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shopping sex
shopping sex

Shopping sex: First Encounter

It had been a pretty boring day all in all; at least it had been till he walked into the store. She’d noticed him right away and she couldn’t tell you exactly why. He wasn’t the best looking guy she’d ever seen. He wasn’t brash or loud like so many of the jocks that came in. He was distinctly older than her and if she had to guess she’d have said he was pushing forty. But, something in the way he carried himself; a strength and confidence that was absent from so many, drew her towards him. As he browsed through the store, she worked up the confidence to speak with him, chastising herself for her own insecurities. Giving herself a quick check over in the closest mirror she brushed the hair from her face and went to work. After all, she thought, her job was to greet customers.

Hi,” she greeted. “Is there anything…” That was as far as she got before those gorgeous green eyes met hers and she found herself completely flustered.

“Is there anything?” he prompted with a smile.

Huh? What?” she stammered before managing. “Sorry, is there anything I can do for you. I mean,” she blushed. “Is there anything I can help you find?”

His smile reached all the way to his eyes and she found she couldn’t tear hers away from him. It felt like he was looking right into her. Like she was laid bare before him – physically and emotionally. The thought sent a shiver through her body that seemed to end in her groin. She blushed more fiercely, certain he could read all her thoughts clearly in her face.

Actually,” his eyes drifted down towards her chest and she had a moment of wondering if he was checking her out. Her breasts were petite and she scoured her memory trying to recall if she’d worn a bra with enough padding to hide her nipples should she start getting too excited. She was disappointed as she realized he was simply reading her name tag. “Amanda, I’m looking for new bag gloves.

“Oh, of course, let me show you.

As she led him through the store she chattered about this and that, doing her best to keep things light. Glancing back at one point, she was certain she caught him checking out her ass though he looked up quickly and pretended he wasn’t – that brought a smile to her face, she had a great ass. A mischievous thought ran through her brain.

They’re right here,” she commented as they reached the right area and she did her best ‘pin-up’ bend in front of him to reach the lower shelf. Legs straight and bending at the waist, her ass was clearly on display. She hoped he enjoyed the view as she looked for his size in the gloves. Straightening back up she turned to face him, a look of disappointment on her face. “I think we might be out of your size.”

Are you sure? Could you look again?”

Of course, sir,” she agreed and flashed him a quick smile before turning and bending for him again. This time she was certain he was checking out her ass and she felt herself growing moist at the thought. She knew her yoga pants wouldn’t be hiding too much from him. “Just small and medium,” she called back. “No large.

She felt him move closer to her, his leg brushing against her as he came to ‘help her look’. His hand hovered lightly against her hip. Her pulse began to race at his proximity and she realized that she’d probably teased as far as she should. Straightening again she was surprised to find that he didn’t move back as she’d expected and as she turned towards him she found herself pressed against him. Her eyes met his.

I think we’re out of luck,” she said breathily. “I could check in the back.

Would you?

Of course.

He still hadn’t moved back and she was forced to slide past him, her chest rubbing across his arm as she did sending little tingles through her chest. As she hurried off to the back room she was certain she could still feel his eyes on her and it left her breathless.

Pull yourself together girl, she chastised herself when she finally reached the privacy of the backroom. Her pulse was racing, her nipples were pressing against the insufficient padding of her bra and she felt a tell tale moisture between her legs. Damn, what was wrong with her? Back to work, she ordered and began looking through the overstock.

Any luck?

She nearly fell into the box she was searching in surprise.

Unfortunately, no,” she answered. “But, Sir you can’t be back here. Its for employees only.

Will you be getting more in?” he asked as he closed the distance between them.

Probably next week,” she replied her eyes locked on his. “But you really shouldn’t be back here, Sir.”

Sir,” he said softly. “I like that from you.

She blushed again, squirming as she felt her pussy responding to him.

Tell me, are you wearing any panties Amanda?

What!” she exclaimed, trying her best to sound outraged. “I think you need to leave now!” she demanded as she tried to push past him.

Stop!” he commanded and she was stunned to find herself obeying. “Look at me Amanda.”

Turning back towards him she found herself quivering in response to his tone as he moved towards her again. He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand, soft and gentle his touch raised goose bumps against her skin. “Now,” he continued softly. “I have no problem leaving and if you want, I’ll never come back here. But,” he added as he began running his fingers through the silky softness of her hair. “I don’t think that’s what you really want.” Her breathing came more quickly as anticipation built inside her.

I think what you really want is to be taken,” his hands tangled in her hair, pulling her head back roughly and bringing forth a gasp of surprise. “I think you want to be told what to do. I think you want to obey.” He leaned in very close, his breath warm against her skin as he whispered in her ear. “And I think you want to be punished when you don’t.”

She stood stunned, outraged, aroused, wanting to scream for help and yet fearing he would really leave. In so many ways this was a fantasy come true… but did she really want this fantasy to become reality. He released her and took a step back.

So, my pet,” he asked. “What’s it going to be?”

Conflict raged inside her, he could leave and she would always wonder what might have been or she could submit, but that brought its own fears. She had no idea how long she stood there trying to decide, but finally he made the decision for her.

Too bad,” he commented turning to leave, “We could have had fun.”

I am,” she called out as he reached the door. He paused and looked back at her. “I am wearing panties, Sir.”

He smiled. “Show me, pet.

Here?” she asked shyly.

Here,” he confirmed.

Timidly she reached for the waistband of her yoga pants and began pushing them down her hips. She felt his eyes on her as she exposed herself. A heady combination of fear, excitement, nerves and arousal pumped through her veins as she pushed the pants down her thighs; her simple black thong contrasting against the lighter tones of her skin.

Are you wet?

She nodded.

I’m going to check,” he announced as he crossed to her.

Yes, Sir,” she agreed closing her eyes as his fingers slid beneath her panties. His hand slid down against the bareness of her shaved pubic region, his fingers questing towards the collected moisture of her labia. She leaned into his body as he parted the lips of her labia with surprising gentleness. She was embarrassed by the extent of her own arousal, his fingers sliding so easily through her wetness, that she buried her head in his shoulder.

Beautiful little pet,” he whispered to her. “So aroused and excited.”

Slipping back from the slit of her pussy, he sought out the little nub of her clit and she gasped as he found it. Teasing and caressing he stroked that excited button, feeling it grown under his touch. Light, playful torment had her gasping in moments and it wasn’t long until she was clinging to him for support as her knees threatened to buckle. Still he stroked that sensitive flesh bringing her closer and closer to climax, the material of her panties soaking wet with her juices.

Come for me, pet,” he instructed as a sudden change in the direction of his teasing caught her by surprise and pushed her over the edge. She screamed her climax into his shoulder, fluid gushing from her pussy. Her legs finally gave way and he caught her, holding her lest she fall as she rode the waves of her climax.

He held her as she slowly recovered from the intensity of the experience, helping her find her balance as she stood on her own two feet again. She looked up at him in surprise. She couldn’t believe she’d just had one of the most intense orgasms of her life in the backroom of a retail store. He smiled and fussed a stray hair that clung to her cheek.

Okay?” he asked.

Yes, Sir,” she replied with her own smile.

Good. Now, what are you working next week?”

You’re coming back?” she asked hopefully after giving him her schedule.

Of course,” he replied. “I still need those bag gloves,” he added with a wink. “Before I go though, you need to give me your panties.”

What?” The instruction had caught her by surprise.

You heard me, pet. I’m taking those soaking wet panties home with me and you’re going to spend the rest of the evening wondering how much moisture is leaking through those leggings of yours.

Stripping out of the panties she reluctantly handed them to him, the moisture slick on her thighs as she pulled her leggings back on. It felt strange to be so wet and yet feel so exposed. As she followed him from the backroom and walked him out of the store, she wondered if anyone could tell. Wondered if anyone could smell her arousal, if anyone would notice the dark wet spots on her pants. Just the thought of it got her aroused.

I’ll be back next week pet, and if you’re a good girl I’ll bring you a surprise.” He brought her used panties to his nose and inhaled her scent. “Mmmm. Oh, and one other thing. No panties next week.”

Wha…,” she began but he’d already walked away.

She watched him go wondering what she’d gotten herself into. Well, if today was anything to go by, she answered herself. Then I’d have to say, spectacular orgasms, she decided with a smile.

Shopping sex: A Second Visit

It had been almost a week since that first encounter and she’d seen no sign of ‘Sir’ – she didn’t know what else to call him. It stunned her that she didn’t know his name. Even worse that she’d let him touch her that way and that she’d climaxed for him. What kind of girl does that? She asked herself. The answer seemed pretty clear, a slut.

And yet, as horrified as she was with herself, she couldn’t deny the tingle in her groin every time she thought of him. Couldn’t deny how hot and horny she felt when she remembered getting off in the backroom of the store. She’d imagined his hand between her legs every night since. She made herself come dreaming of that one evening, all the while terrified of his return and yet desperate for it. She spent every shift since on edge, hoping to see him again and yet afraid that she would – and every shift so far she’d gone home conflicted by his absence.

She’d begun to worry he wasn’t returning and found she was surprised at how disappointed she felt. Fuck, she thought as she went about her duties late one evening, I really am a slut.

Good evening pet,”

She jumped, she been so lost in her own thoughts that she hadn’t heard him come in and he’d caught her completely by surprise. Whirling she found him close enough to touch, a mischievous look in his eyes, and an open smile on his face.

H… Hi,” she stammered. “I… I didn’t think you were coming back Sir.

“I said I would,” he replied simply, a frown replacing the smile.

I know,” she agreed. “But it’s been ages.”

He chuckled. “I see patience isn’t a strong suit, is it pet?

She blushed at the observation as she replied. “No, not really Sir.

That’s okay,” he soothed. “It’ll come.” His eyes traveled appreciatively over her body, the smile returning. “You are a beautiful little thing, aren’t you pet?”

She squirmed at the compliment. “Thank you, Sir.”

“I brought a surprise for you tonight, pet. I think you’re really going to like it.” Her pulse quickened as her brain tried to imagine what he’d brought with him. “But first, are you wearing panties?”

Uh oh, she thought as she dropped her eyes from his.

Pet,” he said more sharply. “Are you wearing panties?”

Reluctantly she nodded her head. “I didn’t think you were serious,” she rushed to explain. “I worried everyone could tell, and it just felt strange.”

“I see.” The frown had returned to his face. “Here or the backroom?”

Huh?” she asked in confusion.

“Your punishment,” he explained. “Do you want it here or the backroom?”

Shocked at the idea, she found herself glancing worriedly around the store. Closing time was fast approaching and the place was dead – though that could change at any moment.

Um…” she stammered still trying to process the idea that he was going to punish her. “What kind of punishment?”

Here then,” he decided and roughly spun her around to face away from him before yanking down her leggings and exposing her little lace thong.

You can’t…,” she objected but his hand clamped over her mouth silencing her moments before his other yanked savagely at the thin fabric. The lace pulled painfully against her pussy before finally tearing away – a low mewl of pain all she was able to vocalize against the firm pressure of his hand. Tears slipped down her cheeks from the corners of her eyes.

What the fuck,” she began the moment his hand released her only to be silenced again as he shoved the wadded up fabric of her ruined panties into her open mouth before bending her roughly over a nearby display of gym equipment. She struggled against him trying to stand, unable to cry out, the taste of her own pussy in her mouth.


She froze in shocked disbelief as his open hand connected with her bare ass.


The second blow made her cry out in pain though the fabric muffled the sound.


Her ass burned from the abuse and though she still cried out with each spank, she’d stopped struggling against him and just hoped it would end soon. Humiliated, she prayed no one would come in and see her like this.


Her groin tingled and she found herself squirming uncomfortably as she realized she was getting turned on. She worried he could smell her arousal.


Her cries of pain had turned to groans of pleasure and she could feel the moisture beginning to seep down her thighs. Fuck, she thought, what the hell is wrong with me?


Mmmmm,” she groaned against the panties in her mouth.

Ten,” he commented as he lifted her to her feet and pulled her leggings up. “The next time I give you an instruction, I expect it followed.”

She nodded her agreement even as he wiped the tears from her cheeks and pulled the gag free. She felt chastised and humiliated and yet hornier than ever… she’d never wanted to fuck as much as she did in that moment. His eyes never left her and she was certain he could read her every emotion and arousal. He had to know how much she wanted him. He caressed her cheek tenderly.

It’s too bad you misbehaved pet. You would have loved the surprise.

She stood momentarily stunned as she watched him turn to leave.

Wait,” she called and ran towards him. “You can’t leave me like this,” she pleaded, her eyes wild.

Like what, pet?”

“Like this,” she said again gesturing at herself.

“Oh, horny and aroused?” She nodded. “But you see, that’s the problem,” he explained. “A punishment is supposed to be a deterrent. But you got all hot and bothered by your spanking so it really wasn’t any deterrent at all. And I can’t reward you for misbehaving, now can I?” She reluctantly shook her head. “If I did that, you’d keep misbehaving.”

He slipped his hand up under her shirt, his touch electric against her bare skin as he moved up towards her chest. He cupped the lace-clad mound of her petite breast for a moment before sliding the material aside and teasing his fingers over the sensitive nipple growing to reach him.

So, my sweet, sultry, little slut,” he whispered huskily. “You are just going to have to wait for more.”

She cried out at the sudden pain and pleasure as he roughly pinched the hardening flesh.

“Till next time pet.”


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