It’s a Dog’s Life

It's a Dog's Life
It's a Dog's Life

It’s a Dog’s Life

WKRP was possibly the worst-sounding radio  station in all of Cincinnati, but Jennifer was without  a doubt the best-looking secretary at any radio station  in the entire country.

She had silky blond hair that billowed out  around a smooth, oval face with the poutiest, most  kissable lips you’ve ever seen. Her face, beautiful  as it was, wasn’t the best part. Her body was an  absolute temple to sex appeal. She had huge breasts  massive, but not so big as to be absurd — that today,  as usual, stretch to the maximum a form-fitting pink  sweater. A tight, black leather skirt did very little  to hide the obscene curve of her hips.

The skirt did nothing at all to hide the  sensuality of her legs, because it ended just about  an inch below her crotch. From there down to her black  leather pumps, the view was unobstructed of the smooth  lines made even more titillating by being encased in  black nylons. If you got lucky and were watching  closely when Jennifer crossed her legs, you might be  able to tell that she wasn’t wearing pantyhose; these  sheer stockings were held up by a black garter belt.  What you wouldn’t be able to tell unless you got really  lucky — and few men ever had — was that she wasn’t  wearing panties, either. Jennifer believed in the  feeling of freedom she got from not wearing underwear.It’s a Dog’s Life.

She also believed in the feeling of arousal she  got from fingering herself as she sat behind her desk,  her crotch hidden from view. She relied on that arousal  frequently, because for all her sexiness Jennifer  rarely got a man in bed. She tended to date older men  — much, much, much older men — for the same reason  guys rob banks: that’s where the money is. They were  rich, but they were almost dead, too.

So she was sitting behind her desk in the  reception area of WKRP, answering phones with one hand  (“WKRP in Cincinnati! May I help you?) while fingering  herself with the other, probing through wet pussy lips  until she found the small button of her clitoris with  a shudder, rubbing and stroking and prodding underneath  while above the desk she appeared to be just doing her  job.

Despite appearances, however, she was quite lost  in passion when she suddenly heard a familiar, although  not welcome, voice.

“Hey, Jen-Jen! Think about me while I was gone?”

It was Herb Tarlik, the station’s inept sales  manager. Herb was married, but that didn’t stop his  awkward flirting; Herb dressed like a clown and acted  like a clown without a clue, but that didn’t stop him  from thinking he actually had a chance with Jennifer.  She quickly pulled her hand out of her cunt and looked  up at him, eyes a-sparkle — not for him, but because  her eyes always sparkled.

“Were you gone, Herb? I hadn’t noticed.”

He ignored the comment and went on. “Doing anything after work today? I’ve got two tickets for the wrestling match.”

“Herb,” she said in her sweetest voice, “I wouldn’t go out with you if you were the last man on Earth.”

He might have had a comeback — he usually did  — but before he could say anything the glass doors to  the offices swung open and a big Russian wolfhound  strolled in, followed by a small man. The sizes of  animal and man were so close it wasn’t immediately  clear who was walking whom.

It was the man who spoke, however, so he was  probably in charge. “Mr. Tarlik! I’m Roy Jones, we  spoke on the phone. Jones Pet Stores? This here’s  Ralph. He’s the dog we’re going to use in the com-  mercials, OK?”

Herb turned on his customer-pleasing smile,  which looked disconcertingly like a sneer, and reached  out to pat the dog. A low, menacing growl warned him  away. Taking a step or two back, he welcomed Jones and  walked him back to the studios.

Jennifer would have preferred to go back to her  diddling, but her boss, Mr. Carlson, came out just then  with some papers for her to type. She flew through them  and was stapling them together when Herb and Mr. Jones  came back. Herb looked flushed, and one sleeve of his  tacky sport-coat was ragged. Mr. Jones was apologizing.  “Gee, I’m sorry, Herb, Ralph never did anything like  that before. He’s usually really nice to folks. I don’t  know what got into him.”

They stopped at Jennifer’s desk as Les Nessman,  the station’s one-man news department, came up from  behind. “I’m going out to a hog farm, Jennifer,” he  said. “Oh, nice doggie!” He took a step toward Ralph.  In a flash of brown fur the animal leaped up, clamping  his bowtie between the dog’s powerful jaws. Mr. Jones  tried to pull him off, but that only made Les turn a  bit purple around the neck. Jennifer reached out,  tapped the dog on the shoulder, and said softly, “No,  Ralph.” In an instant, the dog released his grip and  squatted at Jennifer’s desk. Les left hurriedly.

“He really seems to take to you, Miss,” Jones  said. “Say, would you mind watching him while Herb and  I go out to lunch? We’ll only be an hour or so.”  Jennifer smiled in agreement, and Mr. Jones and Herb  left.

Jennifer went back to her work, putting away  some files. As she moved between her desk and the  cabinets behind her, she noticed that Ralph kept his  big, liquid brown eyes on her all the time, swinging  his streamlined head back and forth like a fan at a  tennis match. Every now and then, she petted his silky  smooth fur, rubbing a hand from his neck down to his  tail. He wagged it in appreciation and continued to  stare at her.

Almost finished with the filing, she pulled the  last slips of paper out of a drawer. “Oh, darn,” she  said to herself as one form slipped out of her hand  and underneath the desk. She pulled her chair back and  looked but couldn’t see it. Getting down on her hands  and knees, she crawled under the desk and saw it, just  one corner of the paper barely visible underneath the  bottom drawer. She reached out for it slowly, careful  to protect her polished nails.

Just a little bit further — it was a tight  squeeze between the floor and the drawer bottom, and  there seemed to be some kind of metal rod in the way  — a little bit more… got it! She pulled her hand  back. It wouldn’t budge. She pulled some more. She  could feel her fingers swell a bit and realized she  was stuck. Reaching with her free left hand, she groped  on the top of the desk for the intercom, found the  cord, began to pull the base unit toward the edge —  and then realized that this was not quite the image  she wanted to present to Mr. Carlson, who tended to  think that Jennifer was perfect. “Oh, well,” she told  herself cheerfully, “if I just wait a minute, the  swelling will go down and I’ll be free again.”

Even as she was saying that, she felt something  against the back of her thighs. Something cold and wet  quickly slid up her legs and landed right in her  crotch. The touch surprised her and she jumped, bumping  her head on the bottom of the desktop. The cold probing  was quickly replaced with something even wetter but hot  and scratchy. She heard a throaty growl. Looking over  her shoulder, she saw Ralph’s head buried under her  skirt. His furry body was right behind her. She frantically tried to escape, but her maneuvering only  increased the swelling in her hand and excited Ralph,  who licked eagerly at her cunt. His thick, coarse  tongue soon was covered with her pussy juices and she  shivered when a particularly exuberant lick found her  clit.

After several minutes, the licking stopped.  Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief — only to turn  into a gasp of shock when she felt the pressure of a  hot, furry body pushing up her skirt and exposing her  cunt, while she heard Ralph’s forepaws scratching on  the desktop above her. She held her breath, hoping  the animal would falter, but the dog settled on top  of her and she felt its hard rod prodding the entrance  to her cunt. She reached back with her left hand to  ward it off, but all she could do was brush the stiff  cock with her fingertips, and that only got Ralph more  excited. All at once he lunged forward and his slim  but long cock plunged full-length into Jennifer’s  soaking wet pussy. She murmured protests as the dog  drove in and out, ramming his cock further into her  than any man had ever been. Juices poured out of her  cunt and dribbled down her thighs as the dog fucked  her harder and harder.

Then Jennifer heard a door open and Mr.  Carlson’s voice, somewhat muffled where she was kneel-  ng under the desk. “Jennifer, did you finish those …”  His voice petered out. She could picture him staring  at Ralph, who had stopped his bucking at the sound but  still was balanced on Jennifer’s ass, the dog’s paws  splayed out on the desktop.

“I’m here, Mr. Carlson,” she called out. Image be darned, she thought, I’ve got to get out of here!

Unfortunately, what Jennifer couldn’t see is that as she called out, Ralph opened his mouth. Mr. Carlson blinked. “Is that you, Jennifer?”

“Yes, it’s really me!” Ralph yawned again.

Mr. Carlson looked befuddled, but then he was used to that. “Oh, OK, then. Uh, did you finish those papers I asked you to type?”

“Yes, they’re on the desk, but…” As she spoke,  Ralph’s right paw slipped a bit and pushed a stack of  papers across the desk toward Mr. Carlson. He snapped  them up and rushed out of the office. “Uh, thanks,  Jennifer. I’ll … I’ll probably be out the rest of the  day. I think I need some rest.”

As soon as the door swung closed, Ralph returned  to his humping, driving his cock into Jennifer. He had  to keep shifting around to keep his balance, driving  the head of his cock in a swirl that drove her wild  while his rod brushed all over her pussy lips.

With a sharp, short bark, Ralph blew his load  inside her. She felt the hot cum fill her cunt and  spill out. Then the dog backed up, edging his cock out  of her hot box. She automatically reached her hand up  to wipe the sweat from her brow — and stared at the  hand, realizing that the perspiration had lubricated  the fingers enough to slide out of their trap.

Quickly she crawled out from under the desk and  brushed down her sweater and skirt, both covered with silky brown fur. Ralph was squatting beside the desk  again, this time with a dazed look in his eyes, his  tongue lolling out one corner of his mouth.

Jennifer began to speak sharply to him, but one  look at those huge eyes and she melted inside. Then she  realized that she hadn’t really melted — that is, she  still hadn’t cum. The dog’s fucking had brought her to  the brink of orgasm, but he’d pulled out when he was  done without waiting for her, just like a man, she  thought. She looked over at Ralph again. He seemed to  be recovered from the exertion.

Thoughtfully, Jennifer ordered him: “Stand up,  boy.” He stood. Oooh, she thought, he follows orders.  He’s BETTER than a man. She walked to his side and  began caressing his hot, throbbing sides. Slowly, her  hands slid down until she found his cock, now shrunken.  She began to stroke it gently. Ralph gave a querulous  kind of bark and turned his head around, trying to see  what was going on. She gave the dog her sexiest smile.  “C’mon, boy. Time to teach you a new trick.”

Walking over to the couch near the outside door,  Jennifer pulled a hassock up to the edge. She turned to  face Ralph and began to strip. Slowly she pulled the  tight sweater over her head, exposing her ripe melons.  As she kept lifting, her tits bounced free. Ralph  stared at the jiggling mounds, each boasting a dark  brown center with a thick, erect nipple. Jennifer  pulled the sweater all the way off and caressed her  breasts, squashing them together. She put out her hand  and Ralph licked it; then she brought the hand to her  chest and rubbed it over her nipples.

Reaching down, she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, revealing a thick bush of black hair —  “Sorry, Ralph, I’m not a natural blonde,” she giggled  — and a red, engorged pussy. She sat down on the  couch, sliding forward until her head was against the  back cushions and her ass was on the edge of the  hassock. She spread her legs wide, her pumps on either  side of the hassock, giving Ralph full access to her  cunt, her tunnel open wide before him.

“Here, boy!” He moved forward. Again he licked  at her cunt, but after a minute she pulled his head up  and motioned him to move forward. She maneuvered his  forepaws onto the couch on either side of her chest.  The position was awkward for the dog, but with a bit  of adjustment he got the idea and soon the tip of  Ralph’s penis was once again at the entrance to her  cunt. Jennifer grabbed the dog’s ass and pulled it  forward, forcing his cock into her up to the hilt.  Ralph began to bark lustily as his cock drove in and  out.

Jennifer applied gentle pressure to his head  and he got the idea, licking away at her bountiful  boobs. The rough scratchiness of the tongue against  her sensitive nipples drove her quickly to the heights  of passion, and she closed her legs around his flanks,  urging him deeper and harder and faster. She could feel  his hot breath against her neck as she bucked in rhythm  the dog’s cock scraping in and out in wild abandon.

“Good doggie! Good doggie! Good fucking doggie!  Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuckme!”  She wrapped her arms around Ralph’s shuddering body  and lifted her heels straight up in the air. His cock  plunged even deeper into her; it felt as if the head  of his dick was down her throat! Finally, with a shriek  of delight and joy and passion, Jennifer’s legs  squeezed tight around Ralph. A bright red flush spread  across her ample chest and she shuddered and shook in  wave after wave after wave of incredible orgasm.

When at least she shivered to a halt, she pushed  Ralph away. He seemed reluctant to go. With a smile,  Jennifer realized that this time the dog hadn’t  finished. “I’m sorry, boy,” she cooed. “But I can  help.” Sliding off the couch, she positioned herself  on the floor underneath Ralph’s sweaty body and took  his cock into her mouth. Closing her lips around it,  she sucked the tip while her hands roamed up and down  its impressive length until she could feel his balls  tighten and a warm jet of cum shot down her throat.

By the time Herb and Mr. Jones returned from lunch, Jennifer was back at her desk typing up a memo and Ralph was just where they’d left him, squatting beside her.

“Did he give you any trouble?” Mr. Jones asked.

“Oh, no, Ralph was a perfect gentleman.”

Herb was edging around the outside of the office keeping as far from Ralph as possible.

“What’s the matter, Herb? Afraid of a little doggie?” Jennifer’s smile was as bright as the sun.

“No, no, I …” As Herb’s eyes grew wide, Ralph sauntered toward him. Herb pressed back against the wall. “No! Bad doggie! Go ‘way!” Ralph moved closer and launched himself at Herb … only to reach a paw onto either shoulder and lick Herb’s face in a friendly goodbye before dutifully trotting out of the office behind his master.

Herb brushed off a few hairs and patted down his greasy hair before strolling over to Jennifer’s desk.

“So, babe,” he purred, “did you think over that date thing?”

“Now, Herb…”

“C’mon, Jennifer, if I was the only guy on Earth you’d date me then, wouldn’t you?”

“Well, Herb, would there be any dogs left?”

“Huh? Dogs? Yeah, I guess…” She smiled. “Then the answer’s still no.”

It’s a Dog’s Life

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