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Shopping Experience

Shopping Experience

It was a beautiful Monday afternoon as I sat naked in my lounge chair by the window. I had a book in my hand and was engrossed in the pages. I know what you’re thinking, and no, I didn’t care if others passing by my window saw me. Anyway, Mom who knew about my love of being naked, called me to her at one point. Setting down the book, I padded into the kitchen where she was busy making herself lunch. Once she saw me, she turned to face me and grinned. Continue reading “Shopping Experience”

Vacation Adventures

Vacation Adventures

What a trip!

This story chronicles some of the few but exciting times I successfully convinced my somewhat conservative wife to show off some or all of her voluptuous body. We have been married for just over 25 years. We started dating in high school and got married right out of college. I was originally drawn to her by two very specific things… her breasts.

She was a normal hot high school girl with big hair (it was the eighties), small waist, and tight butt. However, it was her big boobs that got me attention. Even in high school she was blessed with 36C breasts that were the envy of every girl and the object of teenage lust for every boy. Continue reading “Vacation Adventures”

Teen Lust

Teen Lust

I remember when I first met Mr. Vaughn, I thought he was a TA. He looked young, mid 20’s as everyone always guessed, but he was well into his 30’s. He always wore jeans and t-shirts, which accentuated his slightly toned body. He told us he was former military, which explained some things, but he was never into it, so he left when he finished his deployment. He loved the outdoors, and always kept himself in shape, but his job as an honors teacher limited the time he could spend with nature. This led him to have a body type that I loved, not too buff, but still well-muscled on his slender frame. The next thing he started talking about was his wife. Continue reading “Teen Lust”

Escape Back to Love

Escape Back to Love

The summer breeze lifts the curtain in the hotel room like a skirt and it joins the wavering light of a day skipping carefree towards night. Stereo speakers brim the hotel room with sensuous Memphis blues.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to go on this trip. After fourteen years of marriage and two kids, I wasn’t sure I could find the magic anymore.

But when I lock my eyes on Donna’s swaying hips, I begin to change my tune. Continue reading “Escape Back to Love”

Bad Things

Bad Things

I pulled into the parking lot of Bud’s Bar, shut off the engine and then spent five minutes staring at the wall of the building in front of me as the voices in my head fought it out. One voice was saying:

“Go on in there and get shitfaced” and the other voice was saying “You need to remain calm and be cool about this and you can’t do that if you get drunk out of your mind.” “Bullshit!” said the first voice. “Right now you need to blot it out of your mind and the only way you can do that is kill it with alcohol” and the other voice said, “You can’t make rational decisions if you are bombed out of your mind.” Continue reading “Bad Things”

In the Year Twenty Six Thirty Four

In the Year Twenty Six Thirty Four

In view of the essentially unlimited technological power that existed in 2634 and beyond, I, Arcturus00347 am transmitting this story back in time to those of you in the early twenty first century, who we call E21s, using a language – English – that was common back then but that no longer exists.

First, my name; I am the 47th Arcturus born in District 3. In referencing others in my story I will only use their full name once and then – just like is done in 2634 in social situations – will refer to them only by their name without numerical modifiers. Continue reading “In the Year Twenty Six Thirty Four”

The Lady and the Carpenter

The Lady and the Carpenter

‘Drink up,’ Frank said. ‘Who knows? Tomorrow we could be dead.’

I wonder if Frank knew something. Later that night, Frank fell asleep while listening to the radio – as he often did after a good day’s work – and he never woke up again. The doctor said that his heart had just stopped. ‘It happens sometimes,’ the doctor said. ‘Even with people like Frank. Even with people who seem to be perfectly fit and healthy. We don’t know why.’ Continue reading “The Lady and the Carpenter”

A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True

My dad has run a small car repair shop in garages at the back of our house for as long as I can remember. So I used to seeing dirty mechanics in and around our house. Now at fourteen my body was blossoming, my tits were developing and black tufts of pubic hair sprouting up, being Hispanic I had a deep golden brown complexion. Mum started telling me to cover up a bit more when any of dad’s employees were about the house. I did notice myself that they started looking at me in a strange kind of way. Continue reading “A Dream Come True”

Tease, Party, Peg

Tease, Party, Peg

Lynn was examining herself in the standing mirror when her shirtless husband, James, entered the bedroom. His olive-tan skin was still beaded with steam from his shower. She looked back at her dress. It was a teal and coral printed sheath that hugged her curves, even with the back unzipped.

“Someone looks nice,” James said as he came up behind her and placed his hands upon her waist. His tall, muscular frame was accentuated by the contrast to her softer, smaller body. The citrus and sandalwood of his aftershave wafted up to her as his lips pressed lightly on her neck as he pulled her tight against him. Continue reading “Tease, Party, Peg”

A Dragon’s Mount

A Dragon’s Mount

The man stared at me as though he’d never seen a dragon before. Then I remembered that he almost certainly hadn’t. I was, after all, the last one.

“If you’d like to come this way, sir?” I followed as he led me through several sterile, interchangeable corridors, my talons clicking on the tiled floor. Continue reading “A Dragon’s Mount”

Swapping Cum with My New Neighbours

Swapping Cum with My New Neighbours

I like to tan in the yard out back of my condo. Not all over tanning, but I like to wear my smallest, tightest Speedos. I bought them in Italy where all the guys where tiny Speedos, it’s just natural. And I wore them on holidays, you know, cruising out of Nassau where anything goes on board, and on the beach in the Dominican Republic where they’re used to Europeans. But wear them in Tampa and someone calls the cops! Continue reading “Swapping Cum with My New Neighbours”

A Summer Night in Wellfleet

A Summer Night in Wellfleet

“Oh, come on,” Grant teased. “You’ve been here all night. Rob won’t care about ten more minutes.” He lazily stroked his cock as he leered at me. And I began to wilt, as he knew I would.

“Besides,” he said as he closed the distance between us, “knowing Laurie, she’s got him lying flat on her bed right now, fucking the shit out of him.”

“She does get wild, doesn’t she?” I sniggered. Continue reading “A Summer Night in Wellfleet”

Casting Call with Mom

Casting story

Jenny beamed the moment her son came home from his college class. There was a giddiness in her demeanor and she told him to sit down after removing his shoes.

“This must be something interesting,” Robert said, sensing mom’s excitement.

She smiled, “I’m attending a casting call for a new tv show. It’s for a brief, yet major scene. They need a few female extras around my age.”

This was Jenny’s big chance. She loved her career as a stage actress. The schedules were always tough and the pay was often low, but she loved everything about acting. From the stage to the crowds, she found it all exhilarating.

In all her years in the industry, she’d never had a chance to be on film. That was a big fantasy for her, but competition to appear on the screen was fierce, and being in her mid-40’s, it was difficult to land a proper gig.

Until now…

“Wow,” Robert’s eyes lit up. “What kind of show is it?”

Jenny did her best to temper expectations. “Well, it’s a small non-speaking role. My agent sent me the last minute announcement and there’s a lot of buzz around this show. Exciting, isn’t it?”

“Very. This sounds so cool. You’ll finally get to be on tv!”

Jenny felt the giddiness return. “I know. The best part is, there’s plenty of these small parts to go around. So there’s a good chance I’ll land the gig.”

“Awesome. You still haven’t said what kind of show this is.”

“Sci-fi and fantasy. Think of Game of Thrones. It’s that sort of thing. The overall plot is being kept under wraps. I’m auditioning to play a tribal character who’s involved with sorcery and magic. So it’s basically a performance art thing that I’ll be doing. I’ll be using my body and physical reactions for the scene. A very important scene, I might add.”

Robert’s eyes lit up, ” Sounds amazing. It’s going to be exciting to see you on tv, finally. you deserve this.”

Despite the joyful moment, Jenny felt herself tensing. There was more to the news. Information she dreaded to tell him. She fought hard to relax and breathe deeply, to calm herself down. Might as well get this over with.

“There’s something else,” she said. “I’ve always been very expressive in my career as a stage actress, and all the things I’ve done with art. I believe that the human body, and its expression, is the highest form of beauty. Do you know where I’m going with this?”

Robert gave an awkward look, “I think so. It’s okay.”

She straightened her posture, asserting herself. She wanted to show confidence in her decision. This was her body and she was a grown woman.

“I’m going to do a nude scene,” she finally said in a staunch tone. “That’s what the casting call is for. Women my age who will appear nude for a period of time. It’s something like an ancient ritual scene. Are we clear?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

Jenny held her chin high and kept her shoulders open. She was still determined to defend her actions.

“It’s my body, I’m an independent woman, and I choose to do this because I enjoy artistic expression. I’m certainly not asking your permission for this. I don’t need it. I find this to be empowering.”

“Mom, no one is arguing with you,” Robert said calmly.

Jenny paused and finally relaxed. “You’re right. Sorry about that. I guess I got a little carried away. I had no idea how you’d react to this, that’s all.”

“Honestly, it’ll be a little awkward knowing that my mom is naked on tv.”

“I’ll worry about getting the part first. Speaking of which, can you give me a ride to the beach this Saturday? If you’re driving, I can focus on getting into character.”

He smiled, “Sounds like fun. I’d love to go.”

“Wonderful. The casting and camera tests are on Saturday. If I get the part, we’ll have to go back next week for the actual filming.”

He quickly nodded. “Sure, I’m free anytime.”

“You seem a little too happy about this,” she said, playfully squinting her eyes at her son.

“Of course I’m happy about it. I get to go on a film set. Plus, there’s going to be other naked women, won’t there? I’m only kidding, mom.”

Now the excitement belonged to Robert, who fully expected to see mature breasts on the beach. His gleeful expression almost caused Jenny to regret asking for his help. She hadn’t had time to consider the potential ramifications.

“I’m assuming you want to stay on set while we film the casting process,” she said in a rhetorical matter. “I guess that’s fair. The casting call is going to last a few hours, and I don’t want you to be bored.”

“Thanks,” he smiled.

Jenny raised an eyebrow. “But that means you’ll be seeing me naked, since I’ll be auditioning nude.”

“I know…um…I mean, really? Oh, yikes. That’s going to be pretty awkward. What should we do?”

It was obvious by the tone in Robert’s voice that he had zero intention of removing himself from the equation. He definitely wanted to be there. Jenny had already invited him to the set and she didn’t have the heart to pull him away. Especially since he was such an avid fan of film. He always enjoyed the behind-the-scenes process and it would have been cruel to deny him this opportunity.

“We can be mature about this,” she said, holding back a sigh. “But only if you promise to be respectful and not ogle at the other women. And I especially don’t want you ogling over me.”

When Jenny said this, she was deadly seriously.

“Deal. I never thought I’d actually get to visit a place where they’re filming a big tv show. Do you know if there are going to be any famous actors there?”

Robert’s enthusiasm was now palpable, and there was no way Jenny could take this opportunity away. The deal was already done, as far as he was concerned.

“No one famous,” she replied. “But the director is someone I truly admire. I really want to be part of this, no matter how small the role is, or what I have to do.”

“There’s no way they’ll turn you down. You’re too talented. You have so much experience. You’re an amazing actress. They’ll be blown away by whatever you do.”

The extra boost of confidence from her son immediately worked, and it made her blush.

“You’re sweet,” she smiled. “Maybe there’s another reason why you should come along. Your pep talks are always helpful. Nude scenes can often be daunting, and I’ve never done it on film before.”

Robert raised his hand. “Pep talks it is. Whatever I can do to help.”

They gave each other a high-five.

“You’re the best,” she said in appreciation.

But by the look on Robert’s face, the appreciation was all his.


On the morning of the casting, while Jenny was taking a shower, she mentally scolded herself for asking her son to drive her. She should have known that he’d be exposed to all sorts of nudity, including her own. It was a mental oversight.

But on the other hand, Robert had always been good at giving her pep talks and boosting her confidence. He was such a positive young man. That was a great quality, especially in circumstances like these.

In a strange way, this was the least she could do for her son, Jenny thought. It would be a nice little treat for him. Robert was always a respectful young man and took care of the household, since she often had to work long hours at night with theater productions.

The problem was, she had to eventually show her naked body to him on the film set. Sure, Jenny had done plenty of nude modeling in her youth, especially in her college days. She was a nude model for art classes. The extra money and experience was nice, plus, if she was honest with herself, it was also exciting. She had also done plenty of nude scenes on stage, with hundreds of strangers staring at her bare figure.

But those people were all strangers or colleagues, fellow artists, or fellow students. Could she really do this in front of her own son?

A flurry of thoughts came to mind: Would Robert be traumatized for life seeing his mother’s tits, pussy, and butt? Or would Robert be aroused? Would this affect their relationship for the better or worse?

Jenny had no answers.

She only knew two things: First, that Robert would never ever forget this. Second, that he’d be seeing her totally bare in a matter of hours.

Those were the two truths that Jenny had come to accept.

When the shower finished, Jenny dried herself with a towel and examined her makeup-free face in the mirror. She looked good for her age. There were lines around her eyes and laugh lines around her mouth. Her breasts had begun to sag years ago. She was a little rounder around the midsection. But she tried her hardest to stay in shape and keep her face youthful; all part of the rigors of being a stage actress.

It was time to break the ice. Jenny had come up with an impromptu plan to make things ‘less awkward’ with her son ahead of the nude scene. She put on a bathrobe, her hair wet and slicked back, and proceeded to the hallway. She knew Robert would be awake by now, preparing for the trip.

When she found him, he was in the kitchen eating cereal, without a single clue of what she was doing there, or why she was staring at him without saying a word.

“Yes?” he asked, slightly dumbfounded by his mother’s strange behavior.

Without a shred of warning, Jenny opened her bathrobe, holding it wide open to reveal everything. Her exposed naked tits and pussy were merely a few feet away from Robert. She noticed his eyes widen and gape over every inch of her impressive nude body, from head to toe.

It gave Jenny an uncomfortable feeling doing this to her son. But it was a necessary thing, in her calculation. Better to get this over with now, than later.

“Have a good look?” she asked, shaking her hips.

He nodded slowly. “Uh huh.”

That’s when Jenny closed her robe and tied the knot in the middle, permanently ending the show.

“Good, because I wanted that out of your system. So when I’m exposed during the audition, I don’t want you staring at me in a strange manner. Understood?”

“Yes, mom,” he said, still dazed by his mom’s tits.

“We’ll leave in half an hour. Thank you.”

Jenny marched back to her bedroom. This time there was a pep in her step. She couldn’t admit it to herself, but seeing Robert’s unfiltered reaction was humorous, and it also made her pussy kind of wet.


The film set was everything they hoped it would be. It was alongside a beautiful beach on a sunny day. The beach was closed to the public and there was a film crew of about 30 people.

For Jenny, this was all business. A make-up artist had given her a sort of medieval look, thanks to elaborate hairstyling and make-up. She looked the part, as did the other eight women who showed up for the casting call. Jenny was in complete work-mode as she dropped her robe and posed naked on the beach, along with the other women — her competitors.

The women posed and followed the orders of the director and show producers, who had a specific vision for the show. They had the women form strange, ritualistic poses and perform mythical chanting, all while completely naked.

Robert could not have been more pleased. He watched from a short distance as the naked women did their thing on camera. No matter how beautiful the other women were, Robert’s eyes kept involuntarily falling back to his mother.

After an hour of beach nudity, the director yelled ‘cut’, and the women were given robes. They huddled and the director spoke to them privately for several minutes.

When the conversation was over, Jenny went to her son and they took a stroll on the beach so they could have a moment of privacy. She didn’t look as comfortable as she had before. The calmness and relaxation was gone. She looked as though she had become rigid and uptight. Like there was now a massive weight on her chest.

“You did great mom,” he said with affirmation. “You really looked the part. The director seemed impressed with you.”

Jenny blushed awkwardly, “Thanks, but that’s not something you ever should have seen.”

“Oh, right. I thought we were passed that though. Sorry.”

Robert tempered his enthusiasm as he tried to appear more respectful towards his mother.

She cleared her throat. “Don’t be sorry. I may need another favor. An even bigger favor.”

“Sure, no problem. What is it?”

“I mean it, it’s the biggest favor I could ever ask. I feel horrible asking you this. I regret it already.”

Robert gave a soft laugh to break the tension. “Let me guess, you got the part, it’s a big offer, and now I have to do the dishes and laundry for the next few weeks. Is that it?”

“Not exactly,” she sighed. “The director is French.”

Robert looked puzzled. “Yeah, I’ve noticed.”

The frustration was building and all Jenny could do was shake her head.

“What I’m saying is, French directors are different from American directors. They expect to see more. Their boundaries are different.”

He slowly nodded, catching the drift. “I think I know where you’re going with this.”

“The good news is that the director is willing to cast all of us because he’s so impressed. But we still have to earn particular parts. The audition is not over.”

“And the bad news?” he asked cautiously.

She took a deep breath. “The bad news is that the director wants to test a simulated sex scene in a few minutes, for all of us. It’s a last minute addition that the director wants to include in the scene.”

Robert shook his head in disbelief at the French director’s audacity. “That’s pretty unbelievable. The nerve of that guy.”

“I know, but that’s show business. Things change all the time. Art shouldn’t be limited, ever.”

“So what are you going to do?”

Jenny showed her determination. “I want this part. I’m doing it. But there aren’t enough male extras today, so the director said it was okay for us to work with anyone we chose.”

“Oh…” Robert replied simply, clenching up in the process, knowing what was coming next.

“Are you willing to help?”

“Do I have to be naked or anything? Is this going to be recorded?”

There was genuine concern on Robert’s face, which was perfectly understandable to Jenny. Her son wasn’t the type of person that was comfortable being the center of attention. This line of work wasn’t for everyone.

“You won’t have to be naked,” she reassured. “The simulated sex scene will be in the ocean, with the water up to our waist. And this will only be a camera test to see how it looks on film.”

“Do they know I’m your son?”

She shook her head. “Gosh no, and frankly, that’s none of their business. Besides, we’ve all signed non-disclosure agreements. No one can reveal anything. It’s just a simple screen test.”

A powerful awkwardness lingered between them. Jenny felt horrible asking this favor from her son. Robert felt embarrassed at the concept of doing this with a bunch of strangers watching.

In a final desperate burst, Jenny further explained why it was so vital that her son does it, and not any else who was willing to lend a hand. She’d never done a simulated sex scene before, so she believed that if her son was her partner, she’d be more natural and relaxed, resulting in a better chance of earning the part.

“I’ll do it,” Robert said, with slight reluctance. “Only because it’ll help you. You deserve this, mom.”

There was a sparkle in Jenny’s eye. “That’s so sweet. Thank you. I’ll owe you for this.”

While they continued walking on the beach, she stopped him and planted a big kiss on the side of his cheek. It was a much harder kiss than she’d normally give him, but it was well deserved.

“You’re welcome,” he replied, awestruck by the kiss.

“It won’t be difficult. You’ll stand in the water with your face away from the camera. I’ll wrap my legs around you while you hold me. And the camera will zoom in on my face.”

“Zoom in on your face? Why?”

Jenny looked embarrassed. “The scene isn’t about normal sex. It’s about a group of women in ancient times who fall under a spell. They’re strong believers of their god. Think of it like Game of Thrones or something. It’s that kind of show.”

“Oh, okay. I’m sure it’ll be great.”

“You’re going to do great also,” she said, trying to put a positive spin on it. “This is your first real experience in the acting world, and I have complete faith in you. I’ll make sure you have a good time. I promise.”

She pinched her son’s cheek and gave him another big, wet kiss. It was the least she could do for his troubles.


When the short break was over, Robert was given a pair of swimming trunks to wear for the scene.

Jenny was thankful that this was all going smoothly. They went towards the ocean. Most of the other women were already naked and with their male partners in the water. Robert went to the shore and into the water with everyone else. It was Jenny’s turn to disrobe, getting completely naked once again, then handed her robe to an assistant who whisked it away.

When Robert turned to look at his mom, he saw her bare physique again, this time up close and under the bright sunlight. Jenny felt uncomfortable, yet the situation was causing a strange tingly feeling between her legs. The taboo was surreal and unusual. But this was art. And Jenny was an artist who took her craft seriously.

“Get into the proper position,” the French director said through a microphone, his accent thick and voice calm. “We are almost ready to begin.”

They went into the ocean until the waves reached their waists. Then they turned to face each other. Jenny’s brown nipples had turned rock hard. Completely stiff from the coolness of the ocean water and slight breeze. She noticed her son marveling at her tits and stiff nipples, and she jokingly pinched his chin and guided his head upwards.

“I’m up here,” she smiled at him.

He blushed, “Sorry.”

“No need to apologize; they’re tits. At your age, you’re supposed to be checking them out. Just not mine.”

“Tits are tits, mom,” he smiled.

Jenny clenched from uncomfortableness. “Remember what we’ve talked about, okay? All you have to do is stand here. I’ll do all the work.”

“Got it. This is easy.”

“Easy for you,” she pointed out. “I still feel terrible about dragging you into this. For making you help me…you know…perform a scene like this.”

“It’s not like I’ve never seen sex before, or had it. I know what it looks like. The important thing is that you focus on your acting. I want you to nail this scene.”

“You want me to nail this scene?” she asked, eyebrow arched. “Was that a bad pun?”

“An accidental pun,” he shrugged.

“Performers, get ready,” the director said. “Get into position. We will begin when ready.”

Jenny looked her son deeply in the eyes. “Are you ready?”

“I was ready for this a long time ago.”

She shot a look of disbelief. “Really?”

Robert suddenly clenched with embarrassment. “Umm…not like years ago. I meant that I was ready a few minutes ago.”

She sighed, “When this is over, we’re going to have a long conversation. Until then, it’s time to work.”

That was when she approached her son. There was no apprehension. This was all business. She approached him until her bare tits squeezed against her son’s chest. She wrapped her arms tightly around him. Then she threw both of her legs around his lower back. Then she arched herself backwards, so it looked like they were fucking in the water, while still holding him with her arms.

For a moment, there was a painfully awkward pause. The director waited for the other women to get ready. Meanwhile, Jenny was in a sexual position with her son, and she noticed that he had begun to ogle at her tits again.

“Now we begin,” the director said in his heavy French accent. “Gyrate. Look like you’re fucking. Show me the passion!”

With Jenny’s eyes locked on Robert’s, and her arms still wrapped around his neck, she began to rock her hips so it looked like they were having sex in the ocean. Her hips gyrated in the water, grinding on her son’s crotch.

This wasn’t just movement. It was acting too. Jenny made a serious face, while also conveying a sense of passion in her eyes and emotions. This was one of the hardest things she’d ever done. The nudity was nothing. But seeing the look on her son’s face was tough for her to deal with. It was almost as if Robert was fighting off a multitude of emotions. She had an idea of what emotions Robert was dealing with, but she couldn’t do anything about it because it would break character.

She was determined to ask him later. This was a conversation she needed to have with him.

“This is so boring,” the director called out. “Let’s see the passion. Fuck like you want this!”

Jenny squeezed her son tighter and gyrated her hips harder. She made sure to intensify the look on her face so the director would know she was serious about this.

The director continued yelling. “Come on people. Keep fucking. Show me the emotions. Fuck like you mean it. The best actress will get the most screen time when we film next week. Show me the passion!”

“Do you mind?” she asked her son, still rocking her hips.

He shook his head. “Go ahead, do it. My back is getting tired from holding you up, though.”

Jenny certainly couldn’t blame him for getting tired of holding her. Over the years, her hips and thighs had gotten a little heavier. It was a normal part of aging. Now here she was, pushing all her weight onto her son’s crotch while he carried her naked body.

“I have an idea,” she said. “Lay down on the sand. It’ll be more comfortable for you.”

“Will the director allow it?”

“If he wants a good fuck-scene, I’ll give it to him. I really, really, really want the main part and the most screen time.”

He nodded. “Okay, let’s do it.”

Jenny unwrapped her arms and legs, standing on her own two feet again. They quickly walked to the shore while the other women continued their mock sex sessions in the ocean waves.

The worst part was that the director thought Jenny had given up and was going to leave. The director gave her an incredulous look.

In response, she grabbed Robert by the shoulders and practically pushed him to the wet sand. Then she bent down to sit on her son’s crotch, briefly giving him a clear view of her open pussy with her legs spread so wide.

“Does that hurt?” she asked.

“I’m fine. Go for it.”

That was when Jenny got back into character and rocked her hips again, simulating sex with her son.

She took it further this time, since she no longer had to wrap her arms and legs around him anymore. This time, her limbs were free. As she gyrated, she ran her fingers through her hair and arched her head back, making it look as though she were insanely aroused.

All the while, she knew that the director and film crew were watching. God, what an unusual situation, she thought. If these people only knew. She wondered how they’d react if they found out she was doing this with her own son. The taboo of it made her heart pound and her pussy wet. This had never been a fantasy of hers, but she loved the forbidden secret aspect of it.

Rather than shunning these feelings, she embraced them. She embraced every aspect of the lust, forbiddenness, and dirtiness of it. Being a method actress has always been her trademark. She always gave it everything she had. And that was her excuse to accept these powerful feelings, even as her son was now hypnotized by her lust-filled facial expressions and tits swaying in the air.

This was method acting at its finest.

By the feel of things, she wasn’t the only person excited by this. Robert’s cock had turned fully erect. She could feel the stiffness as she grinded against it.

“It shouldn’t be doing that,” she said playfully, referring to Robert’s cock as she continued to rock against him.

He countered, “You shouldn’t be so hot either. I mean, those tits, mom…”

With Robert’s eyes locked onto the hardened nipples, he reached up to pinch one of them to prove his point, that his mom was so very aroused. In response, Jenny swatted Robert’s hand away.

“You can’t touch them,” she said, trying her best not to break character.

She continued gyrating hard in order to impress the director and producers. Getting the part wasn’t enough anymore. She wanted the most screen time. The competitive nature in Jenny was coming out in full force.

“Can I touch them later?” he asked. “You said you’d owe me for this.”

“Robert!” she hissed at him.

The audacity of her son, she thought. It took a lot of restraint to prevent herself from scolding him. The most important thing was that she maintained character.

It wouldn’t be hard to do both, though. She could nail this audition and give her son the favor at the same time. So she bent downward, lifted Robert’s neck, and planted a giant wet kiss on his lips. It was a hard kiss too. Their lips smacked tightly together. For good measure, and so he wouldn’t be disappointed, she shoved her tongue inside and swapped saliva with him. She knew he enjoyed it when he tongue-kissed her back.

After a few seconds of that, she felt Robert’s cock growing beneath her. They had crossed the line a long time ago, but this was pushing it to extremes, so she pulled her lips away and released the hold on her son, then gave him a subtle wink to avoid breaking character. It gave her a fun little thrill knowing that her kiss and naked body had given him this full-blown erection.

“Very beautiful job ladies,” the French director said loudly, his accent as thick as ever.“We’re almost down to the finalist. So far, Jenny, Margaret, and Christina are in the running for the lead tribal character. Show some passion ladies. Show some energy and be proud. You only live once!”

Her competitive nature went into overdrive. She looked at her son with fire in her eyes. As she gyrated harder, she felt herself grinding on her son’s erection. Neither of them did anything to stop the fact that the grinding was causing Robert’s swimming trunks to loosen, and the tip of his cock became exposed. Jenny felt her bare butt rubbing against the soft head of that hard cock.

When she looked down to take a peek, she suddenly felt overtaken by lust. Now she had a plan to quench her lust and be the star of the casting process at the same time. It would be crossing the line to the point of no return. Not only was she insanely stimulated, but this casting would also do wonders for her career. It was a potent combination. One that didn’t allow her to think clearly.

“I need another favor,” she whispered.

“What is it?”

“Never ask for this again. Okay?”

He looked puzzled, “What do you mean?”

Before he could receive clarity, Jenny reached down and slipped her hand underneath Robert’s swimming trunks. The bare cock was easy to grab a hold of, and she pulled it out of the trunks so that it pointed upright. There was a bewildered look on Robert’s face as his cock was freed. It was a look which Jenny found insanely attractive for some reason. Maybe because she knew that she was having a profound effect on him, and that he wanted to fuck his own mom because of it.

Jenny became even more amused when she lowered herself, allowing her son’s cock to slide into her wet pussy. It made him gasp loudly, which gave Jenny a perverse sense of satisfaction.

“I told you that you’d have a great time,” she winked.

His eyes went big. “Oh fuck, you’re right…”

The feeling of the cock deep inside Jenny’s pussy caused her back to arch upwards. It was the perfect remedy for her pent up arousal. This was method acting at its finest. The part called for blatant female arousal, so what better way to display that than actually have sex?

Jenny released a loud moan. Her eyes glanced at the director and producers as Robert thrust further into her. Not only were they watching her, but they were watching with the utmost attention. Her performance had them absolutely spellbound.

But she couldn’t stare at them. No, she had a job to do. She needed to impress. And she was doing just that. It wasn’t all acting though. She felt like she was on fire. The euphoria of being filled completely while mercilessly fucking her son gave her an insatiable feeling. With the ocean water still fresh on her naked body, the sun shining on her skin, her hair an utter mess, Jenny was a sight to behold as she rode her son’s cock.

She tossed her hair in different directions with constant head motions. She had wild expressions on her face, which were fully authentic. There was nothing fake about this.

“Can I touch your tits now?” he begged as his naked mother fucked him. “I can’t wait. Jeez, you look fucking irresistible.”

Jenny responded by grabbing his hands and lifting them to her chest. When Robert pinched both of her hard nipples, her body had a visible reaction, briefly jerking for a moment before regaining her composure. Robert gave those big sensitive nipples exactly what they needed. The stimulation almost drove her over the edge.

“I need you to make me cum,” she whispered, then moaning loud enough for the director to hear. “Buck your hips. Push upwards. Own my vagina.”

There were two things on her mind. A much needed orgasm. And impressing the heck out of the director.

When Robert bucked his hips and thrusted upwards, Jenny knew that both things were going to happen. Her pussy clenched as she was being fucked back. Robert was doing a hell of a job pleasing her cunt. He was a stud. A part of her was actually beginning to feel guilty that this was happening. This pang of guilt came from the fact that she was using her son as a personal fuck toy. She knew she’d deeply regret this later, but she desperately wanted the role, plus it felt so good.

A trace of reluctance crossed her mind. A moment of clarity flashed and she considered pulling Robert’s cock out of her vagina, ending the fuck session. But that moment of self-doubt passed when she looked Robert straight in the eyes, seeing the hunger he had for her, noting this stud of a son.

So she continued bucking her hips. Onward she went.

She tried hard to keep her mind focused. The purpose of this was the casting. She closed her eyes and let her son do the work this time. She let her son take charge of her pussy, owning it. Fucking her so that she could orgasm.

When a minor cramp hit the left side of Jenny’s leg from holding this position for so long, she had to turn her body briefly to relieve it. She lifted herself and tilted her body to the side while the cock was still inside her. This temporary shift was solely to relieve the cramp, but Robert didn’t get the memo, continuing to fuck his mother’s cunt.

In doing so, he inadvertently found Jenny’s g-spot, fucking it in just the right angle, causing her facial expressions to drop. She had turned stiff while tilted to the side, allowing her son to fuck her at that oh-so-perfect angle. Her eyes were now wide as saucers, her mouth open and her lips quivering. The orgasm was fast approaching thanks to this accidental maneuver.

“Oh yes,” she whispered, lips quivering, careful not to break character. “A little harder…”

Instead, Robert went a lot harder, sending Jenny into a frenzy. The orgasm hit and she let herself relax. The feeling was tense and overwhelming. She felt the stimulation on every part of her body as her son was slamming his cock into her wet pussy.

“Oh god!!” she cried. “My pussy is killing me!”

Robert relentlessly fucked his mother. Jenny’s face twisted in different shapes of pleasure: she could never totally banish the thought that this was brazenly taking place on the beach film set.

Her hands shook and her body trembled. Her pussy clenched hard. Her back arched and her toes curled. Her g-spot and mindset had more than enough stimulation to cum. The orgasm was massive and made her wish that she had been fucking her son all along. Never could she have imagined that this was the perfect fuck session for her; on the beach film set, with Robert of all people.

Trickles of fluids seeped from her cunt. She looked at her son with a ‘sorry if my squirt grosses you out’ kind of look, but based on Robert’s expression, he clearly didn’t mind his mother’s cunt fluids.

When the orgasm subsided, Jenny did something uncharacteristic and broke character. Her face relaxed and she rested against her son’s chest. All she could do was breathe heavily while Robert continued fucking her spent pussy.

“Annnd cut!!!” the director yelled. “Brilliant job all of you. Well done!”

The words brought her out of a daze. The casting process was complete, yet Robert was still raging hard and inside of her. There was no way she could let the film crew see Robert walking around with a stiff hard-on. That would be unprofessional.

So she clenched her pussy as tightly as possible. She brought her hips up and slowly lowered herself, fucking her son in the most torturously pleasurable way possible.

“Shit,” he gasped, his eyes wide. “That almost feels painful.”

She quickly thought of something seductive to say. “I know you’ve wanted this for a long time. I know you’ve fantasized about me.”

It was all just an assumption. An educated assumption based on the way he’d been acting recently. At this point, she needed to get him to orgasm quickly, and she did that by stimulating him mentally. She also squeezed both of her breasts and pinched her nipples, right in front of Robert’s face to tantalize him. By the looks of things, it appeared to be working and his facial expression seemed flustered.

She continued, “Now that you’re inside me, I need you to cum. This is your golden opportunity to cum inside your mother. Your very own mother. Take advantage of this. Do it. Cum in my pussy.”

Jenny clenched her pussy even tighter and rocked her hips fast in a circular motion, then back and forth; alternating between the two styles of fucking. It was an old trick she learned in college from a slutty roommate. The trick worked with every man, including her son.

She saw that those magical words had worked on Robert. He did, in fact, have a fantasy of fucking his own mom (something they’d need to have a serious conversation about later). And the trick with her pussy also seemed to work wonders. Robert’s eyes were wide and his jaw dropped. His lips suddenly curled, giving the tell-tale sign.

Grunts and moans escaped Robert’s lips as he shot loads of cum inside his mom’s pussy. Jenny smiled, pleased at what she had just done to him. For some perverse reason, she enjoyed seeing him rage with pleasure in response to her pussy. It brought her a strange sense of joy.

“Oh my goodness,” she gasped, a delighted expression on her face. “I can feel your cum inside me. You must have been pent up. Or maybe you really like me?”

She winked at Robert after teasing him, then quickly looked around and noticed that the other naked women had been glancing at them from the ocean, eying them with playfulness; glancing at them with curiosity and admiration. It was all fun for the other women. But for Jenny, it had become the real thing.

‘If they only knew…’ Jenny thought to herself, wondering how shocked the other actresses would be if they found out that she had screwed her son.

Jenny reached below and pulled the cum soaked flaccid cock out of her pussy, and tucked it back inside Robert’s trunks. The fact that they actually had sex on the beach– and everyone knew it –was embarrassing enough. There was no need to extend the humiliation by leaving his cum soaked cock out for everyone to see.

“We’re done,” she smiled at him. “Told you this would be fun. How do you feel? I bet you feel amazing.”

“My shorts feel really uncomfortable with all that cum down there.”

Jenny slapped his chest. “That’s all you have to say for what I just did for you?”

“I’m only kidding,” he said with charm. “You’re the best, and this was an amazing experience.”

“We need to have a long talk when we get back home. In the meantime, I could really use a shower to wash away the salt water, along with your cum inside me. Care to join me?”

It was more of an order than a question. Jenny got up and stood above her son, giving him a clear view of her soaked pussy. When she helped him get up, she led the way to the outdoor beach shower.

The other actresses approached Jenny and commended her for her bravery and fearlessness. The director did the same, seeming ecstatic in the process. By the sound of things, she had gotten the role she wanted. All the while, her son’s cum seeped down her thighs with every step she took.

Sex at the Swimming Pool

Sex at the Swimming Pool

I was sitting in the pool area sipping on a bottle of water at one of the thousands of hotels in central Florida. I believe this one was a Hilton. The text I was waiting for arrived.

It read, “Light blue shirt, 40ish, thinning blonde hair headed out now, left front pocket.”

I glanced toward the door of the hotel just as a man fitting that description came through. I watched him long enough to pick up which direction he was headed and stood. I made my way around the other end of the pool and chose a new lounge chair to sit in, one that would be directly in my target’s line of sight.

As he sat in a chair a few yards away from me and began getting settled in I raised one of my knees and began to gently and slowly drip suntan oil on my leg. I kept my face straight ahead toward my legs but was watching him intently with my peripheral vision. I’m 26 and take excellent care of my body. I was a cheerleader in high school and college and keep in shape now out of habit. I run and work out practically every morning. I’m blonde and tan and can stand out when I want to. Some women look like me all over Florida, so I can also blend in when I so choose.

I have to blend in a lot. I go to a different hotel almost every day and want to be in the pool area but never actually get a room. Luckily ladies who look like me and are wearing swimsuits and a beach coverup and carrying a beach towel are rarely if ever questioned when heading to the pool. On the few occasions it does come up I come up with a story about meeting some friends. Sometimes I still get let in; other times I’m told I must wait for my buddies. When I’m told I have to hold on, I hang around a bit and then slip out. Once I’ve been noticed like that I believe it’s best to move on. To do what I do successfully, one really shouldn’t be noticed at this point. As I said, it very rarely happens.

Now was the time to stand out though. The coverup has been taken off and I’m on the lounge in a tasteful but revealing bikini. The oil on my legs and now arms has created a sleek, sexy look. And, boom, there it is. He has finally noticed me. I don’t look at him yet. He needs more of a show. I slowly go up and down my arms with the oil again, then my legs. He glanced around a bit when I was on my arms, but he didn’t move while my attention was on my legs.

“Got it,” I think to myself, “a leg man.”

Legs can really be the best tool in a seduction. It can be very difficult to use one’s tits without being obvious, but legs can be pretty much always on display and can be used seductively without being obvious.

He was watching me intently for long enough that I knew I had him. I was clearly out of his league, and he knew it. I was a fantasy for him. Guys like him didn’t get shots at girls who looked like me. He probably wouldn’t even have had a shot a dozen or so years ago when he was in his twenties.

After I finished oiling both legs I flipped suddenly to my side and locked my eyes into his. It happened too quickly for him to look away, and I saw panic about to set in, and his face began to turn red.

I gave a mischievous smile, stood, picked up my Keds, coverup, and towel and walked toward him.

Although the temperature was in the eighties I don’t believe he’d been sweating until now.

I took the lounge next to him, setting my items between our lounges, and said, “Hello there.”

“Uh, hi,” he stammered.

“Are you alone?” I asked.

“Yes,” he answered suspiciously. “Why?”

“No reason, sweetie,” I smiled, “I just wonder if your wife would like you to be staring at me like that.”

“I wasn’t staring, and how do you know I’m married.” He replied.

Still smiling, I leaned closer to him and whispered for effect, “You were, honey, and you’re wearing a wedding ring.”

I laughed a sweet little laugh as he looked at his ring as though he was horrified.

I kept talking. “It’s ok; it’ll be our secret.”

He actually looked at me relieved as though he was grateful.

“So where is the little Mrs.?” I inquired.

“She’s at home in Cincinnati; I’m here for an accounting conference,” was his reply.

I leaned back in my lounge and poured a bit of tanning oil on my chest and said, “Too bad for both of you. You should have brought her. She probably would have enjoyed it and you could have watched her do this.’

I was using my fingertips to oil my chest, as he desperately and rather unsuccessfully, tried to maintain eye contact.

“It’s not the same when you’re married,” he muttered.

“What honey?” I asked even though I heard clearly.

“Um, I asked if you were married,” he replied trying to recover quickly.

“I was, I’m celebrating my divorce actually; I’m just down from Atlanta trying to have fun.” I casually answered. All lies of course.

Then I locked his eyes again, “You know, the ‘no strings attached’ kind of fun,” I stated.

He paused as what I said sunk in and cautiously answered, “Sure, I guess.”

I turned onto my stomach and held the tanning oil out toward him, “You can do my back,” I said with a smile as I raised my eyebrows.

I learned this a while ago. Asking a guy to do this, particularly a married one, occasionally will be met with an objection or at least a question or two. By using the assumptive statement, especially with a little flirting, as though he’s getting away with something, I have never had any problems.

He poured some oil on my back and began to timidly rub. I reached my hand around and unhooked my top, letting it fall to the side. I could feel his hands pause, but I didn’t say anything, and soon enough they were back in motion.

An often overlooked step in the art of seduction is knowing when to stay quiet and still and simply let nature take its course.

He kept his hands on the middle of my back, as they all do, so I encouraged him along a little. “Please don’t miss the sides, sweetie, and my lower back.”

“But,” he began.

I cut him off, “It’s fine, I promise; you’re not doing anything I haven’t felt before.”

He began making bigger circles and added more oil.

“Mmmmm,” I uttered, “You’re making this feel soooo good.”

He looked at my face and I playfully bit my lip as though I was really turned on.

He didn’t say anything, but the pause in his movements told me he’d lost concentration.

“Go lower, please,” I encouraged.

As his hands made it to the small of my back I reached and pushed my suit down, exposing an inch or two of my ass.

“Don’t miss here,” I instructed.

This time there was no pause; he was fully compliant.

I guided him up and down my legs, back over my ass, with a return to my back. I had taken a few peeks along the way and knew that he was rock hard.

I learned the timing of his rubs and rolled over “accidentally” during one. Before he could react his hand had slid straight across one of my 34C tits.

He pulled back, terrified, and froze.

This was perfect. It completely assured me that he wouldn’t be thinking clearly.

“Now, I’ll do you,” I stated, completely ignoring that he had just gotten a handful of my tits.

He paused for a millisecond but predictably chose to go face down on his lounge rather than continue the awkward moment, and I began my gentle rub. My rubbing was more gentle, more sexual, and as I expected, he loved it.

After briefly doing his back, I did his neck and shoulders then gently massaged his ears.

I moved to his legs and started on his feet, then moved slowly up on a calf, pausing a bit on the area below the knee. That is a very sensitive area.

Now I needed him to talk a little.

“I love this pool area, don’t you?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he mumbled.

“My room is 330; I look out over it and each morning can’t wait to come down, what about you?” I continued.

I continued rubbing but was now on the back of his thighs. I was even going up into his shorts somewhat, not that he’d dare to complain.

“My room overlooks the golf course, not the pool,” he finally answered.

“Oh nice,” I replied.

This was it.

I moved my hands to his inner thighs and began gently teasing, just as close to his privates as I could get without touching. He literally let out a small moan, lol.

“I think the presidential suite overlooks the course. Room 800, I think. Is that yours?” I asked as the back of my hand brushed along his cock as lightly as a feather.

“Oh no, I’m in 412. Nothing special there.” He answered between gasps as he felt my hands.

“Let me help you get your whole back,” I said as I began a gentle tug on his swimsuit.

He raised up as his pants stuck, and I reached around and into his shorts. He was paralyzed as he thought I was reaching for his cock. But I stopped just short of it and pulled the drawstring untying his swimsuit so that I had better access.

“Let me get my towel, it’s pretty secluded here but I want a little more privacy,” I explained as I pulled my towel over his back and eased his shorts down.

I guided him as I turned him over so that he was now on his back with my towel over him.

I rolled his shirt up and placed it over his eyes. “That’ll keep the sun out of your eyes,” I explained. But I didn’t need to. He wasn’t going to move, and I knew it.

Under the towel I pulled his shorts down enough so that his cock popped free.

I poured some oil into my palm and wrapped it around his cock.

He was smiling as I began fingering around it.

With my right hand I began slowly stroking. I was very deliberate and very slow; I didn’t expect that he could last too long.

My left hand reached into the left pocket of the now loose suit and removed his hotel key card.

I placed the card inside one of my shoes which was on the ground right next to me.

Then I went back to stroking. “So big, honey, so hard,” I cooed as I sped up slightly.

“You’re amazing, does your wife do this for you?” I asked.

He paused, “No, she doesn’t,” he answered after a few seconds as I sped up the strokes.

Asking a guy about his wife in the middle like that usually is a good way to slow the event down as he loses focus for a few seconds.

Now that he was back focused I paid attention to him, “Too bad, honey. You deserve this. I’ll bet you work hard every day, don’t you. She should take care of you.”

As I spoke I slid my shoes out into the path directly in front of the lounge area where a lovely brunette woman quietly picked them up. She looked at me as she retrieved the key card and, with my free hand, I signaled “4 1 2.” She got the message, quietly set my shoes down and was gone.

“Yes,” he agreed.

“Well, I’m here now, baby, I’ll take care of you,” I said.

He nodded.

“Just tell me what you like,” I said as I gave a long full stroke up and down his shaft.

“This,” he said.

“Just this?” I teased as I gave another.

“Yes,” he managed to get out as I let my thumb slide along the lower side of his cock.

“Ok, baby, whatever you wish,” I answered.

I gently teased his cock for a few minutes, keeping him s hard as he could but not giving strokes as quickly as needed for relief.

A few minutes later and I could tell he was on the verge of moving from a state of arousal to a state of frustration.

I added some more oil, and I gave quicker fuller strokes while coaching him along. “That’s it, baby, cum for me, cum, baby, please cum, mmmmmm, yeah.”

He started shooting, “Oh, yes, mmmm, yeah, keep going, more, can’t you give me a little more?” I teased.

When I had completely milked him, I pulled the towel around him and kind of tucked him in. He looked so peaceful and content. I leaned in and gave him the most gentle kiss on his lips but pulled back when he tried to make it become more.

“Shhhh,” I said, “You just stay here and relax. I’m going to run get us a couple of drinks and an appetizer, ok?”

“I’ll go,” he said.

“No, sweetie,” I laughed, then whispered to him, “I kinda have a little mess to clean up on me, too.”

He smiled, knowing it was his mess.

‘What would you like?” I asked, “I’m thinking daiquiris.”

“Sounds good,” he said. Although I have a feeling that anything I had said would’ve sounded good.

“Ok, and maybe a shrimp cocktail?” I asked.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Alright, give me a few minutes, and I’ll be right back, ok?” I asked.

“Sure,” he confirmed.

“And you’ll watch my towel for me? I verified.

“Of course,” he agreed.

The towel is key. By asking him to watch a cheap towel it reinforces in his mind that I’ll be right back. He won’t think to question my return for a while.

“Be right back,” I said as I got up and slipped my shoes and coverup on and walked towards the hotel entrance.

The brunette from the pool area was sitting there waiting with a suitcase as I entered the lobby. We didn’t acknowledge each other, but we each left out the front door of the hotel a few seconds apart. I took a right and began walking down the sidewalk as she crossed the street to a parking lot.

A few minutes later and she had retrieved her car, put the suitcase in the back and driven the block or so down the road I had walked to pick me up.

As I got in she asked, “Are we in a hurry?”

“No, he’ll wait for quite a while. He wasn’t suspicious at all.” I answered.

“Anything good in his room?” I asked.

She grinned, “Better than most, Hiltons really are better, sis. He had a few hundred in cash, two computers, one Apple one even looked brand new, and some brand new jewelry, even had the receipt.”

“Probably bought that for his wife; I’ll take the jewelry.” I replied.

“You earned it,” she said, adding, “It’s a very nice suitcase too.”

“You keep it, I’ve got yesterday’s still.” I told her, and she nodded.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“About 3:00, you up for another?” she asked.

“With you at the pool and me in the lobby bar looking?” I asked for clarification.

“Sure, I can do that,” she agreed.

“Ok, but let’s go a couple of towns over and try a Marriott or Sheraton or something. We’ve been to too many Hiltons recently.” I insisted.

“Whatever you choose, sis, but we’re good; I left the note.” She told me as she kept driving down the highway.

The note she spoke of was a typed note outlining exactly what had been done to him. Namely that he had been burgled while getting a hand job. It instructed him to accept his losses and move on. That any reporting of it to either the hotel or the police would result in his wife receiving a complete account of his activities with another woman, complete with a few pictures. The note was left on his pillow, with his driver’s license that had been removed from his wallet, whether we acquired that at the pool or in the hotel room, it didn’t matter. That showed him that we knew his name and address. As far as we know, no one has ever complained. Turning in the letter would be introducing evidence of his hand job over to the authorities which could enable his wife to see it at some point down the road.

When the guy received this note, he had normally just spent an afternoon in the hot sun waiting for someone to return who hadn’t, then been frustrated by what he thought was losing his hotel key, so he had gone to the desk for another, then finally reached his room. So far these events plus the note had left the men so tired and exhausted that the last thing they wanted to do was explain what had happened to hotel employees, police, their wives, etc. Plus, he had no name and only a description that fit about half the women in the state.