Afternoon Walk

Walk in Afternoon
Walk in Afternoon

Afternoon Walk

As they walked the path, she kept scanning the area around her for the perfect place. Finally, she saw it. Just off the trail was a small clearing overlooking the pond. There were enough low bushes nestled among the trees to give a sense of privacy despite having a clear view of the bright blue-green water.

She had been walking a couple steps ahead of him, but slowed her pace slightly as she veered toward the clearing. Shortly after entering it, the telltale feeling of warm arms circling around her waist let her know he had caught up to her. He moved closer, their bodies moulding together. She sighed softly. Having him wrapped around her like that made her feel both protected and desired. Not to mention that she loved being able to feel his growing erection pressing into her ass, adding feelings of anticipation and lust to the mix.

Now that he had her captured, albeit willingly, he couldn’t force his hands to stay still. They softly traced along her sides, stomach, and thighs. She moaned, arching her back in pleasure. It amazed him how sensitive her skin was, to derive such pleasure from a mere caresses through clothing. How much more intense would her reactions be when he was running his hands across her bare skin? Lost in the feel of his touch, she reflexively ground her firm ass into his groin, causing him to grow even harder. She continued rocking of her hips against him, enjoying the excited gasp he made in response. She tilted her head and exposed the creamy skin of her neck to his view. Never one to waste an opportunity, he lowered his head and briefly blew across her neck, noting the aroused shiver that wracked her body. He smiled devilishly as he began to kiss and nibble at the sensitive flesh between her earlobe and collarbone. All the while his hands continued their exploration of her body. He had expanded their path. One hand ghosted over her sides and massaged her modest breasts through her shirt and bra while the other caressed her thighs and ass, occasionally moving to tease her denim-covered pussy. He could feel the heat radiating through the fabric, proving just how much she wanted him.

She felt strung as tight as a wire. Her hands twitched and grasped at the air. She wanted… no, she needed to share the pleasure she was receiving. Reaching behind her, she caressed his legs for a while, but the heavy denim of his jeans dulled her touch. Her hands migrated to the bare skin of his forearms. It was a challenge to follow his constantly moving limbs while tracing soft patterns into his skin, but every hitch in his breath upon her neck and buck of his hips made it worth the effort. Occasionally, when his tongue danced over a pressure point on her neck, waves of pleasure shot through her, causing her soft touches to transform into blunt scratches as her body involuntarily tensed.

Still craving more contact, she spun in his arms. He saw the wicked gleam in her eyes as her hands traveled up his chest and around his neck to tangle in his hair. Her talented fingers massaged his scalp. She had only recently discovered that turned him on and was rewarded by a passionate moan. He was grinding his impressive member into her again, so she snaked one hand down between them while keeping the other teasing his scalp. Never taking her eyes off his, she pressed her palm over the hard length between them and started massaging it with slow, deliberate strokes. He let out another low moan and started alternately caressing her back and firmly massaging her ass.

Finally getting fed up with all of the clothing in the way, she brought her other hand down to his waist to assist the first with undoing his pants. Seconds later she slipped her hand inside his underwear. They both gasped softly as her hand wrapped around his hot, hard cock. She resumed the slow strokes she had been giving him, paying close attention to how he reacted to every shift in speed and pressure. After a while found the perfect rhythm that left him moaning almost constantly, his head thrown back in ecstasy.

When he started bucking his hips instinctively, she decided it was time to up the ante. She slowed the hand that was fondling him and used the other to push his pants and underwear down, sinking to her knees as she did. Finally, she was eye level with his erection, which looked just as impressive as it had felt in her hand. She licked her lips in anticipation of what she was about to do. Glancing up briefly, she locked eyes with him as she teasingly licked the head of his cock. His eyes fluttered closed as a jolt of arousal shot through him. He missed her satisfied smirk at his reaction. But just a taste wasn’t nearly enough, so she wrapped her lips around his member and began to suck. She started out slowly and softly, enjoying the smooth texture of his flesh against her tongue.

He moaned appreciatively as she bobbed her head on his aching cock. She swirled her tongue around while she sucked as an attempt to tease and please every inch of him. Bracing herself with a hand in his hip, she picked up speed as she began to suck harder. She could hear his breaths coming faster and shallower above her head. Soon she’d get her prize, she thought. She kept up the faster pace, alternating between hard sucking and teasing with her tongue. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before she felt his muscles tensing beneath her hand and the subtle motions of his hips becoming more pronounced and erratic. She stayed latched onto him as he came with a throaty cry. The first jet of warm liquid coated her tongue, but she made sure to keep sucking until his orgasm had subsided, collecting every drop he had to offer.

Once she was sure he was done, she pulled off of him, careful not to let any of her prize escape. With another glance up at him, she swallowed. As he looked back down at her, with her lips and cheeks flushed from her efforts, he couldn’t help thinking that she looked as satisfied as a cat who’d just gotten the cream.

When he told her that later she grinned and said it was a very fitting analogy.


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