Lizzie Hates Sex Part 1.

Lizzie Hates Sex Part 1
Lizzie Hates Sex Part 1

Lizzie Hates Sex Part 1

Lizzie McQuire has a rough time with sex. Her first dating experience was boring. The next one becomes a wrestling match. The next day she is raped by a dog and nearly raped by two young boys. It only gets worse until she meets the dogs owner, Doctor Hanson.

Lizzie and Miranda were gabbing excitedly about Lizzie’s date with one of the Jocks on the football team. His name was Randal but made sure everyone called him Randy.

He was one of the better looking guys in school and always seemed really nice. It was known that he had dated every girl in the popular crowd and had worked his way through just about every decent looking Senior and Junior girl in school. He was now, seemingly working his way through the list of the freshmen girls, clickish or not. Some girls he dated for a long time others just once. Lizzie was the third one he chose out of the freshman girls.

Kate, the cheerleading captain glared at her, making several rude comments almost every day, when she found out Lizzie was going out with him. Kate wanted him to be her steady and really got angry when he went from girl to girl. When he was dating Kate, she was like the Queen of the school and let everyone know the he was exclusively hers.

This whole date thing was really exciting for Lizzie because she had turned fifteen during the summer and it was now a time when her Parents would let Lizzie go on unsupervised dates.

Lizzie wanted to date when she was thirteen and but it was a losing battle for two years. Using examples of other girls that were already dating and some allowed to go steady at fourteen didn’t change their adamant stand.

Lizzie started dating at the beginning of the school year, two months after her fifteenth birthday. Her first dates were with a somewhat nerdish guy named Fred, he had been asking for a date for at least a year and she almost felt obligated to go out with him.

He was the same age as her and didn’t have a car yet, so he would walk to her house, escort her to a burger joint to a hamburger and fries. They would then walk to the movies, then home. He went out with her several times and the dates gave her something to do, but they were nothing worth bragging about. No one else asked her out because other guys got the impression from Fred that she was going steady with him.

It was several dates before he would try to kiss her good night the first time. The first kiss was awkward at best, he almost knocked her over stepping on her toes and tripping, falling into her. Later kisses seemed a little less awkward but none were prolonged and didn’t seem to be anything special. After the last date before the jock asked her out Fred tried kissing her a little longer and awkwardly grabbed her breast but she pulled quickly away saying ‘no’.

As he left for home, she stood outside and watched him disappear into the darkness. As she stood there watching him walk away, she thought for a long time about the feeling of his hand on her breast. It felt kind of nice in a way but he was kind of rough, she decided it seemed uncomfortable having Fred touch her there. Maybe if he had been a little more gentle she would have tolerated his hand there a little longer? That was the first time anyone had ever touched her breasts.

Fred called on Thursday, the day before their usual Friday date but she had to turn him down because Randy had asked her out the Wednesday before. Friday, Randy came to pick her up in his car. She was overjoyed by the fact she would be escorted in a car. He acted the perfect gentleman, opening doors for her, commenting on how beautiful she was. Gently holding her hand when they crossed the parking lot to the restaurant. It seemed like one of the most expensive places she had ever been, at least compared to the hamburger place that Fred took her to all the time.

She felt like a queen having dinner in a full blown sit down restaurant with a waiter. They went to a movie but this time it seemed more special than hamburgers and movie with Fred. The movie ended at 10:10. Her curfew was midnight so there was time remaining for her dream date. It was a warm pleasant night when they walked out of the theater.

“Wow Randy, thank you for such a nice date. My parents will be real happy, its still early.”

“You act like the dates over?”

“Well no I guess not, were we going somewhere else?”

“Sure, I thought we would go to Conquerors Hill and talk for awhile.”

“Why not, I don’t have to be home until 12:00”

“Okay lets go.”

He drove her to Conquerors hill and parked the car in a corner of the park overlooking the city. Kids called it Conquerors Hill even though the parks name was really Windrow Hill. It seems a civil war battle took place here and there was a statue and with plaque on it stating “In Honor of all those men who have achieved and mastered their greatest goal of defeating the enemy. This defeat has left the land free for all men to conquer the highest peaks, leaving the fertile valleys free to plow”. Most of he guys at school would attribute this to other things, like conquering a girls breasts, plowing their hairy mounds and discovering the valleys between cunt lips and breasts.

He turned off the engine and turned the radio to a soft rock station that always featured love songs on weekends. She loved this station and closed her eyes thinking to herself how nice this was.

“Hey girl, you falling asleep?”

“Oh no, I just was thinking how peaceful and how nice it is up here, and the music is so, I guess you could say romantic.”

“Yeah, romantic, I dig what you mean.”

He was quiet for a moment. Looking at her, he thought to himself, she’s a pretty sexy little bitch but I ain’t here to talk and I think its time she knows that.

He leaned over and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

“What was that for, Randy”

“I just wanted to let you know that I really dig you and I thought it’s great being out here with you.”

“Thank you, I think you are pretty special too”

She leaned toward him and kissed him on the cheek. Their eyes locked and he leaned into her kissing her long and soft on her lips.

Her head was spinning a little thinking to herself how nice that felt. Much different than Fred. She felt a warm flush move over her body. She let the kiss continue, wanting to feel more of that warm sensation.

“Lizzie?, lets move to the back seat.”

“Sure, I guess that would be OK” Thinking to herself, that it would be OK, because he has been pretty nice so far and felt trust in his demeanor. His kisses were giving her the warm tingling feelings but the center console kept him at bay. If they moved to the back seat his body would be closer to his and she felt that would be nicer.

They got into the back seat and he moved closer to her and immediately put his arms around her and started kissing her. After a few seconds he came out with, “Lizzie, Lets fuck, I’m ready and I wanna fuck now.”

“No, absolutely not, I’ve never done it before and I want to save myself for my future husband.”

“That stuff is all bull shit now, nobody does that.”

“Several of my friends are saving themselves for marriage.”

“Naaaaa, no fuckin’ way”

“Please don’t use that word.”

“What word, you mean ‘fuck’?”

“Yes, that word, I hate it”

“Every body uses it.”

“Not really, I know my friends don’t use it”

“Ah bull, its just a word anyway.”

Please don’t use it around me, it sounds like dirty sex to me.”

“Yeah it means sex but it’s also just a word that a lot of people use all the time.

You ask around and you will find out that even most of the girls use it. Just like almost every girl in school has been fucked, so its and every day thing.”

“No more please and I still don’t want to have sex, I’m not ready”

“Well I’ll have you know that I pretty well aim to make sure I get to fuck you and every other girl in school. That’s my goal one way or another.”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“I’m gonna fuck every girl in school and that means you too.”

“You’ll die of old age before you get me in bed. You’ll have to marry me first.”

“Well that’s a thought. You can bet when we do fuck, whether were married or not, I’ll be the best fuck you ever had.”

“That word… please stop.”

“OK, but only if I get to kiss that cute face of yours a little more.”

“I don’t know now, I enjoy the kissing and hugging but I won’t have sex, I hear guys get carried away if they kiss too much. I think I want to go home now.”

He smiled at her on that statement and she softened some.

“OK doll I’ll be good, no more fuck word starting now.”

She thought to herself, that he had been pretty nice and he had a nice smile and he is really good looking and the kisses feel kinda good.

“OK, As long as you don’t use that word and you understand that no sex will happen.”

He smiled again and leaned into her and started kissing her again. After just a few seconds of kissing, his hands started to roam. He moved his hand to one of her breasts and started rubbing it. She knew his hand was there and it felt good so she didn’t push his had away. After a few seconds his hand moved from her breast to her knee.

The warmth of his hand felt good and the tingling sensation increased. In a very short time she realized his hand was more than halfway up her thigh. She reached down and moved his hand away but he put his hand back on her thigh, only higher. Again she pushed his hand away again. He moved it to her crotch, grabbing her in a rough manner.

“Stop! No more, its time you took me home.” She pushed him away and pulled away from him.

“Aw come on Lizzie, A little makin’ out ain’t gonna hurt. It feels good.”

“No ones ever touched me like that and I just don’t want to do that. The kissing and hugging feels good but touching my private areas is out of the question.”

“Every one does it. It feels good and I have urges. All I want is a fuck. It only takes a few minutes and it’ll feel good. Come on lets do it.”

“No, I said no bad words and no sex, you better take me home.”

“My cock is hard as a rock, it needs relief, now.”

“No! Please take me home.”

“Shit, OK, OK… I guess what’s gotta be has gotta be. I thought sure you would be my 25th virgin…”

“How can you talk like that.”

They were quiet until he got her back to her house. When the car stopped she started to get out.

“Thank you for the date Randy. If you learn to behave and clean up your language I’d go out with you again.”

“Look here, Lizzie. I’m sorry, it’s just that I really like sex and I can’t help it when it comes to makin’ out. You gotta understand that when I touch a girl it really gets me hot and you got me going better than anyone I ever been out with.”

“I’ve never been through this kind of thing before, it’s all new to me and scary. This was my first car date and that alone was a good experience so lets leave it at that.”

“I thought someone as sexy as you had lots of dates and you were ready for the ultimate date experience by going out with me.”

“No, this is my second month of dating and this is my fifth date, maybe I’m not ready for someone that has been around as much as you, ..Good Night Randy and thank you.”

“Ok Lizzie, I will be calling you, maybe we can go out again next week end.”

“I’m not sure, maybe.”

He pulled away in his car. As he left her standing in front of her house he thought to himself… ‘God she is fuckin’ sexy. Why don’t they put the junior high next to the high school? I wish I had seen her when she was in the eighth or ninth grade. She would have to be the ultimate challenge, a thirteen or fourteen year old virgin. She probably wouldn’t have put up as much resistance. I’m going to have to check some of them little junior high cunts out. Only one fifteen year old sophomore and she was pretty good but something younger might be better yet!

‘My date with her friend Miranda was a failure. That’s two fuckin’ weekends without having my dick in pussy. I’m gonna have to butter up Kate again. She’ll always fuck when I want but she’s gettin’ so loose it don’t get me off like it used to. I think I’ll hit on that little fox Lizzie one more time, at least I got to feel her tit and got my hand on her crotch. That was farther than I got with Miranda.’

As he pulled away from her house, Lizzie watched his car disappear and her thoughts poured through her head… ‘He can be such a well mannered guy but he can be so insistent and a jerk too. Maybe if I do go out with him I can slow him down a little more.’ After all he did stop when I said stop the second time and he did bring me home without much of an argument. There’s no way I want to lose my virginity like that. He did make me feel so warm and tingly when he started kissing me. Yes, if he asks. I guess I will go out with him again.’

Her parents were up and as she walked into the house and as usual they had questions on how her date went. She told them the good parts but not the stuff where he wanted to do that ‘thing’ to her.

She went to her bedroom and started undressing. She noticed a small damp spot in the crotch of her panties. The same type wet spot occurred a couple of times in the past year. She wasn’t sure what it was all about but assumed it was just something that happened when you were a girl.

She got into the shower, the water felt good as she soaped herself. She moved her hands up and down her flawless body. No moles, or funny marks, perfect skin. She was proud of her body, firm breasts that didn’t sag at all, her nearly flat tummy, baby fat nearly gone. Her legs compared to her body were quite long and slender.

Her private area was covered with fine very light brown hair that grew in such a way that it looked trimmed. What hair she had under her arms was light enough that if she forgot to shave, it wasn’t easily noticed. While she was showered she began to daydream about a very handsome guy caressing her body.

She dropped the wash cloth and moved her hands over her breasts. She felt a tingling sensation and noticed that her nipples felt a little sensitive. She stopped washing a looked at down at her breasts and noticed the nipples stood out a little more than normal.

She continued washing herself and as she washed between her legs in that private area, she felt a chill go through her body. She stopped washing down there closed her eyes and wondered what it would be like to have her dream lover touch her there.

Questions, questions, why does my body do these strange things. If I rub my breasts I get a tingling sensation and if I touch my private place it sends chills through me. Her mother always told her not to touch herself there, except to wash, so Lizzie avoided that contact. With that warning she only rubbed her private place when she was in the shower. What’s it all about, it’s her body isn’t it and it does give wonderful feelings?

She finished her shower and dried herself off, got into her night clothes and crawled into bed.

Part 1 end

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