Timmy your going to be late again! Get up.” His mother
pulled off the rough wool blanket from the teens skinny
body. The cool air hit him and he rolled up into the fetal
position. “Get up young man.”

Her hand firmly came down upon his pajama covered bottom
causing a loud slap and the thirteen year-old to quickly
jerk up out of bed.

“Ouch! Mom!?” He stood rubbing his bottom as his mother
pulled out some clean clothes from his drawers.

“Now get dressed, breakfast is on the table.” She headed
towards the door, “Its already cold and your sisters
probably ate most of it.”

“Probably.” He mumbled to himself, his three sisters always
left him next to nothing when he slept in. Following his
mothers instructions, the young man pulled his clothing on
quickly, grabbed his school books and bag then ran

“Try not to dent the floor honey.” His mom spooned out the
rest of porridge into a bowl and handed it to her only son.
A knock at the screen door and his buddy Jerry came in with
a wave of his hand as a hello. “Hello Jerry. How did your
mothers bake sale go Saturday?”

“Fine Mrs. Wilson.” He grabbed a cold piece of toast from
his friends plate and ate it.

Tim spoke, with his mouth full of porridge and milk, “Did
you get all of the algebra questions done for today?” Jerry
didn’t even move, or even give any indication that he had
heard his friend.


Tim turned his head to see what his buddy was looking at,
and was a little stunned and surprised at his friend. Jerry
was staring boldly, as if mesmerized, at Tim’s own mother.
The morning sun was bright as its rays filled the tiny
kitchen with light. Standing between the rays of light and
the teens, was Tim’s mom. Her flowered pattern dress,
common to the styles of that time, at least for housewives
was almost transparent. She wasn’t wearing a slip and the
shadowed curves of her body shocked her son.

“Do you boys want more toast?” She smiled over at the young
men, oblivious to both sets of eyes upon her. She was
always nice to Jerry.

Jerry spoke up, “Yes ma’am.” Tim was about to speak up,
knowing they were already late for the first class and it
wouldn’t be a good idea to wait for the bread to toast.
Then he saw that his mom bend over to get the half-loaf of
bread from beneath the cupboard. Her bottom was raised up
high and the rear hem of her skirt rose up to mid thigh,
giving the two teenage boys a good view of her unstockinged

Tim was shocked and excited at the same time. To his early
pubescent body even the sight of his own mom caused his body
to tremble and his cock to stiffen. He could not take his
eyes from her, wondering why he had never noticed her this
way before.

A kick to his leg brought him temporarily out of it, Jerry
smiled at his friend and winked. It was a look they had
shared a few times when looking at the girls around the
neighborhood. Once they even enjoyed the sight of Jerry’s
older sister, Esmerelda, as she rode a bicycle about the
back yard. Her skirt had ridden up so high most of her
thigh could be seen. It was all very enjoyable but never
had Tim felt this strongly about any sight before. Perhaps
because it felt particularly nasty to be ogling his own

She toasted two more pieces of bread giving the two boys
more time to watch her against the light before she came
over to place two plates down on the table. She set her
sons down quickly, then leaned over and set down Jerry’s.
When she did this, the neckline of her dress fell to reveal
her ample cleavage to both sets of eyes. “There. You boys
better eat and run – I don’t want to get another note from
your teacher Timmy.” She smiled at the both of them and
then left to follow her usual morning rituals.

Leaning over, Jerry whispered, “Your mom has got the hots
for me!”

Tim swung his fist and made contact with his buddies
shoulder. “Ouch. Don’t blame me if she wants my body.”
Jerry moved quickly this time to avoid another fist. “Bet
you, she fingers herself after we leave? Did you see the way
her ass moved when she left, damn I wish she was my mom!”
Tim didn’t even try to swing this time. It was common for
his companion to be brutal and blunt in his appraisal of
different woman. Jerry had even done the same thing to his
own sister, the one time they had ogled her legs. He hated
his friend at that moment, and knew it was jealously.

That same evening, Tim realized he looked at his mom
differently. She had a curvy body like the woman his friend
Jerry and he watched when strolling down Central Street.
She was much better built than the girls his own age, and
even better than his sisters. He wondered how he never
noticed what a looker she was. Yet, he also wondered at the
crude remarks of his buddy; did she really like Jerry, she
was always smiling and asking him to stay over for supper,
and Tim wondered if she really had played with herself
during the day. Tim knew woman often masturbated, and
always wanted to see that. Did they do it the same way boys
did, he wondered.

Since he was spending more time around her, Tim’s mother
recruited her son to hold the yarn while she knitted a
shawl. The family was seated before the television, the
first in the neighborhood, and they all watched the
Honeymooners. His father laughed continuously and loudly,
which was often echoed by all his sisters. It was his mom
that couldn’t care less about the show, and was just happy
to sit with her family. Since there was not enough couch
space, Tim sat on the floor next to his mothers legs. The
same that he had been ogling that very morning. So
distracted at the nearness of her flesh that he wasn’t even
watching the show.

He stared very hard at her ankle, and the knitted slipper
covering her feet. He marveled at the curvature of her calf
and the shiny smoothness. Why hadn’t he ever noticed it
before, he asked himself again and again. Like many young
men, Tim soon desired more, wanted to know what that calf
felt like. His imagination ran wild and he thought of
simply reaching out to rub her skin, or maybe she would not
mind if he allowed his leg to rest against hers. The young
teenager thought constantly for a way to touch her, to get a
better view.

That was when it happened.

The first time he could ever remember it happening. Without
any details, its simpler to just say his mom shifted in her
seat and moved her legs a few inches. Nothing untoward, or
strange, and no one else in the room took notice. Except
her movement had caused her smooth skin to move over and
press against her sons upper arm.

Somehow, Tim knew he had made this happen. He wanted to
touch her leg and she simply moved it closer to him,
touching her son. It was ridiculous to anyone else, but Tim
was so startled by what just happened to him, he didn’t even
notice that he finally had the chance to touch her body.
When he did, he tested his thoughts and shifted about,
pressing his arm more firmly into his moms leg. She didn’t
move a inch. It felt warm, smooth, and alien. Tim felt his
body tremble in excitement and he tried to still his
breathing before someone else in the room noticed.

Letting go of the two hands full of yarn, Tim knew he just
had to want her to be silent and she would be. He reached
across his own body and grasped her round firm calf in one
hand. He marveled at the strong thick muscle beneath his
hand and the warm skin covering it. It was effectively the
first time Tim had ever touched a woman’s skin, and even
though it was his mothers body, it excited him immensely.

Taking a quick glance up, Tim saw the silent anger in her
gaze as she stared hard at him. He almost pulled his hand
from her lower leg, and wondered at his own thoughts – that
he had wanted to touch her skin, and then he found he was
able. He stopped pawing her calf and even eased up on the
strength. It was the same look that he had often gotten
growing up into adolescence. A look that told him, that he
was in very deep trouble. She didn’t say a word, nor pulled
her leg from his grasp but raised one eyebrow and looked
down at his hand – the message clear. To take his hand off
her immediately.

That was the next moment when he simply knew that she would
not betray him since he had desired her to be silent. It
was a stronger feeling than simple conviction, it came from
deep within him. Tim simply knew he did not have to take his
hand off her body if he didn’t want to. His only worry was
that she would say something after this evening was
finished. Almost as soon as he thought it, he also knew she
would never speak to anyone else about what happened
privately between them. He knew, because he is the one that
ensured it. Somehow his own thoughts had manipulated her own
and caused her to follow his unspoken wishes. Tim enjoyed
the exciting images this gave him.

His mothers smoldering eyes never came off her only son’s
when she unfolded the shawl to cover her legs and his pawing
hand. For the next ten minutes, the young man felt every
inch from her ankle to just behind the knee. All the while,
conscious that his mother sat staring angrily at him, yet
not saying a single word.

The next morning his mothers shrill angry voice awoke him,
“Just what did you think you were doing last night young
man!?” She was trying not to shout.

It was time to wake, and Tim sat up in his bed, to yawn and
stretch. Thinking before saying anything he pondered the
late evening he had after retiring to bed. The thoughts of
control he had fielded and the warm touch of a woman’s body
had giving his thoughts many images as he masturbated
several times. Before falling asleep, he asked himself,
what else can I do?

“Answer me Timmy!” She stood over him, hands on hips
looking threatening.

“Oh… I just wondered…”, he stopped clumsily, as he
pondered the next words. He felt like being crude, like his
friend. Yet, wondered what the reaction would be. Tim loved
his mother very much, and never even considered that his
fondling exploration the evening before had harmed her in
the least. In fact he ventured to assume, incorrectly,
that she secretly enjoyed it as much as he. “…what it
felt like.” He did feel a little embarrassed at that moment.

She looked amazed and bent forward to bring her face down a
few inches from her sons. “So you just decided to feel me
up in front of your father and sisters is that it Timmy?”
She was hissing her words and looked very dangerous at that

It wasn’t a question that really needed answering and the
young teenager felt his own anger rise. “Its not like I
grabbed your tits or anything!” He chose her breasts to
retaliate with since in this position he could again see her
ample cleavage as she bent before him.

Her next move startled him, she quickly stood back up and
slapped him across his face. She stood there in silent rage
while he held his face. Nothing else was to be said, and
his mother suddenly turned and left him alone. That was
when he sent this next mental desire to her, that she would
never hinder his enjoyment of her, even as she slammed the
door to his room and left. Tim knew his command had taken

In only a few moments, Tim was dressed and ready to continue
the day. His face still stung where his own mother slapped
him and his blood boiled with anger. He found her in the
kitchen, alone and already cleaning the dirty breakfast
dishes left by her family. She didn’t notice her angry son
stand behind her and never knew he was there until hands
suddenly took hold of her large mature breasts.

“What…?!” She tried to turn but found that the strong
arms encircling her were strong enough to hold her firmly.
The middle-aged woman also discovered that it was her son,
as she was able to turned her face to look into a part of
his. She didn’t try to struggle as soon as she had proof
who it was. Hands tore at her homemade blouse about her
breasts. The thin summer garment ripped in several places
but the inexperienced hands could not tear the strong bra

“Please stop it Timmy!” She whispered almost to herself.

Not to be undone, the angry young man pulled one hand back
from the large soft globes that he had roughly fondled to
tug and pull his mothers skirt to her waist. The flimsy
cotton panties beneath were easily torn from one leg and
they dropped to her ankle.

The mother of four children felt her son fumbling with the
buttons on his slacks and felt her breath come in gasps.
Mrs. Wilson knew what was about to happen and dreaded it.
Where had she gone wrong, she wondered? Tears rolled down
her face.

The hard flesh of the male phallus pressed against her
generous pale bottom. Her only son rhythmically pressed his
body against her ass, pressing her firmly against the sink.
The young man was too far gone and had lost most of his
sensibility to the fiery feelings of his adolescent cock.
The hand fumbled down between the two bodies. His slightly
shorter body and her bent position gave him easy access to
the crevice he sought. In his anxious movements and
inexperience, Tim pressed the head of his cock against his
mothers asshole.

“God no Timmy! Not there please.” She bent forward to
allow him easier access to another possible pleasure spot
for her only son. Yet his hand which mercilessly grappled
her breast held her in place. It was the sheer tightness of
her bottom hole as well as the anxious desire to plunge
himself into her that caused him to bypass her anus.
Fumbling about, he found her vaginal passage and felt the
head of his young cock enter her.

The middle-aged woman gasped loudly, thankful that he had
not continued upon his previous path. He plunged his hard
teen cock deep within her partially wet sex until the kinky
hairs brushed her smooth bottom. Tim’s mother bit her
bottom lip as her only son began pounding frantically within
her. The teenagers own animal groans echoed loudly about
the kitchen while the jerking movements of his slim hips

Tim lost his virginity that day to his mother, the first
time he used his mind to truly get what he wanted. All his
life she had been the maternal figure, the woman whom others
would have to excel towards. Until recently, he had not
known how desirable she truly was. Tim thought nothing but
lust and desire when his seed finally emptied deep insider
his mothers body.
Tim’s Life – Chapter III (present)
Caesar, copyright (c) 1996

Mrs. Leveque passed the legal documents across her desk to
Tim Wilson. He smiled at the handsome woman and then placed
his signature upon several of the documents. Taking a
breather to calm his excitement, Tim looked up into the
powerful woman’s eyes. Finally he stood and reached across
the mahogany desk, hand extended. She finally cracked a
smile and shook his.

“I never want to see you again. Correct Mr. Wilson?” Her
small hand was dry and very warm. Tim realized it trembled
only slightly and was tempted to enjoy this thirty-six
year-old woman before he left.

She looked older. “Of course Mrs. Leveque.” She withdrew
her hand then picked up the sheath of papers to ensure the
younger man had completed them fully. This also effectively
allowed her to ignore his confident gaze.

Still standing, Tim admired the woman seated before him.
Remembering the sight of her as she thrashed under the
fulfilled fantasy of incest with her sister and her husband.
Who would have guessed this woman held such a passionate and
kinky desire – held so long as she grew up with the slightly
older sister – that lowered her upper crust breeding to that
of a common slut. Tim smiled he remembered the sight of the
gray haired woman sucking her own sisters tit, and then
later, the sisters younger husband’s cock.

It had been so easy, thought Tim. While eating a early
brunch one Sunday morning at a outdoor cafe down by the
yacht club with Rob and while his friend chatted away about
the merits of married life – a discussion that truly bored
Tim – he browsed the minds of some of the female patrons.
Mrs. Leveque, a newly divorced, but a rich and powerful
woman sat eating brunch with her older sister. As the elder
Leveque, both ladies maiden name, told about her eldest
son’s endeavours at his high school, the younger sister’s
thoughts blatantly devoured her sisters body and face.

After all these years, Tim was not surprised in the least,
after discovering so many peoples hidden desires and
fantasies. It was probably the paradox of the outward
boredom of the rich handsome woman compared to her lecherous
inner thoughts that forced his actions. That and the
gray-haired sisters were both well-kept attractive upper
crust ladies. Tim wanted to see there outer demeanor
crumble in the face of promised sexual fantasies.

The rest was easy. Tim had introduced himself at the table,
after making a bet with Rob that he could score with the
“old broads”, and then began to mentally manipulate the
older of the sisters. It was the younger sister who’s
spirit he wanted to control – without his mental
suggestions. When the older lady had departed to the water
closet, Tim had dropped his pretense of being a gentleman
and then told Mrs. Leveque bluntly what he had to offer.
She was too surprised and outwardly disgusted by the younger
mans offer to fulfill her “incest fantasies” with her sister
that she hadn’t been able to say anything when the older
woman returned. Before another word was said, the gray
haired elder sister reached over and placed a crumpled
garment into Tim’s lap. It was the old woman’s panties.
Smiling at Mrs. Leveque, he gave the used under garment to
her as a present and a suggestion for a “business proposal”.

Husband and wife had grouped up on Mrs. Leveque, the same
woman that now read the documents slowly. They had been
especially gentle and slow. The older man didn’t need any
encouragement when his wife had suggested a threesome with
herself and her younger sister. He had been all for it,
only the presence of the quiet man in the corner had
surprised him. But his sister-in-law had wished it. Tim had
enjoyed watching the older threesome, the elder tired
bodies, the almost identical sisters, the fanatical way Mrs.
Leveque enjoyed the three hours. She rushed to enjoy all
aspects of her sister, while only using the single average
sized cock to quell the urges that only the male member can

When it was over, Tim stood at the foot of the bed and
asked to be alone with Mrs. Leveque. She was exhausted and
spent, but had enough energy to pull a blanket over her pale
older body. The married couple left. The deal was simple,
that he could promise the use of her older sister for a
hefty financial sum. Money was nothing to the powerful
woman and she agreed even though it represented a generous
percentage of her families fortune which she had taken upon
herself to manage.

People would do almost anything for fantasy, or the promise
of fantasy. Only Tim didn’t promise to fulfill a persons
fantasies, he delivered. “Would you have slept with me to
have your sister as your lover?”

Mrs. Leveque cringed at his question and looked like she was
attempting to control her normal response. Tim had seen her
at the most degrading and sexually enjoyable moment in her
life, it wasn’t necessary to act the heiress with him. Yet,
his look embarrassed her, as only he knew her secret desires
and had seen her when she had enjoyed them. She looked up
at the younger man, then answered, “No Mr. Wilson, I would
not have slept with you.”

Tim smiled, and after a quick confirmation – knew that she
didn’t even believe herself, but was hoping he believed her.
So he queried her yet again, “Well, would you sleep with me
to get another taste of what you enjoyed last Sunday?”

She set down the papers and placed her palms flat on the
desk. “Are you reneging on our deal Mr. Wilson?” Mrs.
Leveque was negotiating deals long before Tim had started to
enjoy the ladies.

“Not at all. I was just wondering if you were willing to
let me fuck you in the ass”, at that point Tim began to
browse her thoughts, “if I could ensure you would be able to
do the same to your sister?” He sat down on the edge of the
desk, looking past his shoulder at the frowning face of the
handsome woman.

She took a breath before she continued, “It sounds to me
that you are thinking of adding to our completed contract.”
Her voice conveyed displeasure and disappointment.

Tim realized the middle-aged woman was scared to death of
loosing this chance he had offered her. To enjoy her own
sister indefinitely, as a lover and sexual partner. So
fearful of loosing another chance to fulfill her
long-standing fantasies that she was even contemplating
doing something that she felt was disgusting and dirty. Mrs.
Leveque had never had anal sex before, nor would she ever
consider it – except for this man and what he had to give in

“No, not at all.” He let his eyes trail down to the swell
of her blouse before continuing. “Unless there is something
you wish in return?” Tim, of course, already knew that
there was – or he would never have followed along this line
of questioning. “Perhaps you would like to watch your sister
with her son?”

Her eyes shot at him, rage running through her. But that
quickly changed as she realized her feelings could not be
hidden from this “mind reader”, or her thoughts. It was
something she had thought about, something that felt even
more nasty that the lesbian incest she had now experienced
the one time. “Yes, I would like to see that.” It would be
no use disguising that fact.

“Perhaps you would even like to do more than watch?”

It was the second time he had seen the pale skinned woman
flush. The first was when her older sister’s used panties
were placed before her in the restaurant and she realized
the outrageous words of the stranger were true. Her answer
to his question was to nod.

“In fact, I bet your cunt is getting wet while we sit here
talking about it?” He normally didn’t use such direct
words, but for this prim and proper lady he felt malicious
pleasure in watching her winch at the debasing language he
used in her presence.

This time she became defensive and snapped back, “You know
it is. So what? We haven’t agreed on anything yet!”

“No we haven’t. But I can picture the juices of your wet
cunt sliding down to lube up the crack of your ass. Yup,”
he smacking his lips hungrily, “I can just imagine the sight
of your sloppy puckering asshole right now.”

Mrs. Leveque squirmed in her seat and silently looked down
at her hands upon the desk top for a few silent moments.
Then she made her decision and stood up. “I know you could
make me want you – so why don’t you?” She came about to
stand before him, her hands slowly gathering her loose
woolen skirt inch by inch up to her waist.

He smiled knowingly and then snickered, “Because its fun to
use your own desires against you.” The skirt was about the
woman’s waist, her old fashioned huge white panties
effectively covered everything. “You want to suck your
nephews cock after its been inside your sister so bad that
you are even going to let me fuck your virgin asshole.” Mrs.
Leveque pushed her huge panties to her knees revealing the
pale skin and thick bush of her sex to the young mans eyes.
“In fact, I bet if I turned down that white ass of yours and
left, you would follow to beg me to fuck your asshole.” She
turned away from him and gently lowered her torso forwards
onto her own desk. Her ass was raised high in the air
waiting for him. “Isn’t that right Mrs. Leveque?”

She didn’t answer but, let go of her skirt as it was bunched
about her waist, to reach around her ass and pull the pale
cheeks apart. Then she waited.

It wasn’t the attractiveness of this woman’s bottom that
excited Tim, but the fact that she was willing to bare
herself for the promise of her own pleasure. He felt it was
necessary for her to answer. “Well?”

“Yes, Mr. Wilson, you are right.” She spoke softly, almost
as if hiding a secret.

“Right about what?” He was taunting her maliciously and
loved every second of it.

The older woman was intelligent and knew what was expected
from her. After a pause to reassure herself that his
pleasure was fleeting while her reward would give her
uncountable amount of pleasure. “Please fuck my asshole Mr.
Wilson!” There was a certain amount of desperation in that
voice – just the right amount to excite Tim.

That was enough for the horny young man, and jumped off the
edge of the desk and came about behind the old pale raised
ass. While he retrieved his hard cock from the confines of
his slacks, he saw that she was indeed excited. The juices
from her sex glistened thickly about the widened crack of
her buttocks, as well as a generous flow was running down
the inside of her thighs.

He replaced one of her hands prying a pale cheek away from
the other then instructed her, “Now finger yourself Mrs.
Leveque, loosen your asshole for me.” No matter how many
times Tim played one of his games it never failed to excite
him immensely. That is precisely why he continues to do it.

One trembling finger reached around herself and fumbled for
her own puckered light brown anus. At first she simply
tried to ram herself with the digit, but as Tim knew she
would have to go slow. Thus giving him the pleasure of
watching her humiliate herself even when she wanted this
event to be complete as soon as possible.

The finger slowly entered into her tight rear hole.

Tim slowly stroked his hard cock while watching this woman
prepare herself for him. This was why he had played this
game with her, why he had used his energy for this woman’s
incest fantasies. Mrs. Leveque was as much his slave as any
woman who subjoined to his mental powers. The first finger
was almost completely submerged inside the tight asshole.

“Would you enjoy that finger more if it was your sisters?”
He slapped his hard penis against her pale buttock causing
the older woman to grunt almost like an animal. “Maybe she
would loosen that tight hole up for her son to fuck?” The
high class woman moved another finger to the hole and now
tried to force two digits into herself. “You sister could
lick your slutty wet cunt while her own son enjoyed that
tight ass of yours.”

It was obvious to both, that the words and degrading actions
taking place in the large office was producing a effect upon
the youngest Leveque sister. The older woman didn’t care
for pretense any longer, the man waiting for her to loosen
her own anus probably knew her fantasies better than even
herself. She would do anything, spend any amount of money,
fuck anything or anyone to fulfill those fantasies. The one
moment Mr. Wilson had given her with her older sister had
only increased her desire for more, rather than sated her.

“Please yes!” The voice, this time, had the pleading nature
that Tim wanted to hear. “I want her”, meaning her sister,
” to shove her tongue into my ass like this.” She forced
both fingers deep, to the third knuckle within her asshole.
“I want to suck my nephews cock and feel his cum all over my
face.” Her body was rocking wildly against her fingers,
much to Tim’s enjoyment. “Then feel my sisters tongue lick
me clean. God for that I’ll do anything!”

Tim knew she would. He reached over and pulled the woman’s
fingers from her own backside. Then almost roughly he
lunged forward and sunk his cock into her loosened asshole.
The scream was loud and painful sounding. Yet, in a brief
second, she began to grunt in pleasure again and move her
body against his.

“After I cum inside you, you will be able to enjoy your
sister and her son any way you wish. Do you understand me
slut?” He moved his hips and began to fuck her hard.

“God yes! Yes!” Tim knew the woman had an orgasm right
then, more from the promise of her fantasy than his cock.
He was far from finished and knew he would torment her
asshole for a few more moments before pulling out to finish
within her mouth. The rich old woman would lower herself
and lick his cock clean before he left. He didn’t need to
control her to know just how much she was willing to do for
Tim’s Life – Chapter IV (past)
Caesar, copyright (c) 1996

Since the moment he emptied his incestuous seed into
his mother, Tim felt extreme guilt at what he had done.
Not only had he done something he knew was wrong, he
had also forced her. There was no way she had wanted
him to rape her that way. Nor did she ever desire or
entertain any type of physical relationship with her
only son. It had been Tim’s own animal urge that
caused the final encounter.

For several days Tim attempted to ignore his mother, to
avoid even to be in her presence. Nothing was said
from her, as he had mentally instructed her, but she
did give him several disgusted looks before he was able
to retreat from that gaze. Thankfully, they had not
been alone or he was sure his mother would confront him
on the incident.

As the days passed and turned into weeks, his guilt
slowly dissolved. Nothing negative had come about his
forcible actions. The only change was the different
way his mother treated him. She no longer looked upon
him in mixed company, and when they shared a look, it
had elements of hatred and contempt. Nor did she ever
give him the usual good-night kiss or the regular hugs.
In face, she went out of her way to avoid her son,
almost as much has he did to avoid her.

Tim didn’t know exactly what to do about it.

Sometime afterwards, Jerry and Tim sat on a low cement
fence facing the busy main street. Jerry never once
noticed how his best friend had been less than happy
these last few weeks, nor was he likely to. In fact,
this spot was where they liked to do the best girl
watching. On a warm sunny day, the ladies of the town
wore their best summer dresses to shop about town.
Mostly they needed to walk by this spot to cross the
bridge to either side of the main street. At the spot
the young teenagers took, was the best place to watch

Jerry, as usually, was his most vocal when watching
girls. “See that woman’s hooters Tim?”

“Mrs. MacDonald is like sixty years-old Jerry! Jeez.”

“Who cares. If you get to stick your face between
those huge tits, you’d be lost for days.” He always
laughed at his own jokes. “Whoa, look at them legs.”
Every few moments, the young man made comments about
every woman that crossed. It didn’t matter if she was
young or old, fat or thin. Each had some physical part
that appealed to Jerry.

Finally, after talking a long breath, Tim asked the
question that had been nagging him for some time. “Why
did you say my mom likes you Jerry?”

“Huh?” His friend turned away from two ladies across
that street to look into his friend face. “I was just
kidding Tim. You need to get some buddy, your
imagining things.”

Before he could turn back, Tim continued. “So she
never gave you any indication that she liked you more
than what is normal?”

Smirking, thinking he found an opening to torment his
friend. “Well there was one time.”

“Ya?” Tim leaned forward anxious to know the truth.

“Our feet kinda touched under your table and before I
knew what was happening your moms toes were rubbing
over my cock.” He forced himself to wear a serious
face. “It didn’t last long but afterwards when your
family was watching television and you went to the
washroom she came over and squeezed my… well you
know. She asked if I was a big enough boy to handle a
woman like her and I told her my cock was. She took my
hand and then pressed it against her big tit and leaned
over to suck on my lip. At that point you came down
the stairs and she returned to the dishes.”

Tim sat pale faced and trembling in anger. Jerry lost
it and began to laugh. “What the hell are you laughing

“You shithead. I’m kidding. Nothing ever happened
between your mom and me. Jerry turned back to a young
girl riding her big across the street, “Wouldn’t ya
like to come back as a biyicle seat buddy boy?”

Tim wondered what was the truth, if anything at all his
friend spoke of had any truth to it. If it did, he
needn’t feel guilty at fucking his mother, but he would
be extremely angry with his friend. His desire to know
more seemed to funnel his thoughts towards his friend
own head, and it was almost a physical feeling when Tim
suddenly “listened” to his friends mind.

It was only seconds when Tim found out the things Jerry
had related were indeed true, but not with Tim’s
mother. They had happened between Jerry’s mother and
his stepfather, things he witnessed not so long ago.
The more he listened the more he found how just how
much his best friend desired his own mother, also Tim’s
mother, and every sister Tim had. It was the knowledge
that his best friend shared a partial sexual
relationship with his own older sister, the same one
both teens had enjoyed watching on her bicycle months

Jerry’s sister, Esmerelda, had slowly allowed her horny
younger brother access to her room whenever she felt
like it. After several late night encounters, Jerry
had been instructed on how to eat his sisters sex. He
was never allowed to touch her, except his tongue
between her legs, or to massage her back. Esmerelda
also liked to watch her younger brother masturbate and
often ordered him to stroke himself while they shared a
mutual masturbation moment. She was always liberal in
her own touches and her hands often stroked her
brothers cock. She also enjoyed playing with the spend
Jerry shot out of his cock, often upon her stomach or
legs. They had never had intercourse but Jerry was
always hopping the next time he enters her dark room
she would want him to “mount” her.

The information and how he came about it surprised Tim.
He also felt better when he realized he wasn’t the only
strange one to desire his own mother. It also forced
him to realize there were more ladies in his own
household that were attractive.

“There that one looks like your mom Jerry. Not a bad
ass huh?” He turned to watch his friends reaction.

The young man watched the woman, then grinned at his
friend. “Not bad. But my mom has a nicer ass.” She
did too. Tim knew Jerry’s mother was attractive, not
so much as his own though, but never before entertained
any sort of sexual thought about her.

It was the private thoughts of his friend that
reenforced his boldness. “Would you fuck your mom if
you had a chance?”

Jerry’s smile disappeared, “Don’t ever say that Tim.
Don’t ever fucking say that”

Tim again browsed his friends thoughts and realized
that his friend often thought about a relationship
between his own mother and him. It was his most
closely guarded fantasy, as well as his most exciting.
“Sorry Jerry. I just thought if I had the chance I
would like to sleep with my mother.” Of course Tim had
never told his friend that he had indeed lost his
cherry with his own mom.

“Really?” Jerry frowned and then asked seriously, “How
would you go about it?”

“Well I thought of a way, but we don’t have to talk
about it any more if you don’t want?”

“No that’s okay buddy. How would you go about it?”
His voice had taken on a conspiratorial sound.

“I’ve an idea, invite me over for supper and while your
eating reach under the table and feel her up.” He made
it sound like the answer was easy.

“What is that suppose to accomplish?” Jerry wanted to
know more.

“Well since there are people at the table you wouldn’t
get in trouble then. If she didn’t like it, you would
get a lecture later. And if she did, she would not
stop you. The least you would get out of it is a good
feel.” Tim laughed at the astonished look on his
friend face.

Finally the young man spoke up, “What do you know

“I know that it works.” Tim had spoke up before he
actually thought of it. Then he realized this angle of
manipulating his best friend had its good points.

Jerry gasped, then asked, “You mean…”

“Yup. She won’t say anything either. In fact, I think
she likes it.”

“Really? How do you know?” Jerry no longer had that
know-it-all look and sat wide eyed waiting for the
answer. Astonished at what he had learned and
beginning to wonder if it could indeed work.

“Because she never mentions it. And I often get to
feel her up.” Now, Tim was embellishing.

“You’ve done this often?” Jerry missed a sexy looking
lady cross the street near them, so focused was his

Not wanting to overembellish, already Tim was showing
some of the uncanny abilities he had at manipulating
people. With or without the powers of his mind that he
would come to rely upon. “Just twice.” Tim didn’t
want to lie too much, so altered the conversation.
“Why don’t you invite me over for supper tonight?”

Jerry caught Tim’s conspiratorial look and smiled
himself. The young man looked down at his watch
unconsciously marking the time till supper.

Tim watched Mrs. Muller carry the bowl of cabbage and
the extra plate over to the table. It was only a few
hours latter, and she didn’t seem to mind that her son
brought home his best friend for supper. It wasn’t the
first time, and there was always extra food at the
Muller house. Mr. Muller, Jerry’s stepfather, wasn’t
expected home from the produce shop he worked at for a
few more hours, again that wasn’t a rare occurrence.

It was the first time Tim had a chance to actually
notice Jerry’s mother, as a woman not simply as a older
person. Usually it was his attractive sister,
Esmerelda, that held his young teenage hormonal
attention. The middle-aged woman was a few years
younger than Tim’s, but didn’t hold her age as well.
The extra weight of her years stayed on her thighs,
which seemed large to the young man. Also her breasts,
on the small side, appeared low upon her bosom. As
mentioned earlier, it was Mrs. Muller’s backside that
was her best feature, that and her still handsome
German face.

After browsing Jerry’s thoughts again, Tim knew that
his best friend did indeed hold lustful incestuous
thoughts about the oldest woman in the household.

As the food found its way to the table, Tim simply
added a few commands into Mrs. Muller’s mind. If
anything untoward as to happen, and Tim wasn’t sure
Jerry would go through with it, the mother of two would
act as Tim had suggested – docile.

Several minutes later, the food was being spooned out
onto each plate and the small group were silent as they
began to eat. Unlike his own household, the supper
table at Jerry’s was usually quiet. Tim could see that
his best friend often let his hand drop to his own lap
but seconds later it would return, often trembling.
When the main course was complete and Esmerelda got up
to bring the pudding, Tim kicked his friend trying to
get him to go through with the plan.

Just as Esmerelda placed the large bowl upon the center
of the table, Tim saw Mrs. Muller suddenly stiffen then
quickly looked at her only son. He simply watched his
sister spoon out the pudding. Then Mrs. Muller looked
towards every person at the table, and out the corner
of Tim’s eye saw her jerk her body yet again.

Jerry kicked his best friend under the table this time
and simply winked. The message was obvious. The plan
was proceeding as it had originally been thought out.
Wanting to continue the game, Tim quickly added another
mental suggestion to Mrs. Muller. She would hate what
was going on but, she would also find her body
beginning to enjoy the lustful touches of her son.

Tim stole glances at the woman, as she tried to eat her
pudding. She was crimson and often trembled. Tim
thought about reading his friends thoughts to see just
what was happening beneath the table but rather liked
the ambiguity of it.

Suddenly, Mrs. Muller stood up and mumbled something
about not being well before departing to her own room.
Jerry smiled at his friend then brought the hand, that
had been hidden beneath the table, to his nose and
inhaled deeply. Esmerelda hadn’t noticed anything
untoward at all that evening.

Laying in bed late that evening, Tim went over the days
events. It had gone incredible well. Jerry was very
excited at what happened beneath the dinner table that
he wanted his friend to come back the next night for
supper. Tim simply smiled, and mentioned not to abuse
this new enjoyment too much. Moments before leaving
the Muller house, Tim had suddenly thought to ask his
friend about his sister. Jerry had asked why, and Tim
answered, “I was wondering if she would go out with me
Friday night?” Jerry changed the subject and walked
Tim to the door.

The sexual stress of the day played upon his teenage
thoughts, and his hand found itself between his own
legs. His mind found itself drifting towards images of
his own mother. It was only a few seconds into the
fantasy when Tim realized that he may be able to make
the fantasy come true. About every other wish he
desired came true, simply by applying his thoughts to

Tim descended the stairs and entered the darkened
living room. The only light in the cluttered lived-in
room was from the moon light streaming through the
large window. It easily revealed his mother sitting
upon the edge of the couch wearing her nightgown and
nothing else. As he had commanded, she had left her
marital bed and went to the living room immediately and
quietly. She really didn’t even know what was going on
until her son stood at the foot of the stairs looking
at her.

Nothing was said, and neither person moved. Tim
watched his mother very closely and manipulated her
with his mind. Mrs. Wilson stared at the floor, real
fear running through her as the physical touch of her
son’s mind caused her to become sexually aroused. She
didn’t know why her body was getting excited, but she
hated herself and her son at that moment.

Out the corner of her eye, she finally saw her son take
slow steps towards her, while his pajama top felt next
to him. She froze when she saw his hands easily undo
the knot holding his bed bottoms and they also dropped
to the floor. He was only a few steps away when she
felt her own hands undo the knots holding her nightgown
at her throat. She was amazed, and it was almost as if
she was watching herself in the third person, as the
same hands pushed the rough garment past her shoulders.

Mrs. Wilson felt her own moisture coating the inside of
her thighs and was amazed at the amount of it. Her
hands easily slid the single garment over her hips and
past her bottom to let it drop to the floor. She sat
naked facing her only son, more aroused than any other
moment in her life. He stopped only a few inches from
her. His hard adolescent cock a mere inch from her
eyes. It was so close, she could smell his youthful
masculine scent. She again felt her own hands slide
down between her thighs and begin to manipulate her own
sex. It was a rare moment when this middle-aged woman
found time to enjoy masturbation, but never with anyone
in the house let alone standing before her. The
abundant juices soon coated her hands and she felt
herself insert two fingers into her vagina. The second
hand expertly manipulated her sensitive clitoris.

Tim watched, pleased at the results of his
instructions, as his mother’s knees spread as wide as
they could go. He could barely make out her hands
between her legs, but knew what she was frantically
doing. He could see her wide eyes as she never took
them from his hard penis. When a single clear drop
appeared at the head of his young cock she gasped out
and began to pant, grind her body against her hands and
licked her lips.

It was a natural decision rather than a conscious one,
Tim simply moving his hips forward and watched as his
own mother opened her mouth to allow his cock inside
her. Things didn’t take long after that, and Mrs.
Wilson began to moan against the cock in her mouth as
her orgasm shot through her body. Tim’s own orgasm was
a second behind hers, his sperm shooting into the
hungry warm mouth in buckets. She never missed a drop,
even with her own internal explosions going on.

Maybe it was youth, or the highly sexual day Tim just
experienced, but his cock never shrank an inch. He
pulled it from the sucking moist lips and saw his
mothers tired yearning eyes stare at the bobbing
manhood before her. Without a word, Tim’s mother
rolled upon the couch letting her knees fall to the
floor and pushed her shoulders against the cushions.

The orgasm that rocked her body, was the first one she
had in years. And definitely the most enjoyable that
she had ever experienced. Her body hadn’t stopped
spasming when the, now, familiar penis entered into her
over heated vagina. As the young body began lunging
roughly against her, making sloppy slapping sounds,
Mrs. Wilson wondered if the tears running down her face
were from the intense pleasure she just experienced or
from the knowledge of this new incest relationship she
now had with her son.
Tim’s Life – Chapter V (present)
Caesar, copyright (c) 1996
The motor yacht was huge. It as one of the items that
had been acquired when the deal with Mrs. Leveque was
complete. As Tim thought more about it, the more
pleased he was of the transaction. It was mutually
beneficial, and was sure the old woman was even now
enjoying her side of the bargain.

A steward came out with drinks on a tray for Tim and
his passengers. Marge took two, one for her brother
Rob, the other for herself. Rob’s wife, Louise, took
her own. Mary, Tim’s younger sister took one. Leaving
the last three drinks for Tim, Wendy, and her mother
Carol. Since leaving port, the crew had pampered and
fawned over every wish their passengers desired. After
a quick mental suggestion, none of the crew ever saw or
heard anything untoward.

It was only six months since Louise and Rob’s wedding.
They had gone to France for the honeymoon and after
getting back Rob told Louise, on his friend Tim’s
suggestion, about his sister. He went on to explain
that she was both his sister and his slave, a present
from Tim. After sitting silently listening in shock to
her husband, she answered, “Well, if it was from Tim
then its okay.” That was probably as much of a
surprise as had been his sister kneeling before him at
his stag. Louise had made it also clear, she didn’t
want to share a bed with her husband and his slave, but
didn’t mind sleeping alone some nights. Now, the two
women shared a house and a man, while still staying
friendly. Louise wore a loose summer dress that she
knew her husband always enjoyed on her, while her
sister-in-law wore a one piece bikini.

Tim smiled at Louise, while mentally sighing knowing
that she was a sole sibling with no contact with her
real parents. It always interested him how people felt
about their parents and siblings, and if those thoughts
ever ventured towards a sexual relationship. Then he
turned his attention to Mary, his own youngest and
prettiest sister. Since the girl was thirteen, barely
starting puberty, she had been his favorite.

His sister noticed his look and moved his hand, in
hers, to the upper portions of her lap. Wearing only a
skimpy two-piece bikini and a smile, she was by far the
most attractive woman on the ship. Yet, she never
noticed anyone but her older brother, he had seen to

Carol and Wendy were last minute additions. Rob had
dated Wendy in college and through her, met Carol. The
older mirror image of his girlfriend held secret
lesbian submissive desires for her only daughter. It
was a simple task to have Carol join them, and
ultimately become Wendy’s lover. It was a few years
ago since this all came about, and since that time the
two lesbians had never shown any serious interest in
any other man or woman, other than Tim. Wendy sat on
the bench facing the rest of the group while her mother
sat at her feet, massaging her daughters smooth calfs.
Both wore one piece bathing suits, Carol’s suit was
slightly see-through, and she constantly smiled at
being included in the private party by Tim.

Every passenger in that group knew of the incestuous
relationships they all enjoyed. It was only Louise
that never imagined or enjoyed sexual relations with a
sibling or parent. This was the current topic of
conversation, the last few moments.

“Don’t you think Marge is pretty Louise?” Tim moved
his own hand higher upon his sisters lap, feeling the
heat emanating from her sex. Mary was always horny for
her brother, and could never said no to him.

Looking at her sister-in-law, Louise answer, “Of course
she is. But I’ve never been attracted to other women.”
Her husband had smartly stayed silent thoughout this

Marge sat at Rob’s feet and held his drink for him as
she watched the exchange going on around her. She
never spoke unless spoken too, and only if her brother,
or Tim, wished it.

Wendy spoke up, “No one can please a woman like another
woman my dear.” Her mothers moist lips grazed her
naked knee.

“Well, I can’t comment on that,” Louise looked awkward
towards the two lesbians and the obvious devotion, and
lust the mother had towards her daughter, “but my
husband can please me well enough right dear?”

Rob cringed at being included in the conversation. “I
try dear.”

Tim interrupted to change tactics, “You would like to
watch your sister and wife together wouldn’t you Rob?”

The married man had learned it wasn’t easy to lie to
his friend, “Yes actually, that has been one of my
biggest fantasies lately.” At least since the fantasy
of having his sister as a slave was fulfilled.

Tim turned back to Louise, “Then why don’t you try it
for your husband Louise?”

The look turned to stone, “Listen Tim. I don’t mind
how you all live your life or who you sleep with. And I
never protested when my husband brought home his sister
and told me she was his `slave’.” She took a deep
breath, while the rest of the party remained calm and
allowed her to speak her piece. “I know enough about
Marge, about her sexual appetite for my husband. I’ve
listened to them in their room. I’ve also gotten used
to the taste of another woman on my husbands cock.”
Marge giggled quietly to herself.

The pause was long enough for Tim to add, “Well Marge,
do you have any objections to sleeping with your

The young woman looked up at her brother and got a nod
before answering. “No. I love Louise and always
wondered what it would be like to make love with her.”
Actually, only Tim knew why the young slave desired
this because her brother desired it. She was the
perfect slave, his fantasies were her own.

The young slave reached out and placed a hand on
Louise’s. The irritated wife sighed and smiled gently
at her sister-in-law. She could never be mad at the
sweet young woman who she shared her husband with. She
then looked up at her silent husband and saw the desire
for her in his eyes. Louise loved Rob very much, and
her anger dissipated after seeing his eyes and
listening to Marge’s words.

Tim knew all he had to do was send a single command and
Louise would become a devoted lesbian. Yet this was
also part of the game, manipulating and watching how
others related to the prospect of a forbidden sexual
relationship. He had manipulated the new bride a week
before her wedding, as she had come to his apartment as
he instructed. There, she had performed every sexual
action Tim had desired, for almost two days straight.
Louise had left her husband’s friend with at least one
deposit of sperm in every one of her holes. It was
Tim’s wedding present to her. She remembered every
second of those two days, and often relieved them in
her fantasies. She would never enjoy an orgasm as
strong as any one Tim had given her, There was no
reason to manipulate the woman to sleep with Marge, As
he had done, so his friends household would be civil
with the addition of Rob’s sister. Tim was certain she
would give in eventually. It was obvious to him, that
she would always do what he wished, by mind control or

Wendy finally added, after watching the verbal exchange
for some time, “Some woman are not lucky enough to have
one lover. It looks like you have two Louise.” The
married woman looked up and smiled at the attractive
lesbian, the same realization had also come to her.

It was a awkward pause that lasted almost a full minute
before Louise spoke right at her husband. “Okay Rob, I
will do it.” It was as if everyone sighed at once, and
a weight was lifted from the group. Carol and her
daughter clapped, while Mary whistled. Marge leaned
over and kissed her brothers wife’s hand while husband
and wife shared a slow gentle kiss. Their words of
endearment could not be heard over the noise.

It was Tim that broke the silence. “Wonderful Louise,
I hoped you would come around.” The married woman
turned towards the only other man that she had slept
with, ignoring her husbands kisses on her cheek. Tim
knew she would drop her husband at a moments notice to
join him for even one night. He rather liked that type
of power. “Why don’t you and Marge go off right now to
consummate your relationship before supper is set?”

It was one thing to finally accept the pressure to try
out a lesbian affair with her sister-in-law, it was
another to actually do it. Especially with all these
people staring at her. Louise could not find any words
to stop what she felt was a situation that was rapidly
getting out of her control. As if clouded by a haze,
she felt herself being lead by Marge up out of her
chair and then down to her husband luxurious suite.

Everyone watched the two novice bisexuals leave. Carol
hugged her daughters legs while Wendy stroked her
mothers full head of hair. Mary snaked her hand up her
brothers shorts to grasp his cock, his eye caught hers
and told just how horny she was.

Tim caught his friend Rob’s attention, “Rob! You look
a little lost. Why don’t you go down to the weather
deck and watch your room through the porthole?” His
friends eyebrows rose in surprise at the suggestion
then without a word jumped up and practically ran to
the fore of the ship. Turning his attention to the two
ladies across from him, “Well ladies, why don’t you
put on a show of your own for my sister Mary here?”

Wendy’s smile brightened noticeably at the attention of
her ex-boyfriend. She looked down at her mother and
spoke sternly, “Well mother, I suppose your all hot and
bothered after all this lesbian talk?”

Carol hearing the sound of her daughters voice and
knowing what kind of control Tim could exert over them,
which she greatly enjoyed, nodded her head demurely.

“Have you been sitting on your heel also mother

“Yes my love.” Spoke Carol, almost in a whisper.

Mary caught Tim’s attention and asked, “What about her
heel?” He simply placed his index finger to her lips
and pointed over to the lesbian couple.

Wendy having heard Mary’s question turned her attention
to the pretty young woman, “My slutty mother can’t help
but rub herself any way she can. As you can see she
has her heel up between her legs where she can press
against her hot sweet cunt.” She turned her head to
look back down at her own mother. “I want you to get
over my knee mom.” The fortysomething year-old moved
quickly to comply to her daughters wish. “You sexy old
slut, you couldn’t wait until we were alone huh?”

After the sexy looking older woman was laying over her
daughters knee, Wendy pulled up on the legs of the
bathing suite. It stretched and pulled up between the
still firm cheeks of the submissive. Wendy looked back
to Mary and asked, “How many does she get?”

“How many what?” Her hand was gripping her brothers
cock almost painfully. Her attention was truly focused
on the show only a few feet from them. Since the age
of thirteen, anything sexual would excite her, and she
needed the attentions of her older brother to release
the pent up tension.

“Spankings dear. My mother gets spankings when she has
done something I dislike or when she is bad. How

Mary looked up at her brother for guidance but found
none, “I don’t know. How about ten?”

Wendy nodded, then turned her attention back to the
woman over her knee, “Your a lucky slut mother, only
ten.” The first one surprised both Carol and Mary and
it slapped loudly against the pale smooth skin.

Carol jerked upon the knee but didn’t pull away. Mary
was surprised to hear her say, “One!”

By the third slap her bottom was already red, and it
was obvious to Mary that Wendy used almost all her
female strength in each swing of her arm.


Wendy slide two fingers down between her mothers thighs
and slid them between the bathing suit and her mothers
vaginal lips. She spoke as she frigged the hot wet
pussy, “You know how hot spanking you gets me mother?”
It was a rhetorical question, one that needn’t be
answered especially since Carol was moaning and moving
her hips back to meet her daughters fingers. “Here you
are thinking of your own wet cunt and forgetting about
mine. Don’t think because we have an audience that you
get to cum yet.” Wendy pulled her sloppy wet fingers
from between the folds of her mothers sex and pushed
the older woman off her knees. “Your going to use that
sexy tongue of yours and fuck me till I scream or the
next spanking won’t be so nice.” With that she moved
forward in the seat until only the rear of her buttock
was left holding her up. The attractive woman pulled
the crotch of her bathing suit to the side revealing
her glistening hairless sex for all to see.

Carol didn’t wait a second before moving her face down
between the smooth tanned thighs and immediately
sliding her extended tongue into her daughters wet
hole. Then she began to bob back and forth, simply
using her tongue like a small cock and fucking her
daughter with it.

Mary could not take any more, moving rapidly she tore
of the bottom of her string bikini and plunged her own
index finger into herself. While also swinging about
between her brothers thighs and pulling his cock down
to the leg of his shorts. Her mouth engulfed him
expertly, as she had done many times before. His
orgasm, as had been proved so many times in the past,
would always set off her own. Even when she performed
fellatio on him. Tim’s younger sister was the perfect
sexual object, he had her so well conditioned that no
matter where his orgasm occurred within her, she always
had a parallel one.

The evening meal started wonderfully. Tim had
requested all guests had to dress up for the occasion,
in suitable attire – meaning evening dresses and
suites. While the two submissives’ would be dressed as
slaves, or at least what they imaged a slave would
wear. Wendy showed up in a classy long black velvet
dress, with expensive pearls about her neck. Carol had
been dressed by her daughter in skimpy bikini bottoms,
leather collar, and a leash attached to her neck. Mary
wore a loose summer blouse, that showed the darkness of
her nipples through its thin fabric, a short expensive
skirt to highlight her long slim legs, and several
expensive rocks given to her as presents from her
loving brother. Louise also wore a long dress, purple,
with a slit up the side almost to her waist. Marge
wore a single see-through silk scarf wrapped about her
bosom and hips, but hid nothing. None of the ladies
had worn any undergarments.

The food was delivered by perfectly dressed waitresses
in classical short maid’s outfits. Each had been
chosen for this job by her physical attributes. None of
which were missed by Rob or Wendy.

The light conversation was interrupted when Tim asked
his friend Rob, “So tell us how your wife and slave did
this afternoon?”

It was obvious to all what he meant. Louise put her
fork down and turned a deep red while Marge smiled
proudly to her master.

Rob smiled at the memory, then started on his tale. He
left nothing out of the two hour sexual exploration of
the two ladies in his life. He finished just before
the first main course was set upon the table, “In all
it went very well.”

“Excellent!” Tim turned towards Louise. “Well, my
dear, did you enjoy yourself with Marge?”

Still deeply crimson but having the strength to answer,
“Yes. Very much.”

Tim didn’t let it drop yet, “What did you like the
best?” Wendy’s ears peaked up at that question, a
topic that always interested her.

“Whenever she ate me.” She nodded to herself, the
memories of the physical reaction she experienced
reliving through her mind. “Yes. I love Marge’s
tongue licking my clitoris.”

Tim turned to the rest of the table, “Well I guess we
have had a successful addition to our little group.”
All but Tim and Louise clapped.

The conversation again changed and continued throughout
the meal. It was just after the final dishes of the
sixth course was taken away when Tim asked his friend,
“God Rob, you must be horny after watching that show
for so long?” Rob, knowing his friend, simply smiled
and waited for the next comment. “Marge dear, why
don’t you climb under the table and relieve your
brothers tension?”

Nothing was said, but Marge smiled hugely and dropped
down below the level of the table. It was obvious to
all when Rob felt his slave’s lips upon his sex, he was
very transparent in his emotions. Louise, sitting next
to her husband leaned back to get a better look at the
bobbing head above her husbands crotch. After several
seconds the sexy wife slide below the table to join her
husband’s slave. Rob soon had two hungry mouths
alternating on his hard penis.

“Wendy dear, could I borrow your mother for a few

Wendy smiled hugely at her ex-boyfriend. “Of course
Tim. She is yours for as long as you wish.” She threw
the end of the leash to the handsome man, who
immediately handed it over to his sister Mary.

“Carol, I think you better get down below and use that
tongue trick on Mary or she may explode causing great
embarrassment.” Wendy laughed at the small joke and
watched with growing excitement as her mother climbed
beneath the table and saw the familiar mane of hair
slide between the spread sleek thighs. She also felt
jealousy that her mom got to taste the best looking
woman on the ship, something that could never happen
without Tim’s explicit instructions. Mary was soon
panting loudly in enjoyment of the hardened tongue
entering her vagina.

“Wendy would you like to take a walk on deck with me?”

The ex-girlfriend felt her palms wetten and her stomach
tumble, “Yes, of course Tim.” No sexual experience had
ever amounted to the times she spent with Tim. Even if
the request was not sexual, she would do anything for
the man.

She hooked her arm into his and followed him out of the
cabin. After the door was closed behind them, the
sounds of fulfilled lust quickly died away. They didn’t
say anything for some time, but simply enjoyed the wake
of the ship and the moonlight. While she also enjoyed
the touch of the only man she could ever desired.

Tim preceded to query her on several of the teens in
her class that she taught. As the mental commands
discouraged any doubts at Tim’s plan, he related her
part in it.
Tim’s Life – Chapter VI (past)
Caesar, copyright (c) 1996

After the suggestions that her son had implanted into
her head, Laura Wilson could never get enough of his
youthful cock. She found desire and a physical
yearning whenever he was in the room. When he wasn’t
she was never able to enjoy anything sexual. She also
felt extreme guilt and mental pain over the new
relationship they now shared. A relationship she both
loved and hated all at once.

The middle-aged mother knew she was his slut, a term
she would never have used on herself before. Even when
she lay with Mr. Wilson, her desire for her son was the
only sexual thought on her mind. It had been her idea,
to wake her only son each morning with her lips upon
his organ.

At least she thought it was her idea.

The attractive older woman found joyous pleasure
whenever Tim’s cock was inside her. Exactly where,
never seemed to matter. When his hand found its way to
her bottom or her breast, she revelled in his touch.
When her son’s hand found its way to her vagina, she
found an orgasm soon approaching. Alone she could
stand before a full length mirror for an hour looking
at her naked body remembering every time her son had
enjoyed a part of her.

She was her son’s slut, and she would do anything for

Lately, Tim had found reason to spend time at his
friend Jerry’s house more frequently. Mrs. Muller had
called each time to ask Tim’s mother if it was okay.
Laura soon realized her son often came home from that
house very excited, and she was pleased that she was
still able to fulfill a young mans sexual yearnings.
Even, or especially because, it was her own son.

She also disliked the look Jerry gave her whenever he
came over. It was the look that her mother warned her
about many years ago, when she was her son’s age.
Simply being the slut to one young man was enough, she
never needed to entertain the notion of multiple
partners. Jerry was also special in another way, he
was the only person that had ever seen any action that
could be deemed unmotherly towards Tim. He had caught
her son with one hand up the back of her skirt and
panties. So startled at the intrusion she hadn’t said
anything while her son forced a finger into her wet
vagina and initiated in bring her off. Afterwards, she
was very worried the incident would get out, but
nothing was ever said.

Lately, Tim had been spending time with Jerry’s sister
Esmerelda. She was a tall skinny girl who seemed too
flighty for her son. Mrs. Wilson wasn’t blind to
realize that the young woman was deeply in love with
her only son. She could read it in her eyes. Jealousy
raged through her when she looked out the window late
one night and caught them kissing and fondling each
other beneath the apple tree in the back yard. She
stood and watched as her son felt beneath the clothing
of the young woman, obviously bringing the girl off
very quickly. Exhausted the girl and knelt before her
son and brought out the familiar phallus she always
enjoyed and began to suck upon it. Before he was
finished, Tim stopped her and gently sent her home.
Mrs. Wilson tried to deny her son’s advances only a few
moments later, while telling him point blankly that he
could just go enjoy his newest “slut”. His response
was that he enjoyed his time with Esmerelda, yet he
wanted to fuck his “slut of a mother”. They coupled
aggressively that evening, much to her enjoyment,

Tim wasn’t as modest with his touches as the still
attractive mother would have liked. She always enjoyed
his hands upon her skin, but he openly touched her when
Esmerelda or Jerry was in company. It made her feel
cheap, like some common whore – and was surprised she
rather enjoyed the feeling. She was her son’s slut,
just as he had said. The proof to this statement was
when she stole into her son’s room, as she often did to
wake him, and found him laying naked next to an equally
naked Esmerelda. Tim was already awake and motioned
for her to continue. Laura prayed the teenage girl
would remain asleep as she bent over and took her son’s
cock within her mouth. It had a unfamiliar taste to it
that caused the blood to drain from the older woman
when she realized it was Esmerelda’s spend.

“Tim, my god is that your mother?” The voice sounded
very incrediblous.

“Yup. Why don’t you get down there and learn how to
properly suck a cock.” The bed shifted about until
Esmerelda was inches away from her lovers mother and
his cock. She watched intrigued as the lips made slow
love to the hard phallus. As was usually the case, Tim
wasn’t long before the familiar tension caused his body
to stiffen noticeably.

Laura Wilson felt the warm thick seed pump into her
mouth and she felt her own excitement rise because of
it. She seemed to drift off into a hazy sleep until
she realized someone was forcing a tongue between her

Tim had pulled his mothers head off his cock then
watched as his girlfriend frenched kissed his mom. One
thing he had added to Esmerelda’s programming, was that
she could never get enough of his cum. It was a game,
to watch how his kinkiest thoughts were paralleled
within the women about him. The thick pearl colored
sperm slide back and forth between the lips.

The older woman rose on shaky legs and left to complete
the morning meal for her family. She had felt so
excited at the taste and feel of her sons cock and
ultimately his spend that she almost had another orgasm
simply from squeezing her thighs together. When the
young girl fucked her mouth with the talented tongue,
she felt a little revolted and hated herself more than
anything else at that moment. Yet, her sex moistened
noticeably at the thought of doing it again.

The three girls and her husband left the house on time,
as was usual. When, finally Esmerelda and Tim came
down. They both just came from a shower and the Laura
felt jealousy that her son and her had never enjoyed
that pleasure together. They ate while Laura served
them. She was conscious that her son ignored her
completely while Esmerelda could not take her eyes off
of her. They left hand in hand off to school leaving
Laura to cry while washing the breakfast dishes.

Two hours later while she was doing the ironing, Tim
called from school. “Mom, could you go over to the
Muller’s tonight?” There was a lot of background noise
where he was calling from and she had a hard time
hearing him. “After supper?”

“Won’t you be home again for supper?” She felt the
hurt come out in her voice, but doubted her son could
hear it over the noise.

“No, I’ll eat at Jerry’s.”

“What is going on Tim? Should I bring something?”

“Nothing much is happening mom, Esmerelda won’t be
there, and Jerry’s stepfather is working night shifts.
I asked her to stay over at a friends tonight. And

“Yes dear?”

“Wear something pretty. Bye.” The phone hung up.

She stood holding the phone to her ear for some time,
trying to think what her son had planned. But soon
gave up and continued with the rest of her day.

Jerry opened the door and after a quick look up and
down Mrs. Wilson shouted over his shoulder, “Tim you
moms here!” He turned back to Laura, “Come in Mrs.
Wilson.” He had a peculiar smile.

Tim came around the corner followed by Jerry’s mother.
Tim looked her up and down then gave her a big pleased
smile. Laura had worn one of her newer dresses, that
highlighted her shapely legs and small waist. She wore
her hair up and her best stockings and heels. None of
her family had even noticed how she looked when she
told them she had to leave. So, she was pleased when
her son added, “You look beautiful mom!” From the
sound of his voice, it was obvious he meant it.

“Thank you dear. Hello Mrs. Muller.” She shook hands
with the other mother and saw that the woman was
looking very depressed about something and was about to
inquire when Jerry spoke up.

“She is pretty but I think my mom is better.” It was a
challenge of sorts, and Laura was surprised by the

“Well I guess we will just have to continue with the
plan and see.” Tim laughed softly then motioned for
all to follow him through a archway into the tiny warm
looking living room. Jerry moved over to the couch and
sat down, Tim sat also on the couch.

Laura was about to seat herself onto a large well worn
easy chair when Jerry spoke up, “Don’t sit Mrs.
Wilson.” She was surprised and tried to laugh off the
comment when she noticed Mrs. Muller was standing
nervously in the center of the room. She gave her son
a questioning look.

“You can’t sit down mom, we have just started!” The
two teenagers laughed. “You see, Jerry thinks his mom
is prettier than you so we made a bet.”

Jerry continued, “You have great jugs Mrs. Wilson”,
this comment caused Laura to blush and she felt her
knees get weak, she had a urge to slap her son’s
friend, “but I think my mom’s ass is much nicer.”

“I don’t think so.” Tim had jumped in. “Anyway, the
best way to solve this is to have the both of you show
us who has the prettiest mother.”

Before Laura could turn and leave Jerry spoke to his
mother, “Take your dress off mom.” She was surprised
when the woman began to unbutton her thin dress. Her
face a mask of her emotions, Mrs. Muller showed none.

Tim spoke up, “Just a second, stop Mrs. Muller.” She
did, the front of her dress open to her navel showing
her bra. Jerry looked displeased but deferred to his
friend. “Before we have then take all their clothes
off why don’t we have them model for us?” He was
speaking to his best friend.

Laura Wilson now knew for certain why her son asked her
to come here. She was to be presented and compared to
Jerry’s mother. Her body began to tremble slightly and
she began to feel very humiliated. A part of was
furious for her son’s invitation and for this spectacle
she was now part off, another wanted to immediately
turn and leave.

She could neither voice her displeasure or leave, her
son had seen to that.

“Why don’t you ladies turn slowly for us.” Tim twirled
this hand about in the air to emphasis his
instructions. Like an automation, Mrs. Muller began to
turn then Laura slowly followed. “Stop!” The two
older ladies had their backs to their son’s. “Bend
over and touch your toes.”

Laura, in better physical condition than her hostess
was able to touch the tips of her heels while Mrs.
Muller grabbed her legs about her knees. Stooped over
in this position, Laura was able to turn her head and
see the profile of the other mother. Mrs. Muller was
silently crying to herself, her tears dropping to the
floor below her.

“Well? Now what do you think?” Jerry sounded cocky.

“I guess your right, your mom does have a nice bum.”
Laura realized she felt jealousy at her son’s admission
that the other woman had a more attractive bottom than
her. The other woman was certainly younger than Laura,
but she was not more attractive. It was a familiar
feeling, her body moved without her knowledge or
thought. Almost as if something was moving her like a
puppet on a string. Laura reached her hands around
behind her and lifted the hem of her dress to her

Jerry whistled. “God damn your mom is a hot one.” Tim
simply smiled in acknowledgement. “Mom, lift your
dress up. Show Tim your ass!”

Laura was able to look over her shoulder to see the
other woman bare her bottom. She was surprised when
naturally tanned skin was revealed instead of
undergarments, as she wore. Not to be outdone, Mrs.
Wilson moved her hands quickly and pulled down her
panties to her ankles. Again, Jerry whistled.

It was a revealing and degrading few moments, and she
felt the two teenage eyes upon her. She knew
everything was bared for the horny youths to see. She
felt the cool air tingle against the sensitive moist
skin of her slightly open vaginal lips and hated
herself when she realized her body was getting excited.
When her bottom tensed she also realized her asshole
was easily seen and began to wonder what others would
think of a woman who was found in this position for her
sons’ enjoyment. Next to Laura, Mrs. Muller simply
stared at the floor, her face hard to read.

After a seemingly long time, Tim commanded, “Okay mom,
Mrs. Muller you can stand back up now.” They did and
both turned back around to face their son’s. Laura had
to hobble with her white panties still about her
ankles. While both sets of dress’s fell back down to
cover the long shapely legs of the two mothers.

The sight seemed to amuse Jerry, and Laura could see
the lump in his pants which also told of his
excitement. She couldn’t see if her son was aroused,
realizing her own desire to discover if her degradation
excited him

Jerry spoke up loudly, “My mom won the first round!”
He smiled proudly at his mother while she simply stared
off into an imaginary spot on the wall.

“Perhaps.” Tim sounded amused. “But I would say my
mom is definitely a hot piece of ass wouldn’t you?”
The two young men began to talk lewdly about the two
mothers as if they were not there.

“That wasn’t part of the bet.”

“Maybe not, but its how the ass is used not how pretty
it is.” Strangely, Laura felt proud that her son was
standing up for her.

“Perhaps.” Jerry look lost in thought for a second,
then promptly changed the subject. “Mom show us your

Laura turned her head to watch the younger woman finish
with the final two buttons of her dress before letting
it drop to the ground. Mrs. Muller then unbuttoned he
bra and also let that drop to the floor. She stood
there in the musty room wearing only warm slippers
while the three sets of eyes appraised her.

“Too small.” Spoke up Tim. Laura couldn’t help but
agree with her son, Mrs. Muller’s breasts were small
and already sagging too much for a woman of her age.

“They are not too bad.” Defended Jerry.

Tim smugly spoke to his friend, “You once told me, my
mom had the best tits in the town. Now I’m going to
prove it to you.” Tim simply nodded to his mother.

Laura Wilson felt her hands moving but doubted she
controlled them. Her hands unbuttoned and unzipped her
clothing until she stood before the small crowd in her
stockings and heels shivering in the chill air.

Jerry whistled. His eyes seemed to be coming out of
his head as he stared at the large perfectly
proportioned set of tits. “No contest Tim. Your mom
does have the best tits in town!” Laura felt herself
arch her back and square her shoulders making her bosom
more pronounced.

Jerry looked to his friend almost desperately, “Could I
touch them Tim?” Laura froze. She still despised her
sons friend and this suggestion scared her not knowing
what her son’s answer would be.

Tim thought for a moment then smiled, “Nope”, he
pointed at Laura’s hardened nipples, “those are mine.
No one else gets to enjoy them.”

“I’ll make you a deal?” Jerry sounded a bit desperate.
“I’ll let you fuck my mom for one minute with those
tits.” Laura was amazed, here was the young man make
deals for the use of his own mothers flesh. Her own
body trembled wondering if her own son ever bartered
her body like this.

It was even more of a surprise when her son boasted, “I
can fuck your mom anytime Jerry why should I give you
my mom in trade?” It was obvious to Laura that this
statement greatly angered Jerry, though she had no
reason why it should. Her son didn’t stop there,
“Hell, she’s not even as good a fuck as my mom!”

“My god Tim!” It was Laura’s surprised voice, but
anything else she thought about saying was held back
when she saw her sons angry look. Jerry hadn’t even
noticed her comment, he had his fists clenched and his
teeth bared.

“You did what? When did you fuck her?” Jerry was
obviously talking about his mom.

“You mean which time don’t you Jerry?” Tim laughed
maliciously. Laura felt ignored and surprisingly
embarrassed so she used her hands to cover her breasts
and her pubic mound.

This time, the outburst was aimed at his mom, “You
fucked Tim mom?”

Mrs. Muller nodded the affirmative and then to
everyone’s surprise added, “Yes honey. He was the best
fuck I’ve ever had.” The vulgar language felt wrong
coming from the woman for some reason. “I would do
anything for Tim’s cock to be inside me again!”

That was the last straw for Jerry, he stood trembling
and panting with anger, his face red and sweating.
Laura thought he was going to hit her son but instead
the young man quickly turned and ran from the room and
she heard the back door slam seconds later.

Nothing was said for several moments. Then Tim spoke
calmly, “Well that was fun.” Laura was amazed. Then
more so with his next comment, “Mom, Mrs. Muller has
agreed to fuck you.” Laura looked on the younger woman
in amazement, the words not yet penetrating. “She has
never done anything like that before, so have a little

Warm soft arms encircled around her shoulders and she
realized it was Mrs. Muller’s lips upon her rear neck.
Almost animatedly the middle-aged woman used only her
body to stimulate Mrs. Wilson’s. Laura allowed the
woman to pull her to the carpeted floor and felt the
hands touching her in only the places her son or
husband had touched before. It was like a dream when
her body began to get excited from the attention and
moist lips began to delve between her strong thighs to
get at her sex. She began to moan loudly and her body
wiggled beneath the attention of the other woman,
something she had never even considered before. Two
fingers stimulated a cock and fucked her hot wet vagina
while a tongue flicked her hard clitoris. Other hands
twisted and tormented her nipples and she realized it
was her own. Something hairy and wet was pressing
rhythmically against her lower leg, getting her
stockings wet and disarranged, knowing it was Mrs.
Muller’s wet cunt. The first orgasm took a long while,
as the woman worked diligently and slowly. Before she
had time to recover, the body climbed up over hers and
she felt her sex being pressed against Mrs. Muller’s.
The clitoris’s smashed together and both sets of sweaty
breasts constantly massaged the other. The second
orgasm took much less time and began at the same time
as Mrs. Muller’s.

For almost a half hour, Tim sat silently upon the couch
watching as Jerry’s mother worked upon his own mom. It
was the most exciting sight he had been able to witness
since first seeing his mother masturbate before him
weeks ago. With only a little mental pushing, both
women were able to loose all inhibitions and enjoy
themselves. Though both looked very edible, it was his
own mother that interested him the most.

Laura panted with exhaustion into the coarse black hair
of the sweaty woman above her. This was a new feeling,
and not unpleasant. When she found her body reacting
to her son she felt scared and almost powerless. But
with Mrs. Muller, she found the unknown enjoyment of
another woman thrilling and the orgasms were powerful
and enjoyable. For some reason it felt more natural
while sex with her son felt raw, more submissive.

In her haze, she heard her son’s voice, “Mom?”

Had he seen everything, she thought embarrassed and a
little exhilarated. “Yes dear?”

“Come here mom.” She turned her head to see that he
hadn’t moved from his spot on the couch, but with a
single exception. Her son’s pale hard penis was
sticking out of his slacks. Laura knew, and felt
excitement, for what was expected from her.

Laura Wilson rolled Mrs. Muller’s exhausted body off
her, then she crawled onto wobbly hands and knees to
her son. Tim simply watched as his mother climbed up
onto the cushions to straddle his lap. He held his
cock straight up and watched as his mother lowered
herself onto him. She groaned loudly, with pleasure,
when she felt the familiar cock enter her.

She didn’t care any longer who he fucked, or who he
wanted her to fuck. As long as she was able to
continue to enjoy the pleasure she now felt. Her son’s
cock moved within her body as she bounced above him.
His mouth sucking alternately on both large hard
nipples, as he held them against his face. Laura felt
another orgasm quickly approaching and heard the words
of endearment escape from her mouth. She loved him and
would do anything for Tim, her only son.

Tim’s Life – Chapter VII (present)
Caesar, copyright (c) 1996

Wendy closed the door behind her, leaving Tim and two
of her students alone. As commanded she yearned to
complete anything Tim suggested, this as one of those
things. At his suggestion she had sent each of her
students out to an empty class, one at a time. There
Tim simply asked each a few questions then he sent them
back. After all her students had gone, he had simply
come to the door and told her to ask Samuel and Jean to
stay after class. Then, he told her to leave them
alone. She smiled enthusiastically all the while.

As was often the case, Tim gave those that pleased him
a gift. For Wendy, was two female students in her
class that didn’t fit into his plans. But would be an
enjoyable addition to Wendy’s house. The two girls
both came with attractive mothers and all four females
would be more than submissive to the dominatrix.

“What are we doing here mister?” It was the mousy
teenager who asked.

Tim ignored her question then simply looked into each
of the fifteen year-old’s eyes. “You”, he pointed at
Samuel, “have always fantasied about your mother. And
you,” he looked at Jean, “have been in lust with your
brother since you caught him jerking off.”

Both teens froze for a second then all at one they
spoke up, “Fuck you mister!” Samuel jumped off the top
of the desk and moved towards the door.

“Your sick!” Jean’s face became pale and her mouth
moved but nothing came out.

Tim wanted to get both these young people to do what he
wanted, without some form of mental control. It was
the moments like this that he enjoyed the most. If his
experiment failed then he can always fall back to
forcing them to his desires.

These two teenagers were not the only ones within
Wendy’s class that had fantasies about a family member.
But they were from two of the richest families within
the class. Tim smiled then spoke calmly, “A wise man
wouldn’t leave until he heard what I had to say.” Tim
looked at Samuel, waiting.

The young man stopped and turned about, crossing his
arms, and looked to the floor, waiting. “Thank you
Samuel.” Tim jumped up onto Wendy’s desk, sitting
comfortably, while also forcing an awkward pause to the
situation. “Now, if you two decide to do as I ask you
will have your sexual fantasies fulfilled.” Samuel
looked up incediblously while Jean simply sat frozen to
her chair.

“Lets get out of here Jean.” The boy turned to leave.
“This guys warped!”

“I’m warped? I’m not the one with the hole in the
wall, or with pictures of his mom in a bikini in a
metal box under the floorboards in his room.”

That stopped Samuel cold. He turned back to the
stranger, “What?!” The silence gave him time to think,
“How did you know about the hole? No one knows about
those things?” The young man suddenly stopped, he must
have just realized his words were confirmation.

Tim ignored the question and turned his attention to
the silent stunned girl. “Well Jean, what about you?
Have you told anyone about those little fantasies you
write in your diary? Listen kids”, he emphasized the
words “kids”, “your not the first ones to fantasies
about a family member. In fact, my business is
fulfilling people’s fantasies. Just like the both of

Samuel looked stunned while Jean was frowning, obvious
thinking about Tim’s words. Tonight, Samuel, you are
going to invite me to supper – Jean you will call and
invite your brother to attend.”

“Your crazy.” The words were spoken with much less
venom than the earlier ones. Yet, Samuel went back to
his desk and sat down. “Whatever you have planned it
won’t work?” It was asked as a question, and Jean was
nodding dumbly at her classmates words.

“It won’t? I have never failed yet.” The young man
looked suspicious but Tim knew it was no contest, he
would everything asked just for the chance for the

It was hours later, when the five people sat about in
Samuel’s living room. The only adults in attendance
was Samuel’s mother, Suzanne, and Tim. Jean had been
surprised when her brother, Joel, had agreed to come to
dinner and simply went along with the instructions.
Usually the younger brother was a protagonist and a
thorn in her side, while also being the pivotal point
in her fantasies.

“Tell me Tim”, they had gotten past the introductions
and were now using first names. Suzanne continued,
“are you an instructor of some type? Samuel has been
surprisingly quiet about your invitation.”

Tim looked in amusement at Samuel then turned back to
the attractive forty something year-old mother. “No
ma’am, I’m simply a business man.” He took a sip of
the tea before him. “In fact I’m surprised Samuel
didn’t tell you why I’m here.”

The young man jumped in nervously, “When is supper mom?
God I’m hungry!”

“Its coming dear. Watch your manners please.” She
turned back to the attractive man in the Italian
double-breasted suite. “As you were saying Tim?”

Tim felt amused at what he was about to do to the
polite mother. “Well, Suzanne, your son has been
having lustful thoughts about you ever since he hit
puberty.” Samuel started to cough loudly while Joel
looked wide-eyed at the whole scene. His sister, Jean,
simply stared at the floor, as if waiting.

The middle-aged woman had been prepared from the first
moments Tim had walked into the very expensive
nineteenth century house. She was startled but took
another sip of her tea then looked from Tim to her son,
as if waiting from more information. When nothing was
forwarded, she asked, “Well Samuel, is this true?”

“God mom! No, of course not!” Samuel had turned white
and had long since decided this was a bad idea.

Tim was smiling when he continued, “Its not? But what
you the picture of your mom? You know, the one with
the yellow knit bikini bottom riding up her bottom in
Mexico last year.”

Suzanne trembled but didn’t say a word. “Its not true
mom!” It was a comment on her good manners and
patience that she kept her calm demeanor this far into
the conversation. Tim wondered how far he could push
her before she broke.

“Then its not true that you jerk off almost daily to
that picture or all the other ones of your moms?
Samuel, remember our bargain.” Tim forced his voice to
sound dangerous, but only felt pleasure at the
embarrassing tension in the air.

Suzanne looked surprised, “What bargain, Mr. Wilson?”
Her hand was trembling constantly now and she often
shifted her weight. Tim hadn’t noticed the new
formality in her address of him.

Samuel looked lost and simply watched the scene unfold
before him. “Its rather simple Suzanne, I simply told
your son that if he invited me over that he would have
his fantasy fulfilled. Namely, to have you as his sex

It was like the air about them was about to explode,
but the wealthy mother nodded then asked, “And why are
they here Mr. Wilson?” She nodded towards Jean and her
younger brother.

Tim needn’t have browsed her thoughts to know she was
playing for time, to dwell over what has been said to
day. He decided to amuse her. “Well that’s the second
bargain I made today. Joel is Jean’s fantasy.”
Suzanne looked towards the two young people with
disgust and surprise. While Joel spun his head about
to look at his older sister. While she still ignored
him, too nervous to even look up from the hard wood

“My god, your serious aren’t you Mr. Wilson? You
expect me to bend over this coffee table and let my son
have me, don’t you?” She set down her tea, the cup was
in danger of spilling with her trembling hands.

“I am serious Suzanne. In fact I’m always serious
about incest.” The word seemed to sting all present,
especially the two people who agreed to this dinner.
Tim turned his attention back to Samuel, “Would you
like to have sex with your mother as she said, over
this table?”

“My god. No!”

Tim smiled, while Suzanne smiled almost in triumph at
her son’s denial. “Then why is her pussy getting wet
while we sit here?” Suzanne gasped loudly, which made
everyone else realize Tim’s words were true.

A squeaky voice spoke up, “Mr. Wilson, my sister has
agreed to this too?”

Tim was enjoying himself immensely. “Something like
that Joel. But not so blunt as Suzanne and her son
here. No, your sister is still a virgin and she simply
wants you as her lover.”

“My l.. lover?” Evidently the thirteen year-old had a
stutter. “Is this t… true Jenny?” He had turned to
his silent sister.

It was the first words the teenager had spoken since
entering the room. “Yes Joel, it is.” Tim was proud
of the young lady – he knew she had to have guts to say
confirm his words. Her hand reached out and took her
baby brothers. Joel didn’t pull away, instead he
started to smile.

“My god, what is happening here?” Suzanne’s voice was
getting shrill. She turned her attention upon her son,
“What will your father say when I tell him what is
going on here young man?”

It wasn’t really a question and Samuel seemed to shrink
into the large comfortable couch. “Actually I doubt
you will say anything to your husband.” All eyes
turned back to Tim. “Unless your son gives you

“My permission!”

“Of course.” It hadn’t been a question, but as usual,
Tim did as he wished. “A woman always does what her
master wants, and you Suzanne will do what your master
wants. At all times!” Tim again put that dangerous
edge to his voice.

The expensively dressed mother sat trembling in anger
and frustration but didn’t move. Her son spoke up,
“Mr. Wilson I don’t think this is a good idea…”

Tim interrupted, “You don’t? Then why is your cock
hard?” Jean giggled quietly and Suzanne tried to see
if Tim’s words were true. “I was serious when I said
she was to be your sex slave.” Tim smiled at the angry
woman. “And a fiesty one at that.”

The boy’s face was red, probably from embarrassment.
“Mother is right, maybe this …”


The young man answered politely but quietly, “Yes sir?”

“You don’t believe she is your slave do you?”

Samuel looked at his surprisingly silent mother
nervously before answering, “No.”

“Then humor me, test her. Ask your mother to do

The room was silent for several long minutes as Samuel
simply looked at his mother contemplating the older
man’s words. Suzanne wanted to scream out her anger,
to jump up and slap her son for bringing this
disgusting man into her house but discovered she could
do neither. In fact the older woman sat silently,
trembling in rage while glaring at her son, almost
daring him not to do it.

“Take your glasses off mother.” The words were spoken
almost in a whisper but no one missed a word.

Suzanne reached up with both unsteady hands and pulled
her glasses off.

The second instruction was easier and came much
quicker. “Take out the pins from your hair mom.” She
slowly reached up and did exactly as her son wanted.
Her long slightly graying black hair cascaded down her

Everyone in the room was amazed, except Tim, that she
had followed her son’s instructions. Most of all
Suzanne. She felt her veins turn to ice, and wondered
if her son did have some type of control over her. She
realized her body was trembling in anger and in lust.

“My god!” Samuel was obviously pleased and not a
little surprised. “It actually worked. Mom, you did
what I asked? I thought you were mad?”

Her voice sounded barely in control as she answered her
only son, “Evidently Mr. Wilson is right… you are the
master.” Her son gasped loudly while Tim smiled
knowing it was as much his mental command that had
spoken the words.

Suzanne looked to Tim in amazement – for the last few
moments and the words she had just spoken. Tears
seemed to be starting to form in her eyes. “Well
Samuel, as I promised, your mother is now your slave.”
The boy was nodding his head in amazed agreement.

“Spread your legs mom!” Tim was amused at Samuel’s
behavior, like a boy with a new toy and knew he had
been the same way years ago. Suzanne uncrossed her
knees and moved her legs apart about six inches. It
obviously was not enough, “More!” She closed her eyes
and opened them as wide as her conservative skirt would
allow. Yet by her son’s sudden look of pure delight it
was obvious he had been able to see up to her panties.
Tim wondered if it was light enough for the boy to see
his mothers excitement, something else that he had
conjured up with the other mental commands he had
already given her.

Joel lowered his head to seen between the older woman’s
spread thighs but was surprised when his sister pulled
his faced around and planted her lips upon his. He
quickly lost interest in the other woman when Jean’s
tongue began to play with his.

“Now your sweater mom – take it off!” Samuel was
speaking very quickly in his excitement and Tim
wondered if they would ever have supper.

Suzanne lifted the garment over her head and threw it
onto the group. She tried to hide her perky breasts
with her hands but her only son was anxious for more.
“Now the bra, show me your tits mom!” She reached
around and unhooked the clasp before throwing the
ridged white undergarment to her only son.

When her breasts were bared, both Joel and Jean could
do little but stare in amazement at the first set of
breasts they had probably seen. At least this close.
Both boys had definite dents in their pants. Jean
alone was uninterested in the older woman’s quickly
revealed body, instead her attention was focused on her
brothers `dent’. Tim saw Joel jump when his sisters
hand first grasp his youthful manhood.

Tim was enjoying himself very much, yet he was starting
to get hungry. “Suzanne get over to the coffee table
and bend over. Your son is going to fuck you before
supper.” She moved to comply. No one in the room
realized it wasn’t Samuel’s voice that had commanded
the elder lady, so enthralled with the actions that
were going on.

It was only seconds until she was kneeling in the
middle of the coffee table, her covered bottom facing
her son. “Well Samuel, we don’t have all night – fuck
your slave.” Everyone watched as the amazed young man
stood up from his seat then lifted his mothers woolen
skirt. Her panty covered bottom was revealed until her
son slipped the garment past her hips to mid thigh.

Joel barely noticed his sister fumbling with his zipper
until he felt cool fingers wrap about his hard young
penis. A quick look at his sister saw that she was
smiling hugely at her new lover, as if she was eager to
please. The youngest male bent over to kiss his
sisters hungry lips again, before turning back to watch
the live sex show before him. Jean’s hand pulled her
brothers’ towards her and pressed it against the mound
of her sex, above her pants.

From the corner of her eye saw her classmates cock
thrust towards the kneeling woman, and felt great
interest in the actions being performed. Yet, she also
desired more personal action with her brother right
now. Jean wanted to kiss his `thing’, as she so often
did in her fantasies.

Tim watched pleased at how easy it all had been. Jean
was enjoying the new feelings she was undergoing while
experimenting with her mouth upon a cock. Samuel was
pounding like a jackrabbit in and out of his mother,
the whole coffee table looked in danger of breaking.
Joel could not decide which show he wanted to watch,
his sister before him or incestuous fuck three feet
away. He tried to do both, and his huge smile told
everyone of his pleasure.

Of all the people present, only Suzanne wasn’t enjoying
herself. She underwent the humiliation of her son’s
commands and then the rape of her vagina as she took
her son’s virginity. Her eyes were flowing with tears
and Tim decided he had better modify her thoughts
enough where she will continue to verbally be disgusted
with what was going on, but secretly desire everything
her son wished. She would also, never reveal the new
relationship with her son to anyone, and would do her
most to continue it.

Joel had been the easiest of the two, the only
programming he underwent by Tim was simply never to
hurt his sister in any way or to reveal their new
relationship with anyone. Tim had nothing to worry
about with Jean, she only wished to live out the
fantasies she had imagined for these last two years.
And she had many fantasies. Samuel, on the other hand,
would have to controlled sightly. The young man would
want to brag to his friends about his new slave, and
probably even share her with them. Not acceptable, Tim
forced him to never reveal his secret but to always
enjoy her. It would always be his private enjoyment.

Supper went by quickly and quietly. Suzanne had served
her guests without a word, everyone present had seen
her at her humiliation. She was especially embarrassed
when she screamed out her lovers name as her own orgasm
appeared. Even as her spasms slowed, she was more
surprised than anyone else at the strength and duration
of her explosion. As to her son’s command, she only
wore a kitchen apron and nothing else. Joel couldn’t
take his eyes off her bare bottom or the breast that
was visible out one side of the apron.

Halfway though the meal, Suzanne had dropped her cup to
the floor when she felt her son’s hand upon her naked
lap and the trembling had caused the accident. Her son
pretended to be mad, his voice got louder and he
demanded satisfaction in front of guests. Suzanne had
begun to apologize to her son, pleading with him for
patience. “Over my knee mother!” She followed his
directions and bent over her son’s knee. It was a
quick and hard punishment, with all spectators enjoying
every slap of her pale shapely ass. Afterwards Samuel
simply said, “You’ll get more after our guests leave
mother!” Nothing else about the matter was said yet
her blazing red ass was testimony to her punishment.

Surprisingly, it was Jean that asked the fateful
question. “What do you get out of this Mr. Wilson?”

Tim smiling knowingly, took another bite of his
dessert, then answered matter-of-factly. “I get
several things, one is simply pleasure.” He could not
help but smile hugely at this which caused Suzanne to
begin trembling again. “And the other is power. You
Jean, and Samuel, will help give me that power.” Jean
nodded, a frown upon her lips. Samuel probably did not
understand, he had no power. At least not yet.
Someday, his father will die leaving him the reigns to
a rich and powerful business. Jean stood to gain when
her grandparents left her their money, political
interests, and stocks.

Nothing needed to be said, Tim would obviously approach
one of the teenagers when the time was right. And the
others were either baffled or horrified at what was

Tim stood in the grand foyer and was saying his
good-byes. He shook Jean’s and Joel’s hand, telling
her, “You will make a fine couple.” And advice to
Joel, “If you want to keep a woman happy, be patient
and gentle.” Tim knew the young man would take his
advice, he didn’t have a choice.

Then Samuel shook Tim’s hand, his head was back and he
looked six inches taller. Sex and domination done
great things to a young mans ego. As Tim very well
knew. “Treat her like a slave, but never hurt her.”
When Suzanne came up, Tim gave her a big hug and
pressed his lips to hers. They spend several long
minutes in a passionate embrace, french kissing, his
hands groping a naked posterior. When they were
finished, Tim gave one final mental command to the
attractive mother, that she would come to Tim at a
later date for his pleasure.

Then Tim simply turned and left.

Tim’s Life – Chapter VIII (past)
Caesar, copyright (c) 1996

Tim woke up with Esmerelda sleeping soundly next to
him. His body was exhausted after the enjoyable sex
marathon he had last night with the young girl and his
mother. As he rolled out of bed, the young man thought
about the change in his mothers behavior these last few
months since the party at his friend Jerry’s house.
She had become a virtual temptress, who was willing to
do anything her son wished, any time. Esmerelda, on
the other hand, was simply a sexy toy for his pleasure.
Something to amuse himself with until he tired of her.

Not for the first time, Tim wondered if it was
malicious to treat his mother this way. To have
altered her mind enough that she was comparable to the
lowest slut anytime they were alone. He had no excuse
why he used this power for the sexual conquest with his
mother, or even Jerry’s. In fact, he felt very good
about the ability to have anyone do anything he wished.
But he wanted more.

He was standing at his partially shaded window looking
out when his door slowly opened. His mother stuck her
head around the corner and looked a little disappointed
that her son was already awake. Tim motioned for her
to be silent and to come in. He turned his attention
back to the new day outside his window. Behind, he
could hear his mother as she let the housecoat fall to
the floor. It was her custom to appear in the morning
with something easily discarded so her nudity could be
enjoyed by her son.

The young man never even looked down when his mother
dropped next to him and crawled over between the window
alcove and his person. Her mouth had become very
effective at pleasing him. After all these months, and
with so many blow jobs, she had quickly learned what
her son enjoyed or didn’t. Laura knew how to go slow
and use firm pressure with her lips upon his organ
while her tongue constantly frolicked with the
underside and the crown. She began to make love to his
penis, as she did practically every morning. Her head
bobbed slowly before him, wanting to pleasure him
exquisitely and he did to her.

As was usual, Tim had slept in. Not that it mattered
any longer, the instructors at school always wrote
glowing report cards for him, and did not even notice
when he wasn’t there. Which was becoming more often
lately. Tim had learned that he could get more than
sex with his mind.

Outside, he noticed his sister Mary and two of her
girlfriends as they left the house to go to school.
She was the only person in his house that hadn’t felt
her brothers control over her. The reason may be, that
Tim always liked her better than his other sisters and
that and she was very young, Mary had just turned
thirteen and had the tall thin look of a preteen.
Physically, her brother had not felt any attraction
towards her in the least. But laughing with her
friends, he saw that she was indeed beautiful compared
to the other two girls her age and for the first time
wondered how her body will fill out in the coming

Tim’s oldest sister wasn’t very pretty, mostly because
of the extra weight she carried. Yet that hadn’t
stopped him from enjoying her for a Saturday afternoon.
That one encounter was enough to fulfill his incestuous
urge and to realize there was other women in the world
who he could enjoy. Not that he didn’t care for her,
in fact he had caused a rich young man in the
neighborhood whom his sister had adored to fall
desperately in love with her. The wedding was
scheduled for next summer. Tim already knew what his
present would be, one more afternoon’s fuck the day
before her wedding, and the most powerful orgasm of her
life. Compliments of her baby brother.

His middle sister was the jock of the family, playing
field hockey mostly. She was also strikingly
attractive. Tim had spent several hours of the last
months with her. Yet, he became bored very quickly and
found a surprising use for his sister. She was now
Tim’s father, his mother’s husband’s lover. He still
smiled when he remembered the solution to a problem
that plague him. How to keep his father busy while his
wife was absent. Up till that moment, Tim altered his
mind enough that he never even noticed how his only son
had almost every woman in the household fawning over
him. Or that his wife barely spent any time in his
bed. Tim enjoyed watching his father and sister in
bed, it was like a comedy and paralleled his own
relationship with his mother. If nothing else, he was
glad his father was having such a enjoyable affair.

The tightening of his balls returned him to the present
and to the bobbing head between his legs. It was his
mother who he found the most enjoyable, both mentally
and physically. She was a wonderful lover and with a
little alteration very wanton. At his direction she
would fuck anything, anytime. He often played with
her lack of inhibitions and had fingered her several
times in public or at the kitchen table. He had
watched her orgasm using a carrot, a pencil, a candle,
and even a small sausage. How many times had he sent
her to her marriage bed with drops of sperm upon her
smooth skin, he wondered. She was always enthusiastic
for the pursuit of his pleasure, and ultimately her

Before he felt the first jerk of his cock, Tim pulled
his mothers face from his lap. It was something he
rarely did, stop her before he was done. She looked up
with pleading hungry eyes and he nodded towards the
sleeping naked form on the bed. His mother licked her
lips then crawled over to her son’s bed and to

For several minutes, Tim watched as his mother gently
toyed with his girlfriend’s sleeping body. She used
her fingertips, her tongue and even her own body to
slowly stir the teenagers sensitive skin. It wasn’t
long before Esmerelda had awakened enough to help by
opening her legs and move her own hands to cup the full
attractive ass beside her After these long weeks, both
females were knowledgeable of the others body, and
always strived to please. With Tim watching, his mother
put more effort into her erotic work, simply for his
viewing pleasure.

As Esmerelda started to groan with sexual enjoyment,
the tongue already between the folds of her womanhood,
Tim realized he was becoming bored with her. She
certainly had a wonderful body, an easily manageable
mind, and enthusiastic about sex. But she was also
lacking in imagination and intelligence. Something the
young man had learned, that an intelligent lover was
better off having in bed. He could not animate a
woman’s mind enough to make her exciting in bed.

Mrs. Muller had been a frequent addition to Tim’s
pleasure, but he also tired of her quickly. So, after
altering his friend Jerry’s mind to forget his anger,
he gave his friend his own mother as a lover. Before
disengaging her from his troupe of sex toys, Tim had
enjoyed the sinful sight of the older woman with her
daughter. It touched on the one thing Tim knew he
greatly enjoyed, incestuous sexual relationships. If
not his own, then those about him.

Even now, with Esmerelda quickly approaching another
orgasm by the stimulation of the older woman’s tongue,
he knew this would be the last time she woke in his
bed. A new and exciting thought crossed the teenagers
mind, that of his sister Mary in his bed with his
mother using her mouth to please her youngest daughter.
It had all the aspects that Tim enjoyed, sex, incest,
and power.

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