Mary Jane’s Spain trip


Mary Jane’s Spain trip

Mary Jane remembers the first day she met the man she hoped to marry. The first man to enter her body and mind and soul. The first man to make her feel like and truly believe she was a woman and no a girl anymore. Tomas answered the door at his host families place, when they were at church, the day before he started high school as an exchange student. He was from Spain, very good looking and he captivated Mary Jane from the moment she saw him.

She was not aware that he was captured by her beauty and energy too, that first day, and could think of nothing but her also. Tomas approached her for English lessons, with Spanish lessons as payment and by the end of the year they had become the hottest couple at school. They went to prom together and the senior party and the Tomas had to fly home. Mary Jane arraigned with her mom ahead of time, and had a ticket to Spain in hand, when she gave him the news. She would fly out about a month after her had left and stay at his family house.

There had been some concern about the housing arrangement with Mary Jane’s mom. But they had to have the big woman to woman discussion where Mary Jane told her she was in love with Tomas and had made love to him and there was no way she would stay in a hotel apart from him while she was there. She told her mom that they were intimate, but did not tell her that she had let Tomas into her soul. That they had made love repeatedly all over the house. That she had given him everything, her mouth and pussy and even her ass. She did not tell her mom that she hoped to marry this lovely man and maybe never come back, if it could happen like that.

She just told her mom the basics and left the inner workings of her soul, the love and lust and anticipation to herself, where it belonged. But after Tomas left, she found herself depressed and very sad. The days dragged by, even though they emailed 20 times a day and talked on the phone every few days. She wanted his touch, his smile and the sound of his laugh. She needed his lovely accent, the way he held the door open for her, the way his hands felt on her face when they made love. She needed him and the days were fighting against her, moving too slowly to bear.

But the day did come. Eventually, and she was packed up and at the airport giving her mom a kiss goodbye. “I’ll be back in 3 weeks, but I will call when I get there tonight and call every few days. Plus I’ll email you.” Mom was happy for her, but had a feeling that the last part of her little girl was getting on that plane and going to really become a woman. Mom hoped she would still recognize her when she got back.

The flight was uneventful. Mary Jane had to transfer in New York, and that was quite exciting. She watched movies, wrote in her journal about how she felt going to Europe and tried to sleep, but she couldn’t. Eventually she was in the airport in Barcelona, waiting to deboard. She made her way out of the tunnel and looked around. Then she saw him, and his family.

She walked over quickly, and Tomas sprinted to her, grabbing her and spinning her around as he kissed her. “Oh my beautiful girl I am so happy to see you.” He pulled her by her arm, after grabbing her carry on, to meet his family. Mom and dad and his little sister were there. He has an older brother but he is out of the house already.

His family was beautiful like him. His father was taller and rugged, very sexy she thought. Mom was darker and stunning in an older woman way. And his little sister would make the boys at her high school drool. Long black hair, dark eyes, perfect skin and a cute little body. She could tell they were related, in the eyes. They had the same beautiful eyes.

Mom gave her a hug, dad a kiss on each cheek and sister a hug as well. They all spoke English decently and Mary Jane spoke Spanish, so they talked easily. Hs family was very happy to meet her, and once Mary Jane could swear that Tomas’ mom said she was so glad to meet his fiancée. Mary Jane caught Tomas looking, and raising a finger to his mouth so she would not say anything.

When they got home, mom and dad prepared a grand meal and Tomas showed Mary Jane where she would stay. It was in his room. “Tomas, did you tell your mom we are engaged?” Mary Jane felt a bit startled, though she wanted to marry him desperately.

“My love,” he said turning back to her with a small box in his hand, “I love you and want you to marry me and make a family with me.” He had a small velvet box in his hand and was presenting it to her. “Mary Jane, will you marry me?”

“Oh my god. Yes Tomas, I will marry you.” She was overwhelmed and totally swooning. Tomas kissed her hard and she just melted. She pulled away and took the ring out of the box. It fit loosely on her finger but looked lovely.

“I had to tell my parents that, or they would have made you sleep in out spare bedroom. I could not stand that. I need you with me every minute of this trip.” He looked at her hand with the ring. “It was my grandmothers and my mother wanted me to give it to you. If you accept it.”

Mary Jane was flattered and knew what he meant. Being a room or two away sleeping alone would not do. She needed to be with him and lusted for his touch so much that she went wet immediately and had trouble concentrating. “This is the happiest day of my life Tomas.” She looked at the ring and jumped at him with a huge kiss.

They headed downstairs and Mary Jane asked if she could help with the meal. She and Tomas set the table and dad poured them wine. Mary Jane could not stop smiling and looking around thinking, this is my new family. My dignified European family. Wow!

Dinner was a fabulous fish dish and when it was done they all sat on the back porch talking for a while. By about 9PM, Mary Jane could not stifle a yawn. “We have kept you two long enough. I am sure you are tired and must want your sleep.” Tomas father said, “Go up to bed you two.”

She said her good nights and went up. She used the bathroom and showered first and when she got out Tomas was waiting in bed, a few candles lit. He pulled her into bed with him and started kissing her madly.

“I am on the pill now. No more need for condoms.” Tomas took the queue and was inside her. They quietly and softly rocked back and forth, making love like young lovers who had been parted do. It was sensual and amazing. Tomas moved her onto her side and entered her from behind like the spoon position. Mary Jane had her butt out as far as it would go and Tomas entered her deeply. He came, without making a sound, but Mary Jane could feel his release like an explosion inside her. He pulled out and instantly went down on her. First with her on her side, as he licked her pussy and butt from behind, then putting her on her back so he could get at her clit. She rocked with an orgasm, biting the blanket to not moan and they snuggled afterwards, sleeping quickly and easily.

At about 3 AM Tomas woke up to having his cock hard and being sucked greedily. “Just lay there, this won’t take long.” Mary Jane whispered. She was getting good at it, and she licked and sucked it all the way in, working his balls and using her hands on his cock. She stroked and sucked him, working slowly and powerfully until he came in her mouth. It was intense. Mary Jane went back up and told him to get back to sleep. He wanted to eat her again, but she said lets wait until the morning. She was tired after eating her dessert.

They had breakfast there at home and went out sightseeing for the morning. Tomas took her in his little FIAT convertible and they saw vineyards and churches and ruins. It was amazing. Tomas took her to a secluded wooded area, for a little picnic he said, but really he just wanted to make love to her. She sat on his lap in the passenger seat of his car, as he entered her and made short strokes into her. He got enough thrust to make it feel good for both of them. He had her get off of him, and they went out of the car. He sat her on the back trunk area and licked her clit, stuck his tongue deep in her pussy until she was almost at the point of orgasm, then he quickly inserted his hard cock and pumped her. She had a small orgasm and he came too, then they packed up and went back to their sightseeing.

They stopped and toured a beautiful old Catholic Church in Barcelona. Tomas and Mary Jane discussed the wedding. He wanted to know if they would marry here or in Seattle? When they should get married? Where they would live? Mary Jane realized these were tough questions. She could easily imagine moving to Spain, but also found that Tomas said the same thing about moving to Seattle.

When they got home in the early evening, they had dinner again with the family, Tomas’ older brother Paolo showing up to meet the girl they were all talking about. He was bigger than and not as handsome as Tomas, but still very good looking. He had the same eyes, but very short hair. More good food, more wine and Mary Jane was once again yawning. She and Tomas headed up and both showered together.

The hot water caressing them as they washed and cleaned each other very good. When they got to bed, Tomas was hard and Mary Jane was wet and willing. She crawled down to lick him, and he pulled her butt around. He had her straddle his face so they could make the classic 69. They licked at each other, sucking and kissing and teasing. Tomas put one finger in her pussy and one started playing around her ass. “You can touch my ass too. Please, it feels so good.” Mary Jane obliged, with one finger circling his butthole and her lips on his hard cock. She could feel his ass tightening, knowing it felt good, just like her ass and pussy were tightening around Tomas fingers as he played with her. His mouth on her clit, his fingers stroking, as he tried to work her to orgasm.

He could feel her muscles clenching and her breathing getting heavier. This turned him on so much, that the mouth and fingers pleasuring him seemed to burn with fire. The two of them had orgasms one after the other, Mary Jane first, not able to concentrate on his cock very well, she just grabbed it and held on. When her orgasm started to taper off she started to suck him again, her finger working his cute butt. She could feel his orgasm, and he buried his face in her and moaned as his come released from his body. His cock throbbing, his balls tightened and his butt clenched, it was heavenly. When he was done he took his face and pulled it away from her butt. She was still wet and tasted and smelled so good to him. He could have gone on licking her, up and down from her clit to the crack of her ass, but he stopped. She climbed off him and they laid and kissed. They made some more small talk about the wedding and Mary Jane had decided it should be in Seattle, and then they could have a big party in Spain and a ceremony if his family wanted it.

Tomas got some water for them and after about 45 minutes they made love again. Mary Jane on her stomach, Tomas in her from behind, giving her spanks and kissing her neck. They felt so good together, and were learning each others bodies to know what they wanted. Tomas rolled over and got Mary Jane on top of him facing him so they could kiss while making love. Mary Jane then turned around to face away from him and Tomas grabbed her butt and moved her up and down on his cock. Her ass was so beautiful, and the curve of her back and shoulders with her hair falling around her face made her look like an angel to him.

She pumped him harder, and he licked and put a finger back in her butt. This turned him on fiercely and he pounded harder into her until he came again. “You are such a naughty butt boy!” Mary Jane said giggling. She went to the bathroom to freshen up and they went back to bed. They slept soundly and did not wake up until late the next morning.

The next few weeks were a blur for Tomas and Mary Jane. He introduced her to all his friends and family. They traveled to Madrid, and to other beautiful places in Spain. Mary Jane had called and talked to her mom and told her they were engaged. Her mom cried and was nervous, but supportive. She the weekend before she left came, Tomas said they only had 5 more days left and he really wanted to surprise her.

They piled into his fathers car, a nice new Seat, and hit the road. He took her to a delightful beach town and to a Villa his family rented in the past. They would spend two days and nights in romantic seclusion overlooking the Mediterranean Sea being young and in love. Tomas had brought bread and wine and cheese and fruits with them, for in between meals, and they would eat at one of the small café’s around town.

The first evening there was magical. They ate a light meal of stuff that Tomas brought and Mary Jane showered and shaved and got herself as beautiful as possible. She wanted to give Tomas the best of her. She cleaned her private areas very well, wanting it perfect. She did her hair, put on perfume and dusted her body with a honey dust she bought a few days before. She lotioned up her whole body and was totally soft and moist and ready.

Tomas also cleaned himself thoroughly and trimmed up his pubic hair and shaved his face completely. He was ready to take his beautiful fiancée and make sweet love to her, in the perfect Villa overlooking the sea. They met in the living room and Tomas asked her to dance with him. There was no music, other than the sounds of the sea and town floating in the window. They danced close in the room, Tomas in shorts and a light shirt and Mary Jane in only a silk robe and her favorite thong underwear.

They started to kiss, slowly and passionately and to remove each others clothes. Mary Jane stepped out of hr thong and kicked it playfully onto the couch. She walked her naked body in front of Tomas and leaned on the back of the leather couch. She could see the ocean out the window, and could feel Tomas eyes on her. He approached and went onto his knees to lick and make sure she was ready for him. She tasted so good as he licked her and probed her with his tongue. He held her butt in his hands, firmly, as he licked her from behind and stood up quickly. “I am going to make love to you now. I will take all of your special places.” His cock swelled and entered her sweet tight pussy easily. He stoked her softly, as he held her shoulders and put one finger around to her mouth for her o suck. He liked this position, since it gave him deep penetration and a very good view of her butt and back. He watched her as she moved with him, making sounds of happiness that were mixed with the sounds of the sea.

Tomas pulled out and took her by the hand and led her to the couch. He had her sit and he got on his knees and entered her. Face to face they kissed and made love, Mary Jane working with him, making them like one being.

“Tomas. You can put it in my butt if you want to. I know how much you like it.” Her face blushed a bit. She was still nervous when making suggestions or demands, feeling very open and vulnerable. “You always make me feel so good.”

Tomas kissed her again and pulled out. He crouched down and gave her oral pleasure. He used his fingers and mouth in unison to give her pleasure. He would alternate his licking and sucking, from her lips and pussy to her clit. “Oh Tomas, it’s soooo good.” She said as her hips raised and her walls squeezed his fingers, but he stopped short of giving her the full orgasm.

Tomas grabbed the lube that was by the couch and put some on his hard cock. He took a little and worked it into Mary Jane’s backside, and he rubbed her clit at the same time. She was still sitting facing him, with her butt right at the edge of the couch, and she moaned with desire. Tomas looked into her eyes and smiled, then moved up and kissed as he prepared to enter her back door. It was such an intense pleasure and naughty endeavor that it made him very aroused.

He put the head right at her entrance, “Rub yourself while I go in. It will make it feel even better.” Mary Jane felt a little embarrassed since she had not touched herself with him much at all, but it did feel good. He entered her gently and slowly, and she gasped as she felt it expanding her. Tomas went slow and kept kissing her and kept eye contact. He was on fire and she was his only thought. His lover, and someday his wife. He stroked for a short time, kissing her and watching how beautifully his cock went in her tight ass, as she touched her clit. He then put a finger in her pussy, and stroked a bit harder. She moaned, and he knew it felt good to her.

She liked the feeling of him in her ass, it was good, but different than vaginal sex. Just like oral sex and him using his fingers, all felt good, but different. It made her feel deeply connected to him, very animal and raw. His cock stroked slowly, and deeply and her body shivered with all the pleasure from him and her own touching. Her clit, pussy and ass all being stimulated started an orgasm to build. She had never had an orgasm while he was making love to her ass. With a finger in there during oral yes, and it felt great, but this was something else. She rubbed her clit harder and he rhythmically worked her g spot with his finger and stroked his cock in and out of her butt. Her orgasm was earth shaking, and her butt milked Tomas’ cock, squeezing him until he was about to go crazy. Tomas could not take it any longer and pulled out and started to come all over her stomach and chest. “Oh god it’s so good.” Tomas almost fell over from the strength of his orgasm. Mary Jane was still recovering from her amazing release and looking sweaty and flushed and beautiful. It was amazing to him, the power she had to make him feel good.

They went for a walk after their dirty sweet encounter. They held hands and enjoyed the beach area. It was a magnificent night so far. After they were done outside they went back inside and played chess after starting a fire. I was quiet and peaceful and they eventually finished and crawled into bed. They both slept soundly, not having the need for more love making. Right now they just wanted to be side by side, young and alive, sleeping until dawn.

That morning they got up and took a nice shower together, with a quick little romp to get the day started. Mary Jane was not sore like she had been the long weekend when they first were intimate, but she was definitely getting muscles into better shape down there. She was quite happy not to have to deal with condoms anymore, since it made things easier and more spontaneous. After a nettle sex and breakfast they drove down the beach and explored the countryside. It was gorgeous in a way that Mary Jane had never experienced before. She was quickly falling in love with Spain, as much as Tomas.

The weather was hot and the sea breeze cooling as they stopped to swim in the ocean and have a bite to eat. Mary Jane decided to invite Tomas to come back as soon as possible, telling him that her mom wanted to get to know him better. She told her mom they were engage the second day of the trip, but told her not to worry. It would be a while before they tied the knot and Tomas had agreed to have the wedding in Seattle, with a celebration in Spain afterwards. Tomas’ family had enough money to get to the USA for the wedding so everyone was happy.

Tomas did not have to work yet and was planning on taking at least a year before university. His father helped run a winery and he apprenticed there. He had tons of free time to see her, and she was quite pleased. Mary Jane had enrolled at the University of Washington in Seattle and would start at the end of September. She hoped Tomas would come back later in the summer and stay for a while. Her mom said he could stay with her at her house, and that was perfect for both of them.

The last few days of her trip sped by even faster than the ones before it and suddenly she was on her way to the airport to fly home. She had packed up souvenirs and arranged to be picked up at Sea-Tac by her mom. But what she was really thinking about was Tomas. He had plans to become back to Seattle in late August. She would only have to wait a month before seeing him again, and that gave her the strength to leave without crying and board her plan as happy as when she arrived.

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