Learning Tennis


Learning Tennis

Jane couldn’t understand what was happening to her. She was 42 years old, happily married with three children, a loving husband and an adequate if somewhat unexciting sex life, yet here she was in the shower masturbating furiously like a sex-starved teenager – and all because of a new member of the tennis club. And it wasn’t as if Ivan, the man in question, was some kind of bronzed tennis-playing demi-God. She didn’t know for sure, but she thought he was at least her age, if not a bit older, he wasn’t tall, not especially well-built and was balding and bearded. Yet there was something about his smile, his touch on her arm when they played doubles together, his gentle sense of humour as they chatted after lessons and his way of looking her straight in the eyes with what she thought was a knowing glint which was steadily driving her mad with lust.

Jane pushed the index and middle fingers of her right hand harder into her pussy while rubbing her clit with her thumb. She felt her orgasm building as she wanked herself faster and faster, gasping out loud as her climax built and then as the crescendo reached its peak, screaming “God, Ivan, I want to fuck you so badly!” as she came with an intensity she hadn’t experienced for years. She was thankful the house with empty – the kids at school, Stuart, her husband, at work – and wondered if her shouts had been audible next door.

This was becoming a habit – as soon as the Friday morning tennis lesson finished, if Ivan had been there (and he usually was – even though he worked he had explained to her that he arranged his diary so that he could play tennis on Fridays), she said her goodbyes, keeping her warmest parting smile for Ivan, then rushed to her car, drove the few minutes home, dropped her racket and bag in the hall and went straight upstairs to her bedroom. There she pulled off her tennis shirt and shorts, revealing what she knew was still a very good figure, and lay down on the kingsize bed – the one she shared with Stuart – sliding her hand into her knickers, deliberately tantalising herself by playing with her pubic hair and around the sides of her labia before finally succumbing to her burning desire to come, plunging her fingers inside her sopping wet pussy and quickly taking herself over the precipice.

Or if she was too hot and sweaty to lie on the bed she would go into the en suite bathroom and tear her clothes off quickly, abandoning them on the floor in complete contrast with her normal orderly manner, turning the shower on full blast and immersing herself in the hot water, feeling her nipples harden as the jets massaged her breasts, then taking the shower head and holding it between her legs, angling the water up on to her pussy and anus whilst wanking herself vigorously with her other hand.

The orgasms she had through her Friday sessions far outweighed the pleasant but mild climaxes she experienced with Stuart. Their sex life after nearly 20 years of marriage and three children was o.k. but nothing special, though Jane was grateful that at least they were still having sex once or twice a week – many of her girlfriends in long-term relationship were having far less. Sometimes she tried to get Stuart to be a bit more adventurous, but he was not that keen on things he saw as ‘kinky’ and seemed happy with straightforward fucking and the occasional blow job. He would go down on Jane but only with some reluctance, and knowing that he wasn’t enjoying it put her off, so that she couldn’t come while he was licking her.

Jane was surprised that she didn’t feel at all guilty about her lust for Ivan and her frantic masturbation, but she rationalised to herself that it was only a fantasy and nothing was ever likely to happen, so it was harmless and didn’t mean she loved Stuart any less. She did love Stuart, but thinking about it as she dressed after her most recent Friday come in the shower, she realised sadly that she no longer fancied him. Stuart was a few years older than her, pushing 50, and though tall had put weight on and not looked after himself – he had a high-pressure job in the City and travelled a lot, eating too many business lunches and dinners and doing very little exercise. Jane had not really thought about her feelings for him physically until confronted by the contrast with what she felt about Ivan. Even now, so soon after a huge orgasm, Jane could feel her pussy start to moisten and throb slightly as her mind wandered back to Ivan. They had teamed up for the doubles that morning at the tennis club and played well, winning most of the games they played and finding a rhythm to their partnership which even their highly critical coach had praised. At the end of the session they had shaken hands and Ivan had put his left hand on her bare arm, looking into her bluey-green eyes with his deep brown ones and saying ‘Well played, partner, we were hot together today!”

Jane knew that he had probably meant nothing more by this, but she couldn’t help trying to read something into it and into his lingering touch on her arm. To her regret Ivan always had to leave promptly at the end so that he could get to work, and she had had little chance to talk to him properly. She had found out a few things – he was married, had two small children and a much older daughter from an earlier marriage, lived a few miles from her and had recently moved house – but everything else she thought about him came from her vivid imagination.

She fantasised now about having invited Ivan back for coffee and him having accepted, unexpectedly. She imagined him sitting on the sofa waiting for her to bring the drinks, and pictured herself sitting down next to him rather than across the room, deliberately letting her bare leg touch his (in her fantasy they were still in their tennis gear) and then taking his face in her hands, turning it towards her and kissing him full on the lips. This being a fantasy, he was, of course, thrilled and returned the kiss with interest, his tongue deep in her mouth as they began to take off each other’s clothes.

Jane sank back on her bed, her fingers reaching up inside her short skirt as she knew she had to come again. She was a very good-looking woman, not tall at 5ft 3 but with firm round breasts, even after the three kids, good legs, tanned from the tennis, and a very pretty face framed by a blond bob. People often mistook her for ten years younger than her real age and she was proud of the way she looked. She dressed sexily too, which she was sure was one the reasons that she had managed to keep Stuart interested in sex despite his being tired and stressed. She had put on a denim skirt and loose cotton top and she rubbed her aching pussy through her silk panties, enjoying the feel of the material against her clit. She ran her other hand inside her top and on to her bra, also silk, and she luxuriated in the contrast of the soft cloth with her rock hard nipples.

Jane knew she had to come now and she imagined that it was Ivan whose hand was up her skirt, fondling her and fingering her clit. She pressed harder and even though it was only a few minutes since her explosive orgasm in the shower, she felt another climax building. Her pussy juices seeped through the thin silk of her knickers and she dug her fingers as deeply inside herself as the constriction of the material would allow her. “Oh God, God, yessssssssssssssssss” she shrieked as she came, to her amazement even harder than before.

The time between the Friday tennis lessons seemed to Jane to take longer each week, but finally the next Friday arrived and to her relief it was a warm and sunny morning. She hummed happily to herself as she changed into her tennis clothes and took her racket out of the hall cupboard, and was virtually skipping with excitement as she went out to the car.

Jane was early for the lesson and the previous group for beginners (rather than the more experienced players who came to the second Friday session) was still going on. She went into the clubhouse to get some water and to her delight found Ivan sitting there checking something on his phone.

“Good morning, partner,” he said cheerily as he saw her come in, “and how are you on this lovely sunny day?”

“Fine, thank you,” Jane replied, her head full of the things she really wanted to say but managing to resist the temptation, and instead just going on, “you’re early this week, you usually arrive just as we’re about to start.” She wanted Ivan to know that she noticed him and was also probing to see if he might give her any leads. To her inner delight, he replied:

“Yes, I know I’m usually the naughty one who is last on to court, no need to rub it in – but I’m at a bit of a loose end today, my family have all gone up north to the in-laws leaving me to supervise the builders at home – the kitchen is full of rubble and the house is covered in dust, it’s just lovely!”

“Oh, poor you, I know just what that’s like,” Jane said, “we had ours done a few years ago and it was so stressful – and our kids were bigger than yours at the time so I can imagine it must be even worse. Can you even make a coffee?” She knew she was fishing, but she couldn’t resist the temptation.

“Not really, the kettle is somewhere in the living room but I can’t get to the fridge and I think it is best to stay out the way as long as possible. Still, always a good excuse to go to a coffee shop…”

“Or you could come back to mine after the session for a coffee and a sandwich if you like, I’m only five minutes away…” Jane blurted out, not letting herself stop to think about what she was doing. She couldn’t look at Ivan as he answered, hoping against hope that he would say yes.

“That would be lovely, that’s really sweet of you, but are you sure it wouldn’t be any trouble, I don’t want to get in the way of any plans you have?”

“No, really, I only have some boring jobs to do and some emails to write and I would love a distraction from those, it would be no trouble at all.”

“Well then thank you, I would love to, and you’re really sweet to invite me.” Ivan replied as they headed out on to the courts for the lesson. Jane could not believe either her luck at his being free, nor her boldness at inviting him. She wondered momentarily whether she was taking too big a risk, but decided that despite her fantasies nothing was really likely to happen, Ivan was happily married as far as she knew and it would just be nice to chat to him properly.

The lesson was a demanding one, working on doubles drills involving lots of movement up and down the court, and by the end of the hour and a half they played all eight of the participants were drained and hot. Jane and Ivan had not played as a pair as much as usual this week, the coach swapping players around to make sure everyone tried different styles and approaches, but at the end they had played four games against one of the best mixed doubles teams in the club, and to their surprise had ended 3-1 up. Jane and Ivan did play well together, having a good understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and they enjoyed their partnership, celebrating their mini victory with high fives and warm handshakes.

They left the court together, paid their lesson fees to the coach and then headed out on to the street to their cars. “Do you want to follow me?” Jane asked, and Ivan agreed, getting into his car which was parked just opposite hers. Jane’s heart was beating fast as she started the engine, partly from the exercise, but also from the excitement of knowing that this man who she fancied more than she could remember ever fancying anyone before was following her to her house, on their own with a few precious free hours ahead of them.

Jane parked in her drive and saw Ivan pull up outside. Before getting out of the car she took a couple of deep breaths, trying to steady the butterflies in her stomach and stop her hands shaking with excited anticipation. By the time she reached for the car door Ivan was standing on the drive next to it, and he courteously held the door open for her and then shut it after Jane had got out. She led the way into the house, almost babbling in her excitement: “Come in, this way, do you want to leave your bag there, that’s great…”

Calming down a little now that they were actually inside Jane asked Ivan if he wanted coffee or a cold drink, and then had a sudden flash of lust-driven inspiration.

“I’m being really slow,” she began, “you must want a shower, it’s was a hot session and you presumably can’t shower at home? Why don’t you use our guest bathroom whilst I sort out drinks and something to eat? I can let you have towels and anything else you might need…”

“Are you sure that’s not too much trouble, I really don’t want to impose?” Ivan replied, and Jane quickly reassured him, wanting to get Ivan naked in her house and trying to work out how she could then make use of the situation to her advantage.

She took Ivan upstairs to the bathroom, and then the devil working inside her head had another cunning idea.

“You get started,” Jane said, “I just need to fetch you towels and a bathrobe, so if you don’t mind, leave the door unlocked and I’ll drop the stuff in once I hear that you’re in the shower. I promise not to peek!”

“Oh, don’t worry at all, I’m a grown man, I’m not shy. But what about you, don’t you want to have a shower, I don’t want to stop you?”

Jane wondered where this conversation might be going but tried not to read too much into Ivan’s comments, especially as his tone seemed very light-hearted. She told him that she could wait, showed him where the shampoo and shower gel were and left the bathroom, giddy with excitement as she heard him taking his clothes off and turning on the water.

She grabbed a towel and bathrobe from the airing cupboard in the hall, waited a few seconds and then quietly went into the bathroom. Ivan was already in the shower, facing away from her but giving her an excellent view of his taut buttocks trough the glass door as he shampooed his hair. She didn’t think he had heard her come in and she watched for a minute or two before making some noise so that he knew she was there.

“I’ve left the stuff, are you o.k., do you need anything else?” Jane asked, not wanting to leave the room yet.

“Someone to wash my back would be nice?” came the very surprising reply.

Jane paused, thinking Ivan must be joking, and then as she was about to make a joke of it herself and leave, he went on: “No, really, I don’t to hog this lovely shower, you must feel like one as much as I do so why don’t you join me, partner!?”

“Are you sure?” she blurted out, “I mean, I’d love to, can’t think of anything better, but only if you really mean it.”

Ivan had turned round now and she could see his full naked body, albeit through the shower screen which was covered in water and shampoo foam. She couldn’t make out his cock clearly but from what she could see he seemed to be partly erect, although he was holding one hand slightly in front of it, perhaps to preserve his modesty if his offer was refused.

“Oh Jane, I mean it all right, I really want to share your shower with you, please take your things off and join me.”

Jane needed no more prompting and quickly pulled off her tennis shorts and top, unhitched her bra and pulled down her panties. She had done this so many times before on a Friday ready to get into the shower and touch herself, but this was infinitely more exciting.

She pulled open the shower door; Ivan had turned round again and she stood behind him. She poured some gel into her hands and began to massage it into his shoulders and back, feeling him start at her touch and then pressing back towards her as she rubbed him.

“That’s good”, Ivan murmured as she continued rubbing him and kneading his shoulders, which were a little tense after the exertion of the tennis. Jane moved one hand round on to Ivan’s chest now, still from behind him but pressing herself closer against his back as she did so, her nipples hard against his skin. She put her left hand on his hip, holding him as she moved her other hand further down his front.

She enjoyed discovering the different parts of his body with her hand, having felt his abundantly hairy chest, contrasting with the smooth skin of his stomach. She knew now she was near the point of no return, the point where this fun but still relatively innocent massage was going to turn into something much more – at least she hoped against hope that it was – and she paused.

Ivan put his right hand on hers and, still facing away from her but speaking more firmly said “It’s o.k., don’t stop, I want this to go on if you do.”

It was as if he had read her mind, so closely did his words echo those unspoken in her head. Needing no further prompting she reached down and, as she knew she would, found his hard cock straining up to meet her touch. She stroked it gently at first, seeing what she could tell from feeling it before she saw it.

His cock was rock hard to her touch, hot from the water of the shower and the blood coursing through it. There was a strong vein outlined underneath which she traced with one finger, feeling the whole member twitch as she did so. Then she played with the head, flicking her fingers quickly across the helmet making Ivan gasp with pleasure as she did so. Finally she took the whole thing in her hand. It did not seem huge but felt a good size to Jane; she had slept with relatively few men but always preferred a cock in keeping with her slight frame and tight pussy, and Ivan’s felt just right to her.

Now she began to pump it, moving the whole length from his balls to right off the end and increasing the pace of her actions gradually. After a minute or two of this Ivan stopped her, putting his hand on hers and saying “God Jane, that’s amazing, if you’re not careful I’m going to come all over your hand like some teenager having his first fumble.”

At last he turned to face her and immediately they kissed, their wet bodies clinging together in a soapy embrace. Their first kiss was deep and, to Jane, immensely satisfying. Ivan kissed her in a thorough and highly sensual way, not too forcefully but with more than enough passion and with his tongue exploring the whole of her mouth and lips.

His cock was pressed up against her stomach and she moved back slightly so she could take it in her hand again. She looked down as she did so and confirmed what she had thought from feeling it. Not large, no, probably no more than six or seven inches but a good girth and as hard as she had ever felt any man’s. Circumcised too, which she preferred, and looking as hot in every sense as she had hoped.

“I want you to come in my mouth.” Jane said, to Ivan’s evident pleasure as his cock seemed to get even harder at her words. Before he could reply she bent down, placing her lips just over the very tip and licking the opening with the very point of her tongue. Jane knew from experience that this drove most men mad, and it had the desired effect on Ivan, his moans clearly audible above the rushing water noise from the shower.

She knelt by him now and put her hand under his scrotum, moving her head so that she could take his whole length in her mouth. She knew he was already highly aroused but she wanted to prolong the moment as long as she could, so she sucked gently at first, running her tongue along the length of his cock. Ivan began to thrust into her mouth and she encouraged him, placing her left hand on his arse and pushing with his thrusts. His cock was pressing against the back of her mouth and she moved slightly so that she could accommodate it more easily, realising that he was very close to coming.

“God Jane, that’s fantastic, I’m going to come, that’s amazing, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Ivan cried as she felt his cock throbbing in her mouth and the first spurts of cum against her tongue. She swallowed quickly as his orgasm continued for what seemed ages and she enjoyed her first taste of her new lover’s cum.

Finally she eased her mouth off Ivan’s cock and stood up. He pulled her into an embrace and they kissed, Ivan not seeming to mind the taste of his own cum intermingled with their saliva as his tongue thrust into Jane’s mouth. As they kissed Ivan moved one hand between Jane’s legs, and she felt his fingers playing with her pubes before he began to caress her outer labia.

The blow job and Ivan’s explosive reaction to it had turned Jane on hugely and Ivan’s first touch on her pussy nearly sent her straight into an orgasm. Now his fingers were inside her, reaching deep into the wet folds and at the same time finding her clit with his thumb. This was all Jane needed and she came in a huge rush, feeling her pussy throb around Ivan’s fingers as she did so.

“Oh fuck, oh God, oooooh yessssssssssssss!” was all she managed to say as she started to come, and then she gasped as Ivan continued his finger-fucking; she had thought he would stop when her orgasm began but he seemed determined to prolong the pleasure for her and she was certainly not going to stop him. Finally he removed his fingers from her pussy but to her astonishment and delight only so that he could kneel in front of her and put his mouth where his hand had just been.

She felt Ivan’s tongue licking all around her pussy and her inner thighs and then moving on to her clit and inside her. He added a finger for good measure and she felt another orgasm start to build. Ivan was clearly very experienced in this aspect of sex and used his tongue to good effect, licking her clit, sucking it and then biting it gently before licking again. He increased the pace of his efforts, and Jane pushed her groin into his face as she succumbed to the overwhelming need to come again.

“Oooooooooooh, yes, yes, yes!” was her even less articulate response to this second climax and she felt her knees start to buckle as the waves of her orgasm overcame her. She steadied herself against the side of the shower and Ivan, sensing that she had had enough, stood up and hugged her again.


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