Girl Talk

girl talk
girl talk

Girl talk

My roommate and I both have guys, but every once in a while we enjoy one another’s company….

I was talking to you on the phone when I got in. I put you on hold to tell her hi and ask about dinner but we ended up getting a little…carried away.

You’ve met her before; remember when we were supposed to watch “The Walking Dead”? I can’t help it sometimes. Her tongue feels so good on my clit. I love when she licks my pussy. I also like to suck on her pink nipples and finger fuck her.

Her warm pussy is so sexy. Yes…I couldn’t resist!

There’s nothing rough here. Just two girls licking, tasting, and enjoying one another’s juicy peach…

Ooops, I totally forgot I left you on hold!!!

(I really forget at the end of the audio! I’m so sorry, but I had so much fun masturbating to this story when I made it, I decided to post it anyway.) Comments are welcome. Have fun! And there’s a 2 second audio glitch in the beginning. I must have accidentally covered the mic. Spank me!):p

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