Letter from Eisengrim Township


Dear Shoeblossom:

Sometimes Brearley lets me jerk off. Kneeling on the hardwood floor on my bare knees, rubbing my stiff and long denied cock, it’s so painful! Brearley is always gorgeous, fully clothed as a striking contrast to my nakedness, in tight jeans or a sexy miniskirt, sometimes a tube top. Often she will wear a sexy business office outfit, which really, really makes me feel even more naked, humiliated, and excited.

“Keep that willy whacking, Fremont, but don’t have an accident” Brearley tells me, as she chortles, witnessing my humiliation.

Lady Nereida of Philadelphia told me that my wife was the most natural domme she’d ever met, and regretted I wouldn’t allow Brearley to work part time in her dungeon!!! Brearley is unique, that’s for sure!

I will cower before darling blonde Brearley, her tan burnishing her blonde hair like a sunset, as she smiles at her desperate husband in feminine contempt. What kind of an idiot gives his wife control over his orgasms? And allows her to fuck whoever she likes, whenever she likes? Really, what a loser I am, and here I am jerking off in front of her!

As I jerk my miserable dick, I muse on having been celibate and horny from anywhere from seventy to a hundred days. I jerk faster and faster, using my left hand, as Brearley forbids me to use the rightie…it’s too easy.

Darling Brearley will lean over, giving me a rare shot of her cleavage under her little top, and laughs uproariously, watching me struggle. “You just are so hilarious when you use your poor, weak left hand trying to get to cum. What a riot you are.”

Brearley learned that when I was young, I was a schoolteacher and used to punish the southpaws in class, tying their left hands behind their backs, and in retribution for torturing those miserable third graders, she is going to do the same to me, during my precious masturbation hour!

Brearley will run her long tongue across her full lips, shaking with laughter as my weak left hand tries desperately to create enough friction to orgasm. “You can do it, honey, faster and faster…come on, you can think about the old days when I used to blow you, before I realized what a sad little faggot you are!”

I get lost in her luminous eyes as she watches me, she fully clothed and me in my nude state, humiliated, naked and pumping my cock as fast as possible hoping that I can just cum in time…and I’m getting closer and closer…

Just as I’m about to cum, clumsily pulling my purple cock as my right hand stays obediently behind my back Brearley kicks me, savagely in the nuts with her high heels and it hurts so!

Really, and I was just about to spurt! And the semen hangs back in my pained balls, and I cry silently as Brearley will cane me viciously or even use the scourge, the evil leather one, if I make any noise….her daughters are studying for their SATs…gorgeous girls that they are.

Sometimes Brearley’s adult daughters, named from Brearley’s hippie days on Morningstar Ranch, Minnow, Kara and Kismet, look in on me…all curvy and gorgeous, one from a black father… they laugh uproariously as I am tortured by their mother. My son Fillmore, from MY first marriage, is horrified as he walks swiftly past the living room.

Fillmore is terrified that Karma and Kismet could do the same to them as Brearley does to me!

Did I bring this on myself? Certainly, when I married beautiful Brearley, I paid the cruelest dommes I have experienced, Lady Cubonova of Dubrovnik, Goddess Lavinia, Mistress Ermengarde of Paris, and Ms. Sandrine Musgrave-Melchisedec to teach my darling Brearley their deadly arts…Young, blonde Fraulein Braun of Bavaria showed my darling wife how to light birthday candles in my rear, and also how to suck off a German Shepherd!

And Brearley has learned her work well–

I should be grateful that I have such a strict Mistress in my lovely, well-trained wife, but how I wish she would let me cum in a more pleasant, dignified manner…but she kicks as I jerk!

But if I am able to jerk fast enough, I can cum…unless she really kicks the crap out of my poor testicles. And she laughs, my Brearley. “Oh, Fremont, you pitiful creature…you can’t even finish up your jerking off, can you? And think of all the men I’m fucking day in and day out, when you’re locked up in your little metal chastity tube here at home. What did I marry… a rich little hamster with no power whatsoever?”

Much of the time, when I’m not off at the office, I am tied tightly to the marital bed, and Brearley comes home, and often brings a boyfriend. Sometimes she has me suck off one of her laughing, African-American studs, he is jamming his penis in my mouth as Brearley unlocks my chastity tube and plays with my penis. Hoping of course to turn me gay…but we all know it’s not the disgusting penis that makes me so horny…but her long manicured fingers, soft little fingers, tiny palm, blood red nails….

I feel sometimes as if I have created a monster—Brearley took to my chastity belt so enthusiastically, and immediately discovered devilish ways to let me have my orgasms…I am entitled to an orgasm every two months with perfect behavior, but of course I earn week long sentence extensions for errors in housework and obedience…so I average an orgasm every four to five months….

And Brearley quickly grew bored with allowing me to make love to her, even only twice a year! When I am allowed an orgasm now, it’s always through some horror. One time I was ordered to strip in front of all of our friends, including my peers on the Eisengrim Chamber of Commerce, at a dinner party. Brearley locked my hands behind my back and forced me to dry-hump a towel, after she’d removed my chastity belt…the orgasm was worth it, but having Brearley take me by my hair and lick the semen off our hostesses towel was just a bit much, you know?

And another time, darling Brearley had me masturbate onto my business rival’s shoes…Beauchamp Carruthers, what a humiliation that was, and then I had to lick the semen off, and then, humiliated and no longer horny, I had to watch as they fucked in front of me!

Mistress Lavinia had taken over dominating her father after her mom’s death, and he was the very rich , Lispenard Ballou, who was singer-songwriter for the band Thunderclap, and “Lip” was on an eighteen month schedule to cum…very, very rare…(she kept him locked up on tours) and so on one of his orgasm dates, Brearley ordered me to suck Lip off, and I’m afraid Lavinia had not milked his anus recently, and what a huge mouthful of semen I received!

Mistress Lavinia also told Brearley about how I, for a period of thirteen years, was kept in a chastity belt, and paid for visits to Lavinia, once every Thursday. I would be nude and bound under a bottomless chair, and Lavinia would put her luscious buttocks through the chair, relaxing as I licked her to three orgasms.

If I couldn’t get Lavinia to cum three times, I was locked back up again and sent home, weeping, after of course she collected my $450 fee. But if I could make her cum three times, I was permitted to rub my cock (with my hands still bound) against one of the chair legs until I came

Mistress Kashmira, a dominatrix I knew in Bombay, sent e-mails to Brearley encouraging her to subjugate me to this humiliation as it was one that would transport my soul…

And then of course I would be locked up….and that gave darling Brearley the idea of having me rub my cock against the dining room table while my hands were locked, but only after I rimmed our Honduran gardener’s buttocks for an hour! Oh, how disgusting!

But back to the dilemma– it’s important, if I want any shot at cumming, in any perverted way that Brearley lets me, of course that I fellate her lovers when she asks me…those evil Negroes!

But I suck Lamar’s penis, or DeRoy’s or whoever she’s found downtown at one of Eisengrim Township’s ghetto bars or barber shops, or crack houses. I still will never understand why my beautiful, cultured wife seeks out such trash, but that’s the way she is!

After Lamar cums in my mouth and wipes his disgusting black penis all over my poor face, getting my professionally trimmed Van Dyke beard all messy, darling Brearley pulls her hand away and locks my penis back up…and I always cry, and whine that she won’t let me cum.

Then Brearley spins me over and uses Lamar’s belt on my bare buttocks until I’m screaming in pain, and sometimes Lamar will give me a few licks after Brearley’s arm gets tired. And I howl in miserable pain, and try to bite the pillow so not to give Lamar the satisfaction of seeing what a crybaby I am…but of course I can never hold off long enough. I am, after all, a sad little crybaby, Shoeblossom!

I am sure you must be astonished at receiving a missive from an august personage as myself. I am Fremont Willibald Furneaux-Bates, second son of the Duke of Puddleby, back in the U. K. and if you know anything about Eisengrim Township, you know that I am from a fairly important family in this part of the state.

Does that matter as much as my mastery of not using my teeth when sucking Lamar’s penis, while darling Brearley canes my buttocks? I must admit, the first few times, after she whacked particularly hard, and I bit down, because the rattan had broken a blister on my left cheek, and Lamar howled in pain, things didn’t go so well for me—hanging by my balls for the rest of the evening from a chin-up bar in the basement.

But now, no matter how many vicious swats I get, I can suck Lamar’s penis as smoothly as if I were getting a blowjob at the same time! But that’s the kind of achievement I am secretly proud of.

Everyone on the outside is amazed by Fremont’s business accomplishments, how well Fremont manages the Eisengrim University Club, or how well I play my eighteen holes of golf with the state Senator and the president of Eisengrim County Merchant’s Trust, both of whom I prepped with at Andover—that is what I’m lauded with. But at home it is such a different story!

The hardest part about being in slavery is certainly the chastity, and darling Brearley takes that quite seriously. Her oldest daughter, Minnow gets a real kick out of teasing me. Min has long curly strawberry blonde hair, and sometimes Brearley assigns me to kneel on a spot in the kitchen, one square in the linoleum, and I must do this naked, except for the chastity device.

Min will come in, wearing one of her cute little crop-tops and a tiny skirt, and giggle, pointing at me. “What’s up there, Fremont?” I am forbidden to speak, and I just smile at Min sort of timidly. Then she often comes up to me and rubs her crotch in my face, and bends over, showing me that incredible cleavage of hers.

“Don’t you wish you could touch these babies, Daddy Fremont?” Min coos. “I should tell Mommy that you tried to rape me, I know you want to, don’t you?” Then she points her delectable pink tongue out at me.

Min is a 23 year old student at Eisengrim State Law Center, but she behaves like a giggly bimbo all the time, it seems…she knows how to make my poor penis swell against the meager chastity belt. Once she brought a guy over who was wondering if he were gay, and made me suck him off, and that was quite traumatic.

Min sometimes shows up at the office, and comes in, always dressed to the nines in a short sundress, her boobs billowing around inside. I hear her enter the outer office, flirting with my co-workers, even the mail clerk…and then she comes in to see me, closing the door.

Usually she is hitting me up for money. Min sits in my lap and rubs her long, fragrant curly red locks in my face, and pushes my face into her swelling bosom. Brearley has forbidden me to give Min cash, as Min spends it on cocaine and dim-witted boyfriends—sure, she’s a law student, but she’s an evil one!

But I always end up getting all over-excited in my chastity belt, and Min rubs her soft, round buttocks against my Armani trousers. “Min, you know your mom will beat my ass if I give you any money. Don’t you have your allowance?”

“No, you know I blow it all on that nice Bolivian marching powder, Daddy Fremont.” Her breath in my ear just drives me out of my mind! “Just a hundred, Fremont, come on, you know your Minnie loves you…”

Min knows how to use her tongue all over my ears and neck, and she makes me absolutely insane…and rarely have I seen her with her clothes off, the evil little thing!

Once Minnow stole the key to my chastity belt from her mother, and she dropped my pants, unlocked me and stroked my dick for half an hour with her pink nails…when my penis was swelling, she put it under the blade of the paper-cutter, and made me empty my wallet!

After I gave Min the money, she had me lie down and she stomped my penis into the carpet until I wept in pain, and then she locked me up again…telling me, as I begged for an orgasm that she didn’t want to mess with Mom’s training regimen!

Another time, Min dropped by because she needed to “vent” her married boyfriend had dropped her for a younger girl, and she made me strip naked, and whipped my butt as I cowered against my couch, weeping copiously. Then, when I go out in the hall, the insolent mail clerk always smirks at me…he’s heard me screaming, what a wimp I am!

At home, when Brearley is out on dates, Min has me attend her in the bath, and that’s a big thrill…seeing my beautiful stepdaughter in the buff….I wash her thoroughly, soaping her breasts for as long as she lets me…and then I shave her legs and pain her finger and toenails…and sometimes Min lets me do a little licking “down there!”

But then of course she tells Brearley, and my wife, who is very jealous and enraged that I would attend to her young daughter this way, will hang me by my nipples from the garage ceiling for an hour, working me over with a cut piece of barbed wire…Once Brearley, after catching me tending to Karma’s bath, tied me to our electric fence and turned it on and off for an hour!

Brearley is not a horrible sadist, usually, but she knows that I am impetuous and disobedient, and the best way to keep me in line is using the stick, as you can imagine, and of course the carrot of having an orgasm.

Brearley is amused by my desperation, she loves watching my eyes tear up as she ties me to the bed and strokes my cock for hours. “I can’t believe you got me into this tease-denial thing, Fremont” she told me once as her French nails tickled the underside of my empurpled member.

“You just seem to be so miserable honey. And you’re always begging me for a chance to cum, after you told me I should lock you up for long periods of time. Which do you want?”

Brearley giggled when she said this, her tits bouncing in a little strappy black top that seemed to fit her like a glove. She attends a support group for dominant wives in the Eisengrim area, and they all laugh together about how the husbands can’t decide whether they want to be sexually cut off or not.

One weekend Brearley locked my balls to the testicles of another submissive husband, Rodnell some-thing or other… We were naked, back to back, our balls locked together, unable to sit comfortably. And did I mention that we barely knew each other?

But Rod’s wife dropped him off, and Brearley locked us up and put us in the basement, with six peanut butter sandwiches on stale bread and a gallon jug of water, and told us to stay together for seventy-two hours, and not eat the food up too fast…can you believe it?

Rod’s wife, Corrine apparently locks him to different men all the time, and I was lucky that this was only my first time. Rod told me that he was only allowed to cum at Christmas and his birthday…and goodness he looked miserable.

“And Cori doesn’t tease me” Rod said sadly. “Once a month she drains my anus of backed up semen through a prostate massage, and unlocks me twice a week for quick penis baths…but there’s no teasing. She just uses me as a pay check so she can fuck half of Eisengrim Township.”

At one point, a HOT young woman, full-breasted in a striped top and miniskirt, and her hair drawn back in a ponytail dropped in, her name was Miss Carson, and the ladies had sent her to make us do a little exercise.

Miss Carson whipped Rod and I as we jumped up, bumping into each other (locked back to back, remember?) and as Miss Carson’s blacksnake whip alternately slashed our naked, wriggling forms.

“I am Rod’s alternative therapist” Miss Carson, who was all of 23, told us. “Rodnell’s wife, darling Corrine, understands that Rod needs a humiliation guide to make him more sweet, to ‘gentle’ him. And I plan to do that in every way!”

And then she unlocked each of our chastity belts and stroked us to a near orgasm with her dark purple nails…oh God, Rod was slapped hard by Miss Carson for peering down her top. What a cleavage!

Brearley was so impressed with the welts that Miss Carson laid on me that weekend, that she sent me to Miss Carson for further training, and Miss C really enjoyed fucking me hard with her long, thick dildo, and then ordering me to lick the shit off of it… my shit! I just hope that eventually Brearley will have mercy on me and let me cum…what do you think?



Dear Fremont:

Slaves all over are complaining about the lack of cumming! I get letters constantly. Palmer, slave of Dexter H. of Quincy, Massachusetts tells me that his macho Daddy hasn’t allowed a squirt in nearly nineteen months, and the last fifteen of those months Palmer has not been allowed to use his palm to touch his penis at all!

Jeannette, who has slave Russ in North Park, a section of San Diego, California, tells me that she has transported Russ’s mind to the point that orgasms are no longer relevant, and she hopes to cut her husband’s balls off soon…”He needs to know that I am number one and me only.”

So there’s an insight for you…just be happy you got your balls!

Best, Shoeblossom


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