Hot Summer Series – Sarah Jane Hartgrove (Book 1 & 2) [ePub + MOBI]


Hot Summer Series (Books #1 & #2)
by Sarah Jane Hartgrove
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[symple_accordion title=”Book 1 – Hot nights in Savannah”]
Stephanie needs a weekend away from her troubles. The end of her long term relationship and her new job teaching is taking its toll and she needs to be alone in Savannah. Time on the beach, touring the historical city, and shopping will make all the stress go away. Or so she thinks. Brian is a firefighter in Savannah and loves women, as long as he can keep them at arm’s length. He has never met the right woman that would keep his attention for a lifetime. Then he meets Stephanie and his entire world shifts. Brian and Stephanie have an amazing physical connection with erotic sex. Sex that Stephanie didn’t think was possible for her. Brian knows that they have an emotional connection too. With Stephanie in the southern city only 3 days, does he have a chance at a relationship that he never knew he could have or are they just going to have 2 hot nights in Savannah?

[symple_accordion title=”Book 2 – Hot nights forever”]
Brian and Stephanie meet once again and they haven’t lost the desire between them. Stephanie has plans for them all week on her home turf that includes sightseeing, wine tasting and erotic sex. But one phone call changes their plans drastically. Brian knows that being a firefighter is dangerous but he has never had someone in his life that made him think about the risks. A call from his captain shifts his world with Stephanie in it. Will a near tragic accident tear them apart or bind them together forever?

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