Life Doesn’t Go As Planned


I don’t think I am love in with Carey. The friends with benefits relationship we had for the last couple of months while we were both attending college in Massachusetts was temporary and I always knew that Carey had a boyfriend. I like Carey a lot but when the spring semester started I decided that it would be best if I kept my distance from Carey.

As pre-veterinarian majors in our final semester at Biloxi College, the focus is on getting accepted to veterinarian school. At the beginning of the fall semester we had applied to schools and later in the semester we had either been rejected or invited for an interview. The interviews were at the beginning of the spring semester and now we are starting to find out if we are accepted.

I had decided quite some time ago that I did not want to go to graduate school at Louisiana State. My parents have a large veterinary practice in Baton Rouge and I need to get out on my own, so I thought it would be best to go elsewhere. During the interview process I had decided University of Florida was my first choice and I recently received my acceptance letter.

A few weeks earlier Carey had been notified that she got into LSU which was where she wanted to go. The next time I saw Carey, I had given her a hug and congratulated her. I know how much it means to her. Carey asked me if we could talk. We got a table at the student union.

Carey said she just wanted to see how I was doing.

“I am doing good. I know you must be thrilled.”

“I am. Are we all right?”


“I hope your being honest.”

“It is a little weird seeing you after Massachusetts.”

“I know it was like you were my boyfriend no matter how many times we said we were just friends with benefits.”

“Even if we don’t hang out much anymore, I want you to know I think you are incredible and I have some great memories from Massachusetts. I also think you will make a great vet and I will always be rooting for you.”

“You make it hard to get to know you, but I am so glad that we eventually did become friends and whatever else we were. You will make some girl very lucky.”

We hugged and went our separate ways.

May 2006 Carey Willingham

Today is graduation day and I have never felt prouder. Since being a little girl I always wanted to be a vet and here I am graduating college as a pre-veterinarian major with grades good enough to get into graduate school. When I was younger and said I wanted to be a vet, I always got the feeling that family, friends and teachers thought it was unrealistic for me. I did not even have pets growing up.

My mother had met my father in college and became a homemaker raising my brothers and I. She never worked outside of the home. I do not want to be like my mother. I want to eventually have a family but now I am focused on my career. Tyler and I are not formally engaged but we have talked about our future quite a bit. We are going to get married when I finish vet school in four years and then we will try to have a baby a few years later, after I have settled into a vet practice.

Tyler, my parents, my two brothers and their families have come to the graduation. It is a beautiful, sunny day. There are still a lot of repairs happening on the campus of Biloxi College as a result of damage from Katrina so the graduation ceremony is somewhat subdued.

After the graduation ceremony a lot of people are outside taking pictures when Lizzie calls me over. She has John and Elliott with her and wants to get a picture of the four of us that lived together during that crazy fall semester at Paul Revere College in Massachusetts. The four of us pose while our friends and family take pictures and then introductions are made. I couldn’t help thinking if only our loved ones knew what happened when we were living together. It felt so odd to see Tyler and John shake hands.

When I meet John’s mother she asks me where I am going to grad school and when I say LSU she and I end up talking for awhile. I really like John’s mother and am pleased when we exchange contact information and she offers to help me while I am at LSU. I know Dr Baxter is a very well respected veterinarian and that she will be a good person to know.

November 2006 Dr Helen Baxter

When I first met Carey after the the graduation ceremony, I felt an instant connection. I am reminded so much of myself. Like me way back when, I get the impression that Carey is incredibly motivated to prove that she is more than a southern belle.

I spoke to Carey several times over the summer and prior to her arriving at LSU to begin grad school for the fall semester. I have agreed to be a mentor to Carey. In addition, she is working a few hours a week in our office. As I got to know Carey more, I was pleased that my initial impressions are confirmed.

On an unrelated note, I know that Carey has a boyfriend but I have a feeling that there was something between Carey and John at some point. It is too bad that it apparently did not work out because going out with someone like Carey would be very good for John.

November 2006 Carey

I am in the bathroom with my hands trembling as I look at the pink of the pregnancy test. I cannot believe this is happening.

Several weeks before, after I had been doing school work from early in the morning to late at night for quite some time, I decided on the spur of the moment on a Friday that I needed a break. I called Tyler who was also working crazy hours and we ended up getting a hotel room late at night midway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

We had several drinks at the hotel bar before going to our room. As busy as I have been with school work, I had not been as regular with taking the pill as I should have been. Tyler forgot to bring condoms and in our tired and drunken state, we were careless and he did not pull out when he came. The rest of the weekend I could not believe how stupid we were and I was a little worried but figured it was only one time and that we should be all right. By Monday I was focused on school and did not think much about it until I was late which I was hoping was just related to stress.

December 2006 email exchange between Carey and Dr Baxter

Dear Dr. Baxter,

I received some very difficult news recently that I need to talk to you about. This is very emotional for me and l thought it was better to do this through e-mail. I hope that you will respect my decision and will be discrete about this matter.

Last month I found out that I was pregnant . You may have noticed that I was distracted towards the end of the semester and this is why. Obviously this was not planned. After much thought I have decided to have the baby and my boyfriend, Tyler and I are getting married.

If my semester in grad school taught me anything, it is that I must be completely focused on school in order to succeed. With a baby I will not be in a position to be completely focused for quite some time. Therefore, it is with much regret that I will not be continuing in the vet program at LSU.

i would like to thank you for everything you have done for me. I can’t tell you how much I admire you and I am sorry that I am letting you down.

Thank you.

Carey Willingham

Hi Carey,

I know that this was a deeply personal decision for you and I respect what you have decided. Being a mother is also a very important and wonderful endeavor and I am sure you will be a great mother. You are most certainly not letting me down.

I have attached a letter of recommendation that you may use in the future. I know that you are not focused on this now, but for the future keep in mind that there are many vet students who take a non-traditional path to completing their schooling.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help either now or in future.

Best Wishes,


January 2007 Carey Sampson

Supposedly every little girl dreams of their wedding and imagines a perfect wedding. However, my wedding day ended with me crying in the bathroom. Things seemed to change for me and Tyler the moment that I found out I was pregnant. I have found that Tyler does not deal well with the unexpected.

It took a lot of discussion when we found out I was pregnant before we agreed that we would have the baby and get married. I became resentful because by dropping out of vet school I felt like I am making the biggest sacrifice but he was doing a lot of complaining about how this was not how we planned things to happen.

Since I found out I was pregnant I have been embarrassed about it and have avoided friends and the internet. We decided that we did not want a celebration and just got married by the justice of peace with only our family in attendance.

We did book a nice hotel and a romantic dinner. However, I felt like we were just going through the motions and like everything since I became pregnant it did not feel right.

February 2007 John

I am working harder than I have ever worked, but things are going very well in Gainesville. The decision to go to University of Florida was a good one for me. I like the vet program here and have fit in well.

My roommate Matt and I get along well. He is funny and outgoing. There is not much time to have a social life with all the school work. However, once in a while we have some fun. My days of playing video games are mostly in the past at least for now. Whether it was my experience with Carey or my friendship with Matt,who is always the life of the party, I am no longer nearly as shy as I used to be and I am a lot more confident. The girls here in Gainesville are incredible and when we do go out I am usually pretty successful in picking girls up. I don’t have the time to have a girlfriend now, but going out and having random hookups are perfect for me.

July 2007 Carey

After eighteen hours in labor, Austin was born last week. The love and feeling of responsibility is even more than I realized. It is like Austin, Tyler and I are totally separated from the the rest of the world and while we are sleep deprived, we are extremely happy. As Tyler and I got settled and moved into our house things between us improved. We both became excited as the due date became closer and got in the mode of becoming parents. While this was not how I imagined my life going, I am surprised with how happy and content I am.

December 2007 John

I am lucky I did not get myself killed last night. After we finished the semester Matt, myself and a couple other guys from school went to a party in an off campus house before going home for the holidays. I met this hot redhead named Mandy when a bunch of us were playing quarters.

By the time the party broke up around 3 AM we were all pretty hammered. Mandy and I had been making out and she invited me back to her place. She lived a few blocks from the party. We went to her bedroom and immediately began taking off each other clothes. I had my face in Mandy’s bald wet pussy, when someone started banging on her door and said in a deep voice

“Mandy, open this fucking door.”

Mandy quietly said “Oh Shit.” opened her window and told me to jump out and run. I figured that it was best to do what she said. However, as soon as I started to run, I realized the guy was right on my heels. It did not take him long to catch me. The guy was enormous and obviously was on the football team. He punched me in the face and told me never to come near Mandy again. He then shoved me into a bush and left me. I stumbled home.

February 2008 Carey

I am enjoying being a mother. Austin is my life now. He is a good and happy baby. Besides Tyler I don’t speak with anyone else from my life at Biloxi College or LSU. My friends now are other young mothers from the neighborhood. There are five of us that are first time, stay at home mothers with kids all around six months old. They are all older than I am but two of them are close to my age. We go for walks together with our babies or hang out at one of our houses.

I think things are good with Tyler and I. He still works a lot of hours and sometimes I hardly see him. However, when he is home we get along well and we seem like a loving family. I am fortunate that he is good provider. We live in a nice neighborhood and I am able to stay home with Austin which is what I want to do for the time being.

March 2008 John

Little did I know when Matt talked me into playing on a coed softball team with other students in the vet school that it would change my life. The first two games were surprisingly fun but uneventful.

The third game was against a team of grad students that were in the nursing school. It was a close game. We were losing by a run with two outs when I came up in the last Inning. I hit a single which got the tying run to third base. Matt was up next and hit the ball between third and shortstop. The shortstop made a nice play to field the ball and threw to second base to try to get me out. It was a close play. The girl who was playing second base and I looked at the umpire who hesitated before calling me out. A couple of the players on my team who took it more seriously, argued that I was safe.

There was a bar that most of the players for both teams went to after the game. The girl who was the second basemen for the other team came up to me, smiled and said,

“Honestly I think you were safe.”

“Either way it is not the end of the world”

“By the way my name is Hannah.”

“I am John.”

Hannah was cute rather than traditionally beautiful. She had short strawberry blonde hair, big bright blue eyes, with freckles on her nose and a thin athletic body. Her smile lit up the room. We talked for a while, primarily going over our backgrounds. I am surprised to find that she is actually several years older than me. She worked as a nurse for a couple years and went back to school to get an advanced degree specializing in pediatrics.

The softball game was three weeks ago. Hannah and I have been out four times. I have never had feelings for a girl like I have for Hannah and we have not even had had sex yet. Hannah is a special person that does a lot of volunteer work at a free clinic and a soup kitchen. She is the type of person that brings out the best in people and I definitely see things getting serious with us.

July 2008 Carey

I am just about to change Austin’s diaper when the phone rings. I consider not answering it, but I pick it up.


“Hi. Can I speak to Carey Sampson? ”

“This is Carey.”

“Is your husband Tyler Sampson?”

“Yes. What is this about?”

Hi my name is Vince Barkley. My wife Cindy works with your husband and according to my private investigator they have been having an affair for at least the three months.”


I am very sorry to bring you this news, but I thought you should know.”

I am in shock as I think about this for about 30 seconds and than I just hang up the phone. After thinking about it all afternoon I feel a little better. I remember what John and I did during our senior year and realize I cannot be all high and mighty about this . While I am not happy about what Tyler has done, I figure it is something we can overcome. I realize that with Austin perhaps I have not been as attentive to Tyler as I should have been. We will need to go to marriage counseling but I convince myself we can work through it.

When Tyler comes home in the evening around 9 PM, I tell him we need to talk. First he wants to eat dinner and then play with Austin for a while. When he is playing with Austin I cannot wait any longer.

“Do you know Cindy Barkley.”

I see a look of surprise on Tyler’s face but what he tells me hurts more than anything that I have every experienced. He is in love with this Cindy and is planning to leave me to be with her. He keeps saying he is sorry . When I ask what about Austin. Tyler says that he will support him. He says he did not plan for this to happen but it did. Tyler packs a suitcase and leaves and just like that my marriage is over.

August 2008 John

Over the summer we met each others families. Hannah is very close with her twin sister Molly who is a lawyer in New York. Her parents are blue collar and conservative, very different from mine. I was nervous when I met her family but they were very welcoming. Molly and her husband, Sam already treat me like family.

Sex with Hannah is terrific. From when I first met Hannah, it took about a month for us to have sex. Despite being older than me, Hannah was somewhat inexperienced in bed. However, once we started fucking we could not keep our hands off each other. We have become adventurous and Hannah is open to try anything.

Last week we took a long weekend and drove to Miami. Since Hannah did not get off work until 10 PM we drove at night. There were not many cars on the road. I was driving and was very surprised when suddenly Hannah pulled down my shorts and gave me a hand job. It set the tone for it being a wild trip where we did things we would not typically do.

At about 2 AM we took a break to eat at a fast food restaurant in Cocoa Beach. The restaurant was right next to the beach. After we ate Hannah dared me to take off my clothes and run in the ocean. I said I would do it if she would. Hannah said it was a deal. We got towels and walked to the deserted beach and started undressing. I looked at her when I was down to my underwear to make sure we were going to go through it before pulling down my drawers. I ran into the ocean and Hannah was right behind me. It was quite the adrenaline rush although there was no one else there. We ended up staying in the ocean for about fifteen minutes. Since no one else was around I brought Hannah to me and we started kissing. Eventually we ended up going to the shallow part of the ocean and started fucking. The danger of doing this outside added to the excitement and we both came quickly. We ended up hanging out on the beach for awhile before getting dressed and going back to the car.

We were having a fun trip and on our last day we were planning to go to the beach. That morning when I got out of the shower, Hannah showed me a website and asked if I wanted to try out this beach. It was a nude beach north of Miami called Haulover Beach. I said sure and teased her about turning into an exhibitionist. When we got to the beach we found that we were quite a bit younger than most of the other beach goers and about seventy percent were men. That did not stop Hannah who seemed to enjoy the attention that she got when she was naked. This new and surprising side of Hannah made me realize how perfect a match she is for me because I also have a secret wild side.

November 2008 Carey

I closed today on a townhouse near my parent’s house. Austin and I lived with my parents after Tyler left me. I did not want to stay in our house because I could not face my friends in the neighborhood. Tyler and the girl that he replaced me with live in our old house. Tyler is very generous with child support and alimony but I have been disappointed with how he has lost interest in Austin.

I cannot believe what has happened to me since college. My plans were to go to vet school and then marry Tyler and I am now a single mother that does not work. I am disappointed and embarrassed about this to the the point where I really don’t want to have any interaction with anyone other than Austin. In high school and college I used to have so many friends and now I want to have nothing to do with anyone . My parents are concerned about my mental state and I have started to see a therapist.


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