Dear Kim – Chapter 4


Dear Kim – Chapter 4

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Kim took her first cautious steps back into madison’s apartment. Madison locked the door behind them.”Would you care for a drink?”  madison offered.

“Are you going to drug me again?” the younger girl asked.

” Are you gonna run away?” It took Kim a minute to answer.

“No.” she said firmly.

Madison stood so close to her that there tows almost touched but because of their height difference kim had to tailt  her head up to look into madison’s eyes.”Then there’s  no need to, is there?”madison said softly. she spun on her heels and started turtring off toward her kitchen.  “Do you like tea? I was just brewing some.”

“Sure. Earl gray or camomile if you have it… Please” she yelled. Kim just stood there awkwardly while she was gone. She didn’t want to sit down or get too comfortable. When madison returned with two steaming mugs with tea bags in them Kim reached out to take one from her but madison walked right past her and into… That room. apparently they were skipping the talking part and moving right to touching.  Kim was hesitant but she fallow behind her.

the room was the same as she remembered it, the same as she had seen in her nightmares, and yet here she was walking in on her own volition. kim wonder what exactly the room was. it couldn’t have been madison’s bedroom, it lacked a kind of live in feel. it wouldn’t have shocked kim in the slightest if it sole purpose was to have weired sex in like some kind of highrise dungeon .   Madison suddenly stopped in the middle of the room. “Stay.” She told kim in a stern voice. Kim obade holding perfectly still as madison walked over to a nearby end table where she placed their drinks. She then turned a small arm chair around so that when she sat she was facing kim. She sat like a king on a thrown well postured with her hands patiently folded. “Take off your close.” it was a simple command but kim was completely unsure of what to do. The way that  madison was sitting, staring intently at kim made it clear she was looking for a show . kim was still in her dress and  if her little contortion, jumping dance number she performed when she put it on was anything like trying to get it off madison was in for a show, just not the one she was expecting.

She removed her jacket slowly and let it fall to the floor. Madison raised an eyebrow at that but kim was too focused to notice. Ones she had successfully removed her outer layer she threw those on the floor as well. As she removed her bra  madison stood up again.

directly to kim’s left was a closet with sliding mirrored doors. kim couldn’t help but catch a glimpse or two of herself as she stripted althou she tried not to. madison slid open one of the doors revealing what could only be described as an gratuitous amount of sex toys, bonage and other miscellaneous bdsm gear and yet well all organised. she didn’t have long enough to look inside befor madison grabbed a coil of rope and then shut the door, leaving kim staring at her naked body again. her eyes immediately returned to madison who was now unwinding the thick black rope “I… I told you i’m not going to run away.” she stammered.

“I know. this is just for fun.” the older woman smiled as she tigd kim’s hands together. It was tight but not unbearable. After her wrist were bound there was still a good 6 feet of rope left. Madison could see the confusion on kim’s face and it amused her. She pointed up and kim saw the hook fasten into the ceiling. Madison stud on her toes and With a flick of her wrist she looped the rope on to the hook. She gripped it tight and began to pull it. Kim’s arms raised past her chest and over her head. Madison walked behind her out of sight pulling the rope even tighter. She couldn’t raise her arms any higher so to relieve the pain she had to stand up on her toes.

“Can you snap your fingers?” Madison asked. Kim nodded. madison must have sucurned the other end of the rope to something because she was now entering kim’s field of vision  “Show me.” Kim Did as she was told and snapped her fingers for Her. ” good. if you start feeling light headed I want you to snap your fingers. I won’t stop but I’ll let you down. this won’t be any fun if you pass out on me.” if that was madison’s attempt to put her at ease it was complete failure.

Madison had circled her another two times before she spoke again”you’re father really did a number on you didn’t he?” kim was silent. she hated thinking about her father and attempted to do it as little as possible. “your scars…” she said so quietly it was almost a whisper. she then began to lightly run her fingers over kim’s most notable scars on her soft skin. her shoulder surgery, her lower ribs, her navel   “they tell me your story. written out on you like a sheet of music.” she stepped away and instantly kim missed the feel of her touch. she wanted her to come back and play with her more.she had felt what amazing things madison could make her feel with her finger and her toys and she needed that feeling again, BAD. …when madison returned she held small a black carrying case of some kind under her arm no bigger than a book.  she felt the freemailer feeling of curiosity and dread winding through her mind with no bounds or limit. madison could have anything in there for her and for a brief moment kim had herself convinced that she could handle whatever it maybe. madison smiled and opened the case so that kim could see exactly what she had planned for her tonight.

   the case included a pair of forceps, some individual packs of sterilising wipes, a pair of gloves, a metal clamp, a long needle in a plastic tube and two silver circle nipple rings.

kim felt as if she were trapped in a bubble of freezing cold water. unable to breath  or even open her mouth for fear of drowning. when madison began to speak kim could barely hear her words. they were muffled and sounded far away “I want to add my own lasting marks to the vast network of scars on your skin. Something so that you will remember me and what we’ve done after we’re done.” madison snapped on the latex gloves. “I could hit you with my riding crop or one  of my wips” she said as she ripped open the plastic on all her instruments, like a twisted kid on christmas.

“fuck.” the word escaped unknowingly from kim’s mouth but it was much too quiet for madison to hear, even if she had it probably wouldn’t have stopped her tirade she had going.

“I would even love to leave some scratch marks down your back but I think this will be quite effective.” madison said. when she took a step toward her kim started to take one back but quickly remembered she wasn’t going anywhere. madison began slowly rubbing kim’s right nipple with one of the sterilising pads, going in little circles all around her areola. it was so cold and wet that both of them were fully erect in seconds. madison managed to pull her eyes away from her perky delights long enough to look at kim’s face. she was biting down hard on her lower lip and she looked like she was about to cry and that was….not quite the reaction madison wanted from her, “if you have something to say you should say it now.”

it was as if madison popped the bubble. she took her first breath in far too long.  

“if… if i said i don’t want to do this… would you…” kim was unable to form a complete thought but madison knew what she had been trying to ask. madison finished her other nipple and looked intensly into kim’s eyes.  

“well if that’s how you feel i’ll let you down and you can leave right now.”  Kim didn’t know what to say. that’s not what kim wanted either.   “…or you can learn to trust me…”

” how could you ask me to trust you? After all you’ve done to me.”

Madison gripped the rope right above kim’s wrist lifting it even higher. their faces close enough to kiss. kim breathed in every word that left madison mouth “because other than slipin you some low dose sleeping pills, have I done you any wrong? have I done anything to you you didn’t love” kim couldn’t think of any example, but she couldn’t really think of anything other then how bad she wanted madison to kiss her right now. every second sense that astonishing kiss outside the mayor’s office kim ached for another. “let me explain something. i don’t do safe words or pre game decisions you’re just going to have to trust me that i’ll do what’s best for you. i’m not going to make you sign a stupid contract or even make you do anything to me all i ask is that you give yourself completely to me and you won’t regret it. Do you understand ” kim knowed. “tell me you want it… Say it”

“I want this.” Madison smiled at her but kim didn’t smile back.*

“o don’t put on that end of the world face. it shouldn’t hurt any more then when you got your belly button pierced when you were 16.”

“how did you …medical records”  madison smiled apparently pleased with how quickly kim was catching on.

“you went to the hospital for an infected navel, it’s not a stretch to figure out what happened.” Kim wondered what madison would say if she told her the truth of what really happened. If she explained how she had let it become infected on purpose would madison pity her or laugh in her face. it didn’t matter it was not the right time for that story.  “I was a stupid kid.” Kim lied.

“well now you’re a smart adult so be sure to keep them clean.” She picked up the needle and ran one of the sterilising pad over it for good measure.

“have you… done this before?” kim asked

“o yeah. plenty of times” madison said conceitedly . that vague answer didn’t bestow any more comfort in fact all it did was raise more questions “Are you ready?” she asked.

“Does it matter if i’m not.”

“Kim…” madison said in a disappointed tone. Clearly it did Matter to madison.

Kim inhaled deeply. “Yes. i’m ready.” madison fastened the clamp around her right nipple tightly and before she could even close her eyes madison plunged the needle in and out the other side. The pain was unbearable she had to release something. she wanted to scream but tried to stifle it by morphing it to a sware “FUCK!!” the pain felt much worse than how she remembered her navel piercing.

madison removed the needle slowly, pulling gently and replacing it with the ring. half way there kim thought to herself. as she felt the clamp move from one nipple to the other she shut her eyes’ again, but when she felt madison’s hand brush across her face she let them flutter open once again. that malicious smile was back again or maybe it never left, kim finally smiled back at her. she was so captivated by madison’s stare that she never saw her hand move. it was just a quick jab but in such a tender area that kim had to scream out in pain, but as she opened her mouth madison quickly covered it with her own. her a muffled scream subtly morphed into soft whimpers as the pain dissipated and madison began to slide her tongue into her mouth. they kissed for what seemed like hours until madison finally pulled away.

she walked over to then end table and picked up one of their mugs. she lifted the drink to kim’s lips and kim hesitantly sipped it. it had cooled to the perfect tempchar and it felt good on her dry throat. without saying a word the taller woman moved behind her placing her hands on her hips and more gentle kisses along her neck. she then beginning to push ever so slightly on the right side of kim’s hips gesturing her to turn her body. “look in the mirror” she whispered.  kim opened her eyes but couldn’t recognise herself. two meager pieces of metal shouldn’t make her look and feel so different but they did. she no longer looked like Kim Duvant owner of a rehab center she looked like kimmie the trashy porn star who needed everyone’s attention. Madison had changed her admittedly in an only somewhat permanent way but she was different. it wasn’t just her nipples though, it was something in her face as well. she was relaxed, placid even. it had been a long time since she had been in this tranquil of a state and as madison placed another warm gentle kiss right between her shoulder blade and her neck she shivered. “you’re beautiful, do you know that?” madison said. Kim assumed the question on the end was rhetorical so she didn’t reply. madison slipped one of her fingers into one of the rings and pulled. kim recoiled in pain. “I asked you a question”


“do you really?” madison began to tenderly rub her nipple. “because you’ve probably been hearing it from boys your whole life and you’ve heard it from me before, but do YOU believe it?” Kim was unsure how to answer such a loaded question. sure she had her share of self image issues, what modern girl didn’t but she always tried to focus on more important things. she watched as madison’s hand slid down her body stopping at her vagina. kim melted as she began to rub her clitoris. once she was wet enough madison slid one finger into her tight pussy. kim let out a loud moan. the way madison was touching her it wouldn’t be long until she lost control. another finger entered her and the faster they moved the faster she got to her climax. “fuck i’m…gonna cum.”

“i’m aware.” she said smugly. on her last thrust madison curled her finger up and deep inside,  putting pressure in a spot that kim knew would result in a hot spray display. instead of trying to hold it back like she had done for some lovers kim let the muscles clench and spasms, causing her ejaculate to jet from her with incredible force. “beautiful.” madison didn’t stop, she continuously fingered her as kim whimpered and mond. madison gave her another orgasm and another and another every time telling her she was beautiful. kim was past the point of exhaustion but still didn’t couldn’t bring herself to ask to stop or to snap her fingers. she felt relieved when madison finally pulled out of her.

the taller woman returned to the end table with their drinks. she took another sip from her mug then opened the drawer retrieving a large knife. it had a long blade and an ivory handle straight out of the jack the ripper collection . kim began to panic when madison got closer, she squirmed frantically trying to escape. madison grabbed her flailing wrist and with one quick flash cut right thru the rope. kim’s weaken legs were not expecting the weight of her body to be put back so fast and she fell to the floor with a heavy thud.   

as kim laid lifeless on the hard ground in a puddle of her own cum madison asked her in a far too cheerful tone “so do saturdays work for you?”

“for what?”

“for more of this. I was thinking every other saturday, or whatever you prefer i’ll work around you”

Kim sat up and wormed her hands out of the remaining rope. “no…saturdays are fine.” it meant she could sleep in the next day exactly way she use to see cullen then and probably why madison suggested.

Madison handed her her cup of tea. “you look like you still have questions ?” she had a few regarding cullen and the anonymous donations but there was one weighing more heavily on her mind  

she siped her tea and prepared herself “just one. why me?” she asked. “there are over six hundred thousand people in this city, plenty of them with similar… interest. so why are you so intent on having ME.”

“you mean besides the obvious?”


“your a gourses, squirter with the ass of a fiftteen year old.” such cheap complement angered kim. madison held out her hand to help kim up, when she was on her level she got leaned in close and told her. “because every day you wake up and you worry about and, you take care of your clinic and your employees and your patience, and i’m sure this isn’t anything new, you’ve probably always had this nice girl complex, alway worry about others before yourself . I think for once you deserve to have someone in your life who isn’t going to ask anything out of you and instead just gives you  everything you could ever ask for out of sex”  kim smiled at her that was exactly what she needed.

kim carefully put her close back on trying not to get the rings caught. once she was dressed madison walked her to the door.

“so… i guess i’ll… see you saturday then.” kim said awkwardly.

“yes you will.” kim wondered if it was over the line to kiss her goodbye.


“good night kim” she replied as kim down the hall

next time on dear kim

“so what are you wearing right now”

“im working” kim said getting very annoyed

“so i’m i what are you wearing”

madison walked in front of her to opened the closet again and retrieved a strap on with a black dildo. much to kim’s disappointment madison did not get undressed, she simply hiked up her skirt kim saw her lace panty for a whole second and slipped it on.  


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