Buss stop


Buss stop

I am a normal 24 year old woman, who works hard all week long, and try’s to have fun on the weekends. I think I’m attractive, but I know that I’m painfully shy around men. But I have this re-occurring fantasy that keeps coming to mind, at the most inopportune times. Well any way, since I have the chance to share it with you, and not get caught doing it, I thought I’d do just that… It always starts at the bus stop…

I hadn’t been sitting at the bus stop long when a rather rough and muscular man with a beard and plaid work shirt and jeans sat down next to me.  It was just beginning to get dark.  The long shadows had disap- peared, and the weak light of a closed auto parts store across the street cast a moonlike glow over the nearby trees and shrubbery.  I nervously pulled my purse nearer, looking down.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Barbara,” I replied, my eyes glancing up at him and then back down to my hands.  His eyes had met mine for only an instant, but I could tell his gaze had returned to examining my breasts under my red cardi- gan sweater. I suddenly felt totally nude.

Reaching into my purse, I removed several Hershey’s Kisses, unwrap- ped one and put it into my mouth.  It was soft and sticky from the day’s heat.

“Have some,” I said, handing him two of the chocolates.  As he un- wrapped one, I licked the chocolate from my fingers, looking into his eyes with my eyebrows raised.  His eyes met mine again with a smile.

“Your hands are a mess,” I said, and reached for his hand.  One by one, I placed his fingers in my mouth, first sucking and then licking away all traces of the chocolate with my tongue.  Without releasing his hand I stood, took my purse, and led him around the bus stop bench. There was a school athletic field here, and a tiny building for athle- tic equipment squeezed the loose hedges and trees into an iron fence. In a moment we were in the shrubbery between the fence and building.

His hands reached for me roughly, brushing the underside of my breasts, but I placed my hands on his shoulders and pressed him unpro- testing against the wall. His eyes widened.  Kneeling then, I unzipped his jeans and pulled them and his briefs down in a single stroke.  His cock swung slowly before my eyes; I could feel its warmth radiating onto my face.  Gently I cradled it in my hands, lifting it to my mouth. I moved my tongue slowly around the tip and then slid it in.  It grew pulsatingly larger every second.  Placing my hands on his hips, I moved them around to his buns and held the loose flesh there, moving his cock in and out.  A groan escaped his lips and he placed his hand on the nape of my neck, slowly stroking my long yellow hair from the under- side.

The pressure from his hand increased suddenly, his cock filling my throat. His come filled my mouth, and the spasms from his groin pulsa- ted from my head down my spine. Swallowing, I stood and smiled at him briefly. A sound from the street heralded the arrival of the bus. “Bye bye,” I said, slipping out of the hedges quickly. “Barbara!” he called. I said nothing, leaving him there frantically dressing him- self.

As I stepped onto the platform of the bus, I could hear “What’s your phone number?” faintly over the roar of the bus’ engines. Not looking back, the doors closed behind me and the bus lurched into the deepening night.

A   G I R L   C A N   D R E A M   C A N’ T   S H E ?

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