Reunion sex

Reunion sex
Reunion sex

Reunion sex

Jackson loved Grace. Even though she was several years older than he, the woman was HOT. He loved just about everything about her — her sense of humor, her voluptuous curves, her soft skin, her smell, her Southern accent that drove him crazy and oh, her x-rated little mind! But Jackson especially loved her mouth, the pretty rosebud lips that smiled wide and delivered gentle sweet kisses and hot French kisses…the mouth that gave him head like no other.

Jackson and Grace had had their ups and downs over the years. They broke up, saw others, got back together, broke up again. But always, always, they came back to one another. Their attraction could never be denied. The last time they broke up, Grace told him there would never be another for her, that the sparks that flew for her with him were like fireworks. She would forevermore think of him as her 4th of July Boy.

Now, as he waited for her plane to land, Jackson was nervous and excited about their reunion. After a cruel year and a half of being apart, Grace was coming back to him. She said she wanted to show him everything that he meant to her, to say exactly how she thought and felt about him. He knew from the way her voice sounded that this was going to be one of the hottest weeks of their lives.

And it was. From the moment Jackson spotted Grace coming out of the airport entrance, he could see the promise in her smile. After he opened the passenger door for her, loaded her suitcase into the car and got into the driver’s seat, she was waiting for him with that sexy smile. The smile that said, “I want you NOW.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek, then whispered in his ear, “Take me home and fuck me, please.” His cock immediately throbbed and stood at attention, and he struggled to concentrate on the drive home.

Always thoughtful, Jackson asked Grace if she was hungry. Did she want to stop and eat on the way home? She smiled that same smile at him and said, “I’m hungry, but not for food right now.” The woman was sexy as hell. He pushed the accelerator to about 10 miles over the speed limit, anxious to get his hot girl home and into his bed.

Once there, Jackson unlocked the door, ushered Grace inside and wheeled her suitcase to the bedroom. He asked if he could get her anything and she replied that she would like to take a few minutes to shower and freshen up. But before she headed toward the bath, she turned and walked close to him and smiled that special smile right into his eyes.

“I’ll see you in a few minutes,” she said. And the way she looked at him made his cock throb so hard he thought he would have to unzip his pants just to give it some room.

That night was the beginning of a week-long marathon of unbridled sex. They left the bed only to eat, shower and occasionally venture out for food. They kissed and stroked each other constantly. Grace was always wet and invited Jackson to discover exactly how wet by sliding his hand between her legs or holding up glistening fingers that she had been pumping into herself. And so they fucked and sucked in multiple positions and played with the toys she had brought for their pleasure. They watched porn, which usually only lasted a few minutes, because they got so completely horny they had to fuck again. Grace made it no secret she loved the beard he had grown and wanted to feel it all over her body, especially between her legs. Their week together was hot and sweet and beyond compare in either of their memories.

One night after an entire day of nonstop fucking, Grace looked at Jackson and smiled that knowing smile and said, “I’m so sore, but I want you again. I need you again. So fuck me, Jackson. Make it hurt so good.”

Jackson no longer had control over his dick. When Grace beckoned, he fucked. And God, she felt amazing. He fucked her hard this time, knowing she was so horny that the pleasure overcame the pain. “Fuck, baby, you’re makin’ me cummmmm,” she moaned. That body, that accent, that pussy…it all sent him over the edge, too. He was obsessed with her.

The morning of her departure, Jackson was awakened early by the feel of Grace’s soft body moving against his. Her index finger was tracing along the line of hair down his chest to his abdomen. She gently nudged his legs apart with her hands and began stroking his inner thighs. He opened his eyes to see his girl smiling up at him, the smile he had come to recognize was full of promise. “I’m giving myself a going-away present,” she said.

As Grace’s beautiful mouth closed around his cock, Jackson could no longer maintain rational thought. The girl knew exactly how to hit every pleasure center he had. Her mouth was hot and wet and sweet and he was only conscious of her tongue lapping and swirling around his dick. Then she began a slow, sensuous sucking that nearly sent him into a frenzy. His hips bucked and he fucked her mouth, but she wouldn’t allow him to cum yet.

“Oh baby, please, oh FUCK,” Jackson moaned, not even able to put into words how good she felt. After she’d backed off a couple of times, Grace slid her hand under his balls and increased the pressure of her sucking. Unable to do anything but respond to her, Jackson exploded in her mouth as stars exploded in his head. The pleasure was unlike anything he’d ever experienced with anyone else.

Grace lay back, smiling her knowing smile. Jackson reached over to the bedside table for the little bottle and toy that lay there. Coating the dildo with lube, he parted her legs and slid it deep inside her hot little hole. Grace squirmed and moaned as he slowly drilled her with it.

“I need a going away present, too,” Jackson said. Still fucking her pussy with the dildo, Jackson buried his face against Grace’s swollen clit, gently rubbing his beard against her thighs and lips. Once his warm tongue began flicking her, Grace writhed against him, begging for release. She was exactly where he wanted her now. Using his tongue and lips and beard and hands, he sucked and fucked his sexy girl until she screamed his name as she came again and again.

Breathing hard, Grace looked at Jackson as he came up for air. He smiled a knowing smile at her this time. Weak in the knees, she smiled back and said, “I love you, my 4th of July.” And he knew this time there would be more. Much more.

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