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Best erotic ebooks you can buy!

Part 1

I have a blog, fulfilled with short stories. But sometimes you want to read something longer, get more deeply into character feelings and feel that moments as it was yours. Then you need a book. And you can read ebooks, right? So I have made a list, a top erotic ebooks in my opinion. All links will be to amazon, because no one have written me to promote their Ebook. Yes, you need just to email me a link or Ebook and I will promote it on my blog for free. Let’s get started.


[amazonjs asin=”B01B8G8UQK” locale=”US” title=”Shared by the Barbarians”]

Small snippet:  In the time since she was abducted from her world by a cruel, tyrannical general, eighteen-year-old Jalinda has been given little reason to trust any man, let alone three barbarian brothers who take it upon themselves to rescue her. But the rough, handsome warriors intend to share a wife, and they mean for that wife to be Jalinda. Shocked by the thought of belonging to three men, she refuses to go along with their plan, but her lack of cooperation is quickly overcome by way of a switch applied to her bare bottom.

[amazonjs asin=”B00GVG4XCS” locale=”US” title=”By the Sea: Poems of Love, Longing, and Lust”]

Small snippet: Is there a more romantic destination than a beach? Is there a more exquisite experience than the journey of love and passion?
The road of loving and being loved is one we will all walk. Once Cupid’s arrows have hit, all we want is to escape the ordinary and live a romantic, beautiful, and carefree life with our partner. That’s why the Poet has chosen that endless ocean horizon to travel alongside.
With the sun beaming down and your lover by your side, it is nothing short of paradise. But life is short, and good times are like the dusk: It doesn’t last forever. Within these pages are a collection of romantic poems penned on sandy beaches, straight from the heart. Yet these verses don’t just offer beautiful words, but also a chance to relive your most passionate moments.
So gather your lover close, delve inside, and discover how high desire can soar, how vibrant the oceans are, and how poignant love poems can be!

[amazonjs asin=”B00QVN2AM6″ locale=”US” title=”Dark Rides: Erotic Disney Theme Park Adventures”]

Small snippet: Dark Rides is an erotic journey of sexual adventures, and a tribute to the world of fantasy created by the Parks and Resorts of Walt Disney World.
Blu Carson’s lifelong love of Disney led her down a path of naughtiness in The Most Magical Place on Earth. Along with a few special friends, she made all of her dreams come true in her favorite locations around The World. Whether it was the Monorail, The Pirates of the Caribbean, or The Adventurers Club, lust and laughter flourished.
In the spirit of adult relaxation, each Dark Rides adventure includes a themed drink pairing with recipe. Sip on a Monorail Pink or a Kungaloosh, and enjoy your favorite Dark Rides!


[amazonjs asin=”B00O8HN5OY” locale=”US” title=”This, I Can Do”]

Small snippet:  The bed was comfortable and the morning was warm. With the blinds closed, the room had a twilight feel about it. The night had been awful, and my handsome husband was tending our beautiful baby. The house was quiet and the bedroom was toasty. Conditions were perfect for a long and well-deserved sleep.
So it was sweet torture to realize I was horny like I couldn’t believe. Damn Bradley and his hand on my hip. Damn his words of praise. And most of all, damn those beautiful eyes of his, roaming all over me.
My shower interlude had done less than nothing. It was like killing one ant, only to awaken the entire colony. The tickling want in my pussy had only one cure, and, after four months of discomfort, 19 hours of agony, and seven months of parenthood, it was the one that scared me the most.
My husband’s cock. No matter how much I’d missed the feel of him inside me, the way he’d rock his hips against me and pin me to the bed and draw long moans from within me, I’d let fear block me. And fear had become a habit. A habit that needed breaking as soon as possible.
Everything was quiet in the house. Either Bradley had left with Abbie, or he’d done the impossible, and actually gotten her to sleep.
“Babe?” I remembered my sister using that voice. The one you try to project three rooms away without actually making any noise.
He nudged the door open. Abbie was still in his arms, but with a pacifier in her mouth she was finally, blissfully asleep. Or maybe it was the warmth and strong pounding of her daddy’s chest. Hell, I’d long ago lost count of the times I’d fallen asleep listening to Brad’s heartbeat.
“Babe, why don’t you put her down?”
“Aw, I don’t get to hold her like this all that often.”
I drew the covers slowly down and showed him where my hand was. “Oh. okay. Please yourself. And I’ll just have to do the same.”
Bradley moaned as he once again studied my naked body. “Oh, god. I’ll be right back.”

[amazonjs asin=”B00XZNRP0C” locale=”US” title=”Love All Out – Part 1 (A Stepbrother Romance)”]

[amazonjs asin=”B00YT3RWOG” locale=”US” title=”Love All Out – Part 2 (A Stepbrother Romance)”]

[amazonjs asin=”B00ZW654S0″ locale=”US” title=”Love All Out – Part 3 (A Stepbrother Romance)”]

[amazonjs asin=”B010RSSFG0″ locale=”US” title=”Love All Out – Part 4 (A Stepbrother Romance)”]

[amazonjs asin=”B011MBKLU4″ locale=”US” title=”Love All Out – Part 5 (A Stepbrother Romance)”]

AWESOME 5 book series!

Small snippet: I’d wanted James Parker for as long as I could remember. I’d admired him since forever, but I wasn’t the only one. He made his way through the beds of every woman in our small town… every woman but me, that is.

Years passed without sight of James until the night my dad took me to watch him ride in a rodeo. As I watched him conquer a bucking bull, all I could think about was having him ride me the same way.

Daddy offered James a job on our family’s ranch, which gave me the perfect opportunity to realize my deepest desires. But James was as cocky as he was hot, and I soon realized that taming him could prove to be impossible.



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